Top 5 Kid-friendly Valentine’s Treats

The day of hearts celebrates all kinds of love. It’s time to show your kids just how diverse love is.

As the month of February arrives, love songs fill the air; shops and restaurants turn their eyes on lovers and all things romantic for Valentine’s Day. But the day of hearts is not simply for lovers, but for everyone who loves.Give your kids a broader perspective of this wonderful day by cooking up delightfully scrumptious treats that will strengthen your bond as a family. Here are some activities you might want to try with them:

1. Heart-y Pizza Day

Everybody loves pizza, so why not spend time with the kids by making pizza with them? You can buy a pre-made pizza crust and cut it into the shape of a heart, or you can make your pizza extra special by making your own crust. Making it from scratch may take longer, but that only means more time spent with the kids. You can find a variety of pizza dough recipes on the Internet, depending on how healthy you want your crust to be.

pizza-topping-5671_640Basic Ingredients for Pizza Crust:
All-purpose flour
Salt and sugar
Warm water
Olive oil

Let everyone choose their own pizza toppings. It can be a combination of meat and vegetables, or it can be the simple and classic ham & cheese pairing. Just make sure everyone enjoys their own selection. Don’t run wild with the flavors. A pizza slice with an odd combination of toppings might end up in the trash bin.

Never forget the mozzarella cheese. Nothing says “pizza!” better than the gooey mozzarella on top. Now, let the oven heat up. You and your kids can watch TV or play around in the kitchen while you wait for that delicious pizza.

2. Milk & Cookies

Baking cookies has always been a fun activity for kids. There are many cookie recipes you can choose from. You can prepare a batch of classic chocolate chip, oatmeal & raisin, or sugar cookies. You can also let your kids choose the kind of garnishing they want (heart-shaped gumdrops, anyone?).

heart-shaped gumdrops
by Sura Nualpradid /


We found some easy-to-make and all-time favorite cookie recipes from You can also use heart-shaped cookie cutters and sprinkle your cookies with red sugar granules.

Let the kids help out with the mixing and pouring of ingredients then give them the bonus of licking the spatula or eating excess cookie dough afterwards. Moments like these become the fondest childhood memories.


3. Healthy & Exciting Treats

If you want your kids to try something new and healthy, use this quick and easy recipe for Scallion Pancakes from Family Styles. You can also search the Internet for variations of this dish. Since preparing it involves using sharp objects, it is best to chop up ingredients first then place them in separate bowls. Your kids can just reach in when you start cooking. You can share the experience of tasting a new dish for the first time with your kids.

photo by atlai via flickr. CC BY 2.0


4. Movie Popcorn with Candies

Why not munch on two favorite snacks during movie time with the kids? All you’ll need are popcorn and some of your kids’ favorite candies.

chocolate heart candies
by piyato /


Heat up the sweets in a microwave safe bowl for about a minute then drizzle the melted concoction over the popcorn and mix them together. You can even add candy sprinkles, too. When the melted candy cools, transfer the popcorn into a large bowl.


5. Dessert Doubles!

Make your Valentine’s dinner extra special by combining two classic desserts for your kids: cookies and ice cream.

To celebrate the colors of the love month, you can go for strawberry ice cream or frozen yogurt with fresh strawberries. Soften your ice cream before scooping it up and sandwiching it between two cookies. Again, you can add some candy sprinkles. Wrap the ice cream sandwiches in wax paper or plastic wrap, and pop them back into the freezer.

photo by stu_spivack via flickr. CC BY-SA 2.0


Celebrate the love between you and your child this Valentine’s with sweet and savory treats that strengthen your bond. Food often brings people closer together and, when carefully prepared and peppered with affection, it becomes the most filling kind of love.