Mom Talk Mondays: Teaching your Kids Christmas Values

Christmas values

Kids love the holiday season – who wouldn’t with all the merriment and excitement? Sometimes, though, the real essence of Christmas is drowned out by all the glamor. With treats and gifts having become trademarks of the season, these images easily become the symbols of Christmas for children. Instill the timeless values of Christmas in your kids this season with these ideas:

Spreading Joy by Giving

The core of Christmas is selflessness and giving. Teach your kids to make the season a truly joyous one by making other people happy. Spend a weekend with your kids cleaning out each other’s closets. Set aside clothes, shoes, and toys that are still in good condition and go to the nearest Salvation Army station to donate these. Better yet, tie ribbons around the toys and clothes, search for a shelter near your home, and personally give these simple gifts to them.

Another great way to show the beauty of giving is to hold a garage sale and buy gifts. Look for a charitable gift-giving event in your town and participate as a family. Make it a more memorable experience for your kids by inviting neighbors and friends to join you.

Showing Love and Care

Christmas teaches us to love one another, even strangers. Cut out small pieces of heart-shaped art paper, sit down with your kids and write 24 small, good deeds that they think they can do, from random acts of kindness to deeds that would require them to give up something. Decorate a small box in your home and place the pieces of paper inside. Each breakfast starting December 1, let a  member of the family pick a good deed to do for the day. Everyone can help out in accomplishing the good deed. At dinner, talk about the good deed and what everyone feels about it.  For the last good deed, decide on something that the entire family would do on Christmas day.

Words are also a wonderful way to show people that you care for them. Spend an afternoon making personalized Christmas cards then go out for a walk, randomly giving cards to people you meet.

Importance of Family

The holiday season is also a celebration of family. Learning about family members is a good way to strengthen family bonds. Look through old family albums of grandma and grandpa and share stories about them and your childhood. They’ll feel closer to them and appreciate each member of the family more.

Spend time together and watch Christmas movies with family themes. This way you’re having quality family time while learning.

Bringing Hope

The Christmas star is a reminder of hope amidst despair and hardship. Exposing your kids to an environment where that expands their understanding of the world teaches them not only to realize their blessings in life but also to share their blessings with those without hope. Visit a nursing home and sing Christmas carols with your kids. Save up and host a small party for kids at a hospital ward.


Aside from giving, Christmas is also a great opportunity to teach the value of saving. With festivities sending materialistic vibes, it is important to show your kids that lavish spending is not a healthy habit. Instead of buying, make homemade gifts with your kids to give to friends and family. Cut down on the gifts you give your kids too, choosing only a few gifts that you know they would really treasure or use. If they have a special, expensive item they really want for Christmas, tell them to save up for it and then buy it together.

Be a role model for your kids. With these ideas, your kids will learn the important values of Christmas that they will want to pass on to their kids, too.