Featured Blogger: Jenna of Rain on a Tin Roof

A loving mother to an adorable baby girl, Jenna is also a mother figure to a larger “extended family” that includes the children in the basketball team her husband coaches. Family has always been the foundation of Jenna’s growth, and being surrounded by people who love her has helped her develop a caring and giving heart. Her family is her main source of valuable life lessons. Jenna attributes her flair for southern living and style to her grandmother.

Jenna’s blog Rain on a Tin Roof is her way of sharing her ideas that inspire others to take the first step in transforming their house into a home their family will cherish. Home transformation begins with little DIY projects; Rain on a Tin Roof is a source of DIY inspiration and the launching pad of many design and home décor projects, big and small.

Jenna was kind enough to answer a few questions for us. Her insightful answers are below.

TC: Describe the Christmas tree you had as a child and how you used to decorate it.

Jenna: My favorite memory of Christmas trees from my childhood is my grandmother’s Christmas tree. She used to put stuffed animals on it to act as ornaments and as gifts for me each year. It was always so fun to have them on the tree and then get them after Christmas was over. I still have some of the stuffed animals she put on her tree for me and they go on our tree every year along with some others that my daughter has added.

TC: How did you find the process of setting up our tree compared to your old one?

Jenna: Oh my word—it was a BREEZE! Seriously, the rolling tree stand and the tree itself is just amazing. After setting up the stand, I put each section of the tree on, fluffed out the branches a bit and was done. I had it up and ready for decorations in half the time it took with my old tree.

TC: When does it start to feel like Christmas in your home and why?

Jenna: I am one of those people who usually decorates for Christmas right after Halloween. Please don’t throw tomatoes at me! We just really love Christmas around our house and want to enjoy the holiday decorations as long as possible.

TC: Do you have an heirloom Christmas decor item?

Jenna: I have a few! Of course, the animals I noted above are very special to me. I also have my grandparent’s old, vintage Christmas lights that I insisted on putting up on their porch each year, much to my grandfather’s dismay – I think he secretly liked them though. Each year those lights show up somewhere in our Christmas decor.

TC: What was your most ambitious DIY Christmas project?

Jenna: Honestly, I don’t tend to do many overly complicated or huge Christmas DIY projects. I like to enjoy the holidays as much as possible, so I lean toward easy DIY projects and decorating.

TC: Over all the years of celebrating and decorating for the holidays, what has changed and what has stayed the same?

Jenna: We tend to put out just about the same decorations each year, no matter their age or if they are in style. If we love them and especially if they have some sort of special significance to us, then we don’t care if they look dated or tacky or anything else – we put them out to enjoy them and bask in the special memories. There was one year where I opted to do a color coordinated Christmas tree and while it was pretty, I hate it because it lacked any character or personal touch – I’ll never do that again!

Visit Rain on a Tin Roof for design and DIY ideas based on Jenna’s signature “baby-proofed vintage-modern-rustic” style.

Featured Blogger: Bethany of Southern Couture

Bethany considers her loving husband and three “furbabies”—her dogs—as the fulfillment of her greatest dream. For her, little things are what make life worth living, and she takes this philosophy to her blog. Every project Bethany undertakes receives the same dedication and passion, no matter how big or how small.

Southern Couture is a place where Bethany expresses her love for crafts and DIY through projects done with passion and enthusiasm. This penchant for DIY and design started when, as a child, Bethany’s mother would always take the time to sit down with her to do a craft project. All those times working with her mother has shown Bethany how a simple hobby can change one’s life and how being passionate about what you love can make that life much more meaningful.

Her passion for crafts and DIY has blossomed into a blog with the aim of showing others what she loves to do. Bethany hopes that Southern Couture will inspire others to do what they love and that they find some sense of fulfillment in them, whatever they may be.

Bethany has answered a few questions for us to help us get to know more about her and her blog.

TC: Describe the Christmas tree you had as a child and how you used to decorate it.

Bethany: As a child, I wanted the “girliest” tree I could get in my own bedroom. But who are we kidding? I’m still that way even as an adult. I had a small white tree that started out more as a topiary that my Mom and I made together and hung ornaments on. The next year I graduated to a white tree with pink lights and any kind of pink or glittery ornament I could find.

It was also a tradition for my family to get an ornament every year for each person. I would usually pick fairies or cupcakes which I still have to this day. I graduated once again when I had my own family and bought a larger white tree with pink lights that I place upstairs so my husband doesn’t have to see pink lights all season.

TC: When does it start to feel like Christmas in your home, and why?

Bethany: The minute fall weather hits, I am already celebrating for Christmas. Don’t get me wrong. I still love Fall and Thanksgiving and think it is very important to count our blessings and be grateful. There is just something about the magic that comes along with Christmas and the reason we celebrate to honor our Savior and His birth.

