Family Fun: Easy DIY Spring Decor

Winter has packed its bags and made way for Spring. Flowers have started to bloom as an early announcement of the coming season. If you think it’s time for the decor to change, we are right there with you. We have listed down a few easy DIY decor ideas your whole family can enjoy making.

Wooden Spring Sign for Dad

When it comes to creating challenging crafts that involve power tools, it’s best to let dad handle it. Give the man of the house the job of making this lovely wooden spring sign that you can display in your front porch or backyard. You can purchase a wooden board and some pre-cut wooden letters that spell out “spring”, or dad may want to show off his carpentry skills with wood and power tools by cutting out the letters from wooden boards. Liz from Hoosier Homemade posted this lovely DIY spring wooden craft along with instructions on how to make one.

Spring Wreaths for Mom

Do away with drab spring wreaths at the mall. Design your own spring wreath that shouts the colors of the season with joy. To start off, you will need a nice frame of Styrofoam or a cardboard ring, hot glue, floral wire or ribbons, and any other trimmings you would like to incorporate into your wreath. If you would like a moss wreath, use a pack or two of floral moss from the local craft store to achieve that effect. You can also find a twig wreath and decorate it with your favorite flowers and ribbons. We’re absolutely enchanted with these tips from Moody Girl Projects. Mandy posted simple instructions for a DIY moss-covered wreath.

moss-covered wreath
Photo from Moody Girl Projects

Egg Carton Flowers for the Kids

What’s a better announcement for spring than flowers? Sit down with the kids to create lovely tulips from egg cartons. Simply cut out sections of the egg carton, and cut around their top edge to have them look like tulip petals. Use some green fuzzy wires for the stem, and cut out some leaves from green construction paper. Have the kids paint the flower buds and adorn them with glitters, sequins, or beads. When the paint and glue have dried, poke a small hole at the bottom of the carton and insert the fuzzy wire. Twist the fuzzy wire into a knot both inside and below the tulip to secure the bud in place.

Dance in the Spring Rain

When you’re done with all the crafts but the kids are still itching for more, try making rain sticks. All you need are paper towel tubes, clear contact paper, foil, tape, rubber bands, and a handful of corn kernels and rice. Have the kids decorate the tube first by using paint or markers. Once the design has dried, line the tube with clear contact paper. Create a coil with the foil and tape inside the tube. Seal one end of the tube with more foil and rubber bands, pour the handful of corn kernels and rice into the tube, then seal the open end. You can now listen and dance to the pitter-patter of rain each time you turn the tube upside down.

When the whole family has had their fill of DIY crafts, you can all sit down and enjoy the fruits of your labor on a relaxing spring afternoon.


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