Top 5 Christmas Finds on Pinterest

Pinterest can be a great source for fun holiday decorating ideas. From handcrafted ornaments to adorn your artificial Christmas tree to tasty cooking ideas to warm you on a cold winter night, Pinterest offers creative, easy and unique ideas for all styles and budgets. Our top Christmas finds on Pinterest include ornaments to make with the kids, glittering Christmas ornaments and simple décor crafts to add to your pre-lit Christmas tree, wreath, garland and home.

1. Paper Bag Advent calendar

pinterest Advent Calendar

Create your own Advent calendar from individual brown paper bags. Number each bag for each day of Advent. Place a small gift or treat in each bag. String clothesline or ribbon — you may want to make two tiers depending on your space — and attach each bag to the clothesline with clothespins. As each day of Advent progresses, allow the kids to open one of the bags for a surprise.

This project doesn’t have to be kid-exclusive. You can share the fun of an Advent calendar with another adult as well, filling the bags with gourmet chocolates, poems and coupons for events.

2. Mirror Ornaments

mirror ornaments from crafting chicks
Image by The Crafting Chicks

Put some serious sparkle into your artificial Christmas tree. Simply glue two miniature mirrors (of the same shape), back to back, inserting a silver metallic cord between the two for hanging purposes. Make at least a dozen and hang inside of the tree for maximum sparkle as the lights bounce off the mirrors. These handmade ornaments look great on white Christmas trees as well.

3. Jingle Bell Centerpiece

A glittering centerpiece on the mantle or dining table is always eye-catching during the holidays. Hit the dollar store for an inexpensive rectangular serving dish large enough to hold three votive candles. Place the three white votive candles in the dish and then surround the bases of the candles with silver jingle bells. You can find bags of jingle bells in most craft stores.

4. Snowflakes Galore


Pinterest offers dozens of snowflake ideas for holiday decorating. From colorful snowflake garlands to shimmering, glitter-clad snowflakes to hang on the tree. Opt for easy to replicate snowflake patterns that can be used with colored paper, doilies or even fabric. Don’t stop with snowflakes – consider diving into more holiday origami projects and creating paper stars or heart chains to place on your pre-lit Christmas tree or wreath.

5. Pine Cone Mini Trees

pine cone trees
Image by Scissors and Spoons

Pine cone mini trees are bright, cheerful and a quick holiday craft that can be completed with the kids in about an hour. If you don’t have pine cones in your area, purchase a bag from your local craft store. Purchasing pine cones also ensures they are bug-free. You also need a bag of small pom-poms, plus craft glue or a hot glue gun. Craft glue is safer to use with kids, but adults may prefer the ease of a hot glue gun. Simply attach the colorful pom-poms to the tips of the pine cones as “ornaments” with the glue. The decorated mini trees can be used as part of a centerpiece or as place card holders for Christmas dinner. Attach a red cord or ribbon (with hot glue) and turn the mini tree into an ornament for your big tree.

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