Planning a Farewell Winter Celebration

The end of winter and the beginning of spring is always worthy of a celebration. After all, this is a period of new opportunities – a period for us to recount the blessings of the past year. So why not cap off this season by throwing a simple yet elegant dinner for your family and friends? Here are some tips for a lovely farewell winter celebration.

Photo 1 (Planning A Farewell Winter)

Setting the Mood

The dining room is the best venue for your celebration. It’s cozy and perfect for those long conversations with friends and family. But why not spruce it up a bit? Place a few candles in the surroundings to add a beautiful atmosphere of warmth. Or for a more festive mood, take the Christmas lights you have around your tree and place them on a mantelpiece, the ceiling, or your dinner table. A delightful spectacle, these lights will let your room sparkle.

Choose a suitable soundtrack for the evening. Rock or anything upbeat is a definite no for the occasion. Play some smooth jazz or a blues record. A string quartet would also be a wonderful choice. Just remember to keep the volume low so that you won’t interrupt the conversations of your guests.

Planning the Perfect Menu

It is important to choose dishes that capture the essence of winter as well as the zest of spring. This can be a challenge. Here’s a tip: think of what you love most about winter meals then take fresh ingredients used in springtime dishes. For your starter, why not try this sumptuous winter leek and potato soup by Irish chef and TV personality Darina Allen? For your main course, serve this enticing and filling Moroccan skirt steak with roasted pepper couscous from Eating Well. And for dessert, go for the all-time favorite: the classic apple pie from Sandi Anderson of the Food Network.

Of course, for dinner parties, it is also best to serve wine. A bottle of Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon would go nicely with the weather and the delectable food.

Photo 2 (Planning A Farewell Winter)

Hosting the Party

Hosting a party is not simply a matter of choosing the venue or planning the menu. It’s also about taking care of the guests. It’s important to keep them interested. Engage the group in conversation. Introduce people to each other. Lead the discussion. Present topics which everyone can talk about. Ask them about their holidays, the most memorable events of the winter season, or what they’re looking forward to in spring. Go first. Share your experiences to motivate them to tell theirs. This will make way for an unforgettable discussion.

Having good food, being surrounded by good people, and engaging in good conversations are the perfect ways to celebrate the end of a wonderful season.