Get the Real Pine Scent with an Artificial Christmas Tree

Want that enchanting evergreen smell in your home, but don’t want the hassle of needle shedding and decay? Don’t stress. Contrary to popular belief, you can still enjoy the convenience and beauty of an artificial Christmas tree and make your entire home holiday-ready for all of the senses. Get the real pine scent with these simple home additions will give you the best of both worlds, so you can keep the spirit of Christmas in the air.

Grand Fir Christmas Tree

Wall Diffusers

With just a little bit of oil, wall diffusers can create a tantalizing aroma throughout your entire home that smells exactly like a lush evergreen fresh from the forest. These devices can be placed discreetly behind your artificial Christmas tree to make all your guests think your tree is the source of this beautiful smell. Many advanced models are completely silent and require just a few drops of oil and a free outlet to work like a dream. You can even find wall diffusers with controls that let you customize the strength and duration of the scent, so you can achieve the desired level of pine scent.

Scented Candles

Many homes use candles as decorations during the holidays, so why not combine this classic look with a holiday scent as well? Scented candles come in many different evergreen varieties, which can give you even more control over everything from the type of smell you want to its strength. Although you might want to create the illusion that the scent is coming directly from your artificial Christmas tree, placing candles near the tree could be a fire hazard – so it’s usually best to keep scented candles on an elevated platform like a tall shelf or on the fireplace mantle. This will prevent accidents and allow the smell to waft through the room.

Air Freshener Sprays

Air freshener sprays do more than just mask the air in your home with a fresh evergreen scent; they also kill odors and airborne contaminants that can give your home an unpleasant smell. This means that you don’t have to spray the room obsessively to get rid of pesky odors from pets, garbage and other notoriously smelly sources in the home. Just a few quick spritzes of your favorite Christmas tree scent will give your home a smell that instantly reminds all of your guests of the magic of the holiday. These inexpensive sprays can easily be applied to every room in the house, so you don’t have to feel limited to just the space around your tree.

With so many new advanced forms of air fresheners available today, you’d be surprised how difficult it is to tell the difference between the scent naturally emanating from a real Christmas tree and the evergreen scent created by these artificial sources. With this authentic smell, you don’t have to compromise your preferences for a maintenance-free tree or your love of that classic, childhood-evoking Christmas tree smell. These three simple scent-enhancers allow homeowners to go the artificial route in the most natural way possible.