With the hint of cool weather, I start drinking peppermint flavored coffee, watching Christmas movies, listening to Christmas music, and anything else you can think of. I just love it! I really am like a kid in a candy store on Christmas Eve the whole season.

TC: Do you have an heirloom Christmas décor item?

Bethany: I sure do and I love it to pieces! My Mom made a ceramic Christmas tree for my dad when they were dating that she gave to him. It has plastic pieces that look like the lights that you place in holes throughout the tree. Then inside the tree, there is a lightbulb to make the whole tree glow. As a child I would always look forward to placing the lights on it and seeing the colors come to life. It was definitely my favorite part.

Well my Mom knew how much I loved it and had my Aunt make one for me too. It is just a smaller version but just as beautiful. Now every time I see it, I think of those childhood memories and how much I can’t wait to share them with my own children one day.

TC: What was your most ambitious DIY Christmas project?

Bethany: Last year, I made a JOY Marquee Letter Shadowbox that actually hangs in my entryway throughout the year. Mostly because it is so beautiful and perfect for year round but also because it was more time consuming for me than I thought. Therefore I really want to appreciate those sweat and tears more than just for a month.

I am not exactly the best with power tools and carpentry, so what seemed easy in my head turned out to be more than what I had originally bargained for. My husband Mark was wonderful to step in and help me out. If it wasn’t for him then I probably would not have finished it or several other projects of mine.

TC: Over all the years of celebrating and decorating for the holidays, what has changed and what has stayed the same?

Bethany: The fun part for me with decorating each year for Christmas is being able to change things up just because I feel like it. I love having a different theme for my front porch each year. Sometimes I may go simple with just a wreath and big bow. Other years, I have done much more. This year I am loving the plaid trend and can’t wait to use it with not only my porch but also inside my home. Being able to change the décor with so many different ideas out there is wonderful for us DIYers.

What seems to remain the same whether as I was a child or now with my own family is taking the time to be grateful for all that we have and celebrate the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. I have continued the tradition from my childhood to now with my husband of reading the Christmas story from the Bible every Christmas Eve. This really helps to put the busy times of the holidays into perspective.

Visit Southern Couture for ideas on anything DIY, craft, holidays, party planning, recipes, repurposing, and upcycling.

Featured Blogger: Cassity of Remodelaholic


With a bachelor’s degree in Interior Design and a passion for fixing up houses (hers or her friends’), Cassity is a happy wife and mother of two. She is also the woman behind the project-packed blog Remodelaholic, where she and her husband, Justin, redesign and remodel houses together.

As they say on their blog, “My casa es su … entertainment!” The young parents take time out of their day not only to carefully document and explain every detail behind their DIY adventures, but also offer up some of their favorite home cooking recipes.

Cassity has graciously taken some time to help us get to know her better by answering a few questions below.

TC: Describe the Christmas tree you had as a child and how you used to decorate it.

Cassity: We always cut down a fresh tree and had the same little ornaments every year. It was the classic family kid project tree, and that made it fun every year.

TC: How did you find the process of setting up our tree compared to your old one?

Cassity: It was about the same. Only the new one is bigger, so it took a bit longer, but has been a fun process and we’ve been enjoying it for a couple weeks.

When does it start to feel like Christmas in your home, and why?

Cassity: When we start listening to Christmas music… and that happens in October. We enjoy it all slowly for a couple months. It makes the season last and I love that.

TC: Do you have an heirloom Christmas décor item?

Cassity: I have a 6 1/2 foot tall, skinny Santa Chainsaw wood carving my dad made 20 years ago. It is a bit rough. The paint is faded and peeling, but I LOVE it (and it makes the perfect Jack Skellington for Halloween!)

TC: What was your most ambitious DIY Christmas project?

Cassity: Committing to make a set of handmade gifts (dolls, ballerinas, monkeys, you name it) for my girls each year. It almost always happens last minute but I am happy I have that memory!

TC: Over all the years of celebrating and decorating for the holidays, what has changed and what has stayed the same?

I am really in love with silver and gold for Christmas. It just feels so classy and happy. The decor may change slightly each year, but I have to admit I am enjoying paring down a bit. Less decor, more meaningful decor. My house doesn’t feel cluttered, it just feels warm and cozy during the holidays and I like that MUCH better.

See more of Cassity’s holiday projects and ideas when you visit Remodelaholic today!

Christmas Celebrations around the Globe

Christmastime is traditionally spent at home with family, by the fire, sipping some hot cocoa. This time of year is also a great opportunity to take advantage of the holidays and travel somewhere new. If you happen to be travelling for business during the Christmas season or you’ve planned a trip to visit family abroad, try to tag on a few days extra for yourself wherever you may be! Every country around the world has its own unique events and celebrations.

