Terrific Tree Tuesday: National Lampoon’s Christmas Tree

If you thought you had the quirkiest seasonal decorations or the biggest decorating dilemmas, the Griswold family might just prove you wrong. One look at the Griswold family Christmas Tree, in the third installment of National Lampoon’s vacation series, makes our little Christmas tree quirks and seasonal issues seem like a walk in the park in comparison. Continue reading “Terrific Tree Tuesday: National Lampoon’s Christmas Tree”

Terrific Tree Tuesday: National Christmas Tree in Washington D.C.

Image published by Photoblog.NBCNews.com
Image published by Photoblog.NBCNews.com

This might be the most patriotic and historic of all the iconic trees we’ll cover. The National Christmas Tree in Washington, D.C. has a long and bright history–from the Christmas Eve in 1923 when Calvin Coolidge first lit a 28-foot balsam tree on the White House lawn. Continue reading “Terrific Tree Tuesday: National Christmas Tree in Washington D.C.”

2012 Top Christmas Trends

Christmas is all about tradition, but your personal style might not include midcentury nutcrackers and gingerbread men. Finding a balance between a traditional Christmas and a more modern style that fits your space isn’t an impossible feat.

This year’s Christmas trends don’t dismiss the traditions of the Christmas season, but they do update the traditional look and can bring sophistication to your space, whether you’re decking the halls of a small apartment or a large suburban home. Continue reading “2012 Top Christmas Trends”

Terrific Tree Tuesday: Vatican Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree tradition reaches as far around the world as… the streets of Rome. Every year, an impressive tree graces Saint Peter’s Square at the Vatican in Rome, giving a magical feel to the history-seeped streets of one of the world’s most historic cities. Continue reading “Terrific Tree Tuesday: Vatican Christmas Tree”

Finding the Bad Light – How to Keep Light Strands Lit

4 Safe and Simple Ways to Detect and Replace Bad Bulbs on Your Christmas Lights

There’s nothing worse than realizing your Christmas lights are a bust. It’s that moment when you ceremoniously plug the string of lights into the wall, ready to add the finishing touch to your tinseled work of art…and then you realize there’s a bad bulb that’s destroyed that moment. Talk about a letdown. Disappointment like that doesn’t belong in your holiday. Next time you experience a bad bulb, be prepared by following these few simple tips. Continue reading “Finding the Bad Light – How to Keep Light Strands Lit”