Best Christmas Trip Destinations

Want to escape from it all this Christmas season? If the thought of planning holiday parties, yanking the pre lit Christmas tree out of the attic, and strategically hanging mistletoe has you more stressed than joyful this year, maybe this is the season to get away and let someone else do all the planning!Perhaps the perfect Christmas that you see in all your favorite holiday movies can exist in the real world with a dream getaway in an ideal holiday setting. Check out these destinations to find out how you can step into your own picture-perfect holiday.


Lighting of Breckenridge from
Lighting of Breckenridge from

A ski vacation is one of the top options for winter travelers, and Colorado is arguably the place to go for slopes, powder and atmosphere in North America. This year, you could spend time in the crisp mountain air enjoying the evergreens and pines you emulate each year with your artificial Christmas tree.

The state is home to small, chic ski resorts like Aspen, Vail and Breckenridge, guaranteed to boast white Christmas trees, warm fireplaces, cozy lodgings and a healthy dose of holiday spirit.

These ski resorts know how to celebrate the Christmas season, and planning a Christmas getaway to the mountains can be surprisingly easy to arrange. Breckenridge’s tourism page offers all-inclusive deals with information about picture-perfect accommodations and options to perfect your trip.

Walt Disney World

If you’re looking for a location to delight the kids and grown-ups of the family, Walt Disney World might be the perfect option for your winter retreat. Christmas at Disney World is even more magical than the rest of the year!

Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas party in (where else?) Magic Kingdom gives families a chance to enjoy each other and the holiday season in a truly one-of-a-kind place. Ample doses of hot chocolate and spiced apple cider provide the perfect complement to Disney World’s top-notch shows and performances.

Exclusive fireworks displays—only possible at Christmastime—add to the magic of the season. This type of getaway might be a dream come true for children of every age this holiday season.

New York City

What could be more American than Christmas in the city? Christmas at Times Square, lights, elaborately designed store windows and world-class Christmas productions are all hallmarks of the city at Christmastime.

NYC offers no limit to the accommodations, dining and activities to enjoy during the most wonderful time of the year—from ice skating to enjoying beautifully-decorated artificial Christmas trees to cruising the harbor on a dinner cruise with the one you love.

When planning a winter getaway to the city, you’ll find a lot of options. Check out Lonely Planet’s guide to do’s and don’ts for a lovely Christmas in NYC. A little research before you get on the plane will set you up for a perfect holiday escape.


The land of the Black Forest, Christmas markets with centuries of traditions and gluwhein (a traditional spiced, mulled wine) offers a uniquely European Christmastime. A Google image search for “Christmas in Germany” might be all it takes to convince you to drop everything and book a flight to Munich this holiday season.

Imagine walking the streets of Munich or Dresden, enjoying traditional baked apples (bratapfel) as you take in the gothic architecture, and wrapping up in layers to enjoy the sights, sounds and flavors that combine to create the unparalleled atmosphere of Germany during the winter season!

Among the country’s most visible Christmas traditions are the German Christmas markets held in almost every village during the holiday season. Find traditional homemade toys, fine cut crystal, and everything in between as you take in the atmosphere.

If you’re looking for a holiday-card Christmas maybe a passport and a few tickets are all you need to step into a picture-perfect holiday—no party planning, mistletoe-hanging or wishing for snow necessary.