In this post, Tree Classics, maker of the World’s Finest Artificial Christmas Trees, shows you how the Holidays are celebrated in other parts of the globe!
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Announcing Tree Classics’ 40th Year Holiday Housewalk


With Tree Classics celebrating its 40th season, we are proud to present our 40th Anniversary Holiday Housewalk. From December 1 to December 4, a selection of talented and creative bloggers will show us their best Christmas décor, using Tree Classics’ artificial Christmas trees, wreaths, and garlands as the focal points, with some appearances from our ornament sets.

Who’s Joining Us

The Tree Classics Housewalk presents a terrific line-up of 12 accomplished bloggers who will open up their homes to us for a tour through their decorating themes this year. Find details on your favorite bloggers below:

December 1:

December 2:

December 3:

December 4:

The series will be wrapped up by our very own Rhoda Vickers of Southern Hospitality on December 4, with a post revealing her own Tree Classics tree!

Want to try your hand at decorating one of our trees? Rhoda’s 7.5’ Classic Noble Fir Snap Tree is up for grabs! Click here for a chance to win the tree featured in Rhoda’s Southern Hospitality Housewalk post.

Visit us in the following days for blogger features, sneak peeks, and more updates on this exciting campaign!

Join the Tree Classics’ 40th Anniversary Giveaway!

In celebration of our 40th season, we at Tree Classics invite you to join our big giveaway for a chance to win our elegant 7.5’ Classic Noble Fir Snap Tree™. A handsome centerpiece for your holidays, this artificial Christmas tree features our innovative Snap Tree™ technology for easy setup and Real Feel™ PE needles for lifelike realism.

Tree Classics’ 40th Year Anniversary Giveaway

For this giveaway, we’d love to hear your answer to the question, “What’s the most memorable Christmas gift you’ve ever given and what made it special?” Simply place your answer in the comments section of this blog post and follow the instructions on the Gleam app to make your entry official.

Season’s Greetings and best of luck to you!

Tips for Shaping Your Foliage

When you are decorating for Christmas using artificial trees, garlands, and wreaths, the number one thing to think about when pulling your new foliage out of the box is shaping it and getting it show ready. Faux foliage comes in a box and will be flattened out when removed and in order to enhance the shape and style of the garland or wreath, you need to bend out the branches and limbs to make the foliage full and lush.


Classic Fraser Fir Festive garland right out of the box.  To fluff the garland, start at one end and move the branches up and out for maximum fullness.  You can move the berries an pinecones up and out to show them off more as well.  Just make sure you move all the way down the garland to the very end, pulling the branches up and out.


Classic Fraser Fir Festive Wreath out of the box.


Classic Fraser Fir Festive fluffed and ready to decorate.


I attached the Classic Fraser Fir Festive wreath to my mirror on the mantel with a suction cup wreath holder.  The battery pouch is hidden behind the foliage and is very easy to turn on with a push button.

tree classics wreath and garland001

And here’s the mantel all decorated for Christmas with the Classic Fraser Fir Festive wreath and the same garland.  I love this look because it’s a mix of materials and colors and it gives the appearance and feel of real garland.  It also has real pinecones and a little bit of bling with gold berries, perfect for keeping natural or adding a bit more decoration.

Foliage is often compressed and bent all out of shape during storage and shipping. If you want to make the most out of your artificial greenery, here are my tips for shaping your wreath and garland:

  1. Work on a flat surface.
  2. For the wreath, work counter-clockwise and from the outer edge to the center in rows.
  3. For the garland, work from the end that most of the branch tips seem to be stemming from.
  4. Bend each branch up and out towards you while moving  around the wreath. Garlands can be fluffed in all directions moving outside from the main bulk of it.
  5. For the wreath, there should be an obvious middle ring once all the branches are fully fluffed.

Now you’re ready to celebrate the season in style!

How to Create a Winter Theme Using Christmas Ornaments

As colorful as the Christmas season is, winter also brings with it the pristine white of frosted fields and snow-capped pine trees for you to take inspiration from. With some creativity and resourcefulness, you can bring the magic of a winter scene into your home by using select Christmas ornaments with your décor.

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Win a Classic Fraser Fir! Take the Tree Classics Picture Perfect Christmas Quiz

Every year, families around the world do their best to create the most memorable Christmas experience possible. We all strive to get traditional holiday dishes just right, choose the perfect music to suit the occasion, and go hunting for the quintessential Christmas tree. Everything has to be perfect for the special time of year when friends and family come together and enjoy the spirit of the season.

This year, we’ve put together a quick and easy quiz that will tell you which Tree Classics artificial Christmas tree will take your Yuletide celebration to picture perfect heights. What’s more, answering the quiz will earn you a chance to win a 6.5’ Classic Fraser Fir Tree, LED Color-Changing Lights.

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