20 Quick Home Organization Tips!


Knowing exactly where to find your keys and coat in the morning just makes the world seem right. If you’re feeling more like the world is out of order, you’ll appreciate these 20 organizing tips.


Use a cord organizer to hide unsightly cords.


Let’s face it. American advertising knows where you live. Keