Get Ready for Post-Christmas Shopping

Christmas is over. You’ve consumed outrageous amounts of calories and find yourself sitting in the middle of a pile of wrapping paper, unable to move. Now what? Post-Christmas shopping deals may be just what you need to shake off the wrapping paper and get moving. You don’t have to be a hardcore shopping fanatic to take advantage of post-Christmas deals. By knowing what you want and need, you can make the most of the deals on December 26th. Continue reading “Get Ready for Post-Christmas Shopping”

Pre lit vs. Unlit: Compare & Contrast Artificial Trees

Comparing and Contrasting Two Basic Styles of Artificial Christmas Trees

There’s the baking of Christmas cookies, the wrapping of gifts, the playing of Christmas music — and at the center of all the holiday festivities is your Christmas tree. Your tree is the focal point around which all the other holiday traditions revolve. It’s like the sun in your holiday solar system. So, choosing the right tree for your home is certainly an important decision. Continue reading “Pre lit vs. Unlit: Compare & Contrast Artificial Trees”

Christmas-Inspired Pinterest Wreaths

5 Pinterest Wreaths Offer a Festive Holiday Welcome

Christmas wouldn’t look quite as cheery without festive wreaths to adorn your front door, mantel or other showcase spot in your home. For centuries, these decorations have symbolized strength, endurance or victory. Continue reading “Christmas-Inspired Pinterest Wreaths”

Joy to the Tree: A Tree Classics Photo Contest

To celebrate Christmas with our fans, we’re hosting a Christmas tree photo contest in which 10 participants will win a gorgeous Tree Classics wreath! We work hard to make our trees everything you need them to be, but we want to see how you put on the finishing touches to ensure it’s absolutely perfect for your family. Continue reading “Joy to the Tree: A Tree Classics Photo Contest”

LED Lights vs. Fiber Optic Christmas Trees

A Comprehensive Pro and Con List Between LED and Fiber Optic Trees

The most important decorative feature of your Christmas tree is, of course, the lights. As more advanced and environmentally-friendly models emerge, choosing the right kind of lights becomes an increasingly difficult decision. One trendy option is to forego traditional string lights all together with a fiber optic Christmas tree, which gives your tree a unique, cutting edge look that separates it from more typical designs – but fiber optic trees have their downsides as well. Continue reading “LED Lights vs. Fiber Optic Christmas Trees”