Classic Celebrity Homes

Interior Design Cues from Your Favorite Celebs

Want to snag some secrets of celebrity home design? We’ve explored a variety of celebrity homes to investigate their personal styles this year, from breezy bedroom ideas to warm, southern Christmas styles. Here are five top celebs and their decorating secrets.

1. Oprah’s Hawaii Cottage

Nothing is as laid-back and easy as a sophisticated island abode, and Oprah’s Hawaii home is the epitome of effortless style. By keeping the color scheme simple and neutral, the space highlights the windows and the incredible views outside–but details within the design are also worthy of notice. A subtle floral pattern and rich textures work well with the space’s light, airy style.

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5 Uses for Christmas Ornaments You Probably Never Thought Of

Christmas ornaments aren’t predictable red and green balls anymore. Try these 5 ideas to repurpose last year’s ornaments for the coming season!

1. Vintage Ornament Wreath

Have a ton of glass balls and colorful, round ornaments that have been passed on for years?

Try combining them into a unique, festive wreath for your front door. You’ll just need a foam wreath base, some tinsel or garlands, and a hot glue to preserve those ornaments in an updated Christmas decoration you’ll actually use.

Wreath by
Wreath by

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5 Crafty Wreaths for Spring and Summer

Want to brighten up your home’s front door with a splash of color for spring and summer? Here are five fun, crafty wreaths you can put together to add bright style to your home’s entrance.┬áThe idea for this super-easy wreath comes from Family Chic. For this eye-catching design, all you need is a foam wreath form and a bunch of bright-colored paper drink umbrellas in various sizes.

Photo by Family Chic from Camilla Fabbri
Photo by Family Chic from Camilla Fabbri

Try experimenting with different arrangements to figure out what works best for you! Grapevine wreaths also work well with cocktail parasols–you could even leave a portion of the grapevine exposed for a slightly different look.

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3 Christmas Dishes You Can Repurpose for Spring

You may have packed away the artificial Christmas tree for the season, but you can still enjoy some of your favorite Christmas dishes–with a twist! Here are three traditional holiday recipes you can tweak to brighten up your spring dinner table.

1. Sugar Cookies

Photo by nuchylee via
Photo by nuchylee via

Santa’s favorite snack doesn’t have to disappear when the holidays are over! Try adding a few drops of lemon extract to your favorite sugar cookie recipe, and invest in flower-shaped cutters for a bright, spring-y touch. Royal frosting makes a fantastic glaze, and you can tint it any color of the rainbow to complement your flower shapes. This is a great project for kids, too!

2. Turkey and Gravy

Instead of the traditional turkey and gravy, try making a turkey salad for springtime. Fresh greens are more readily available this time of year. Coupling those lush greens with pieces of roasted turkey, fresh fruits and a light vinaigrette dressing will result in a special brunch or gourmet accompaniment to your regular dinner spread.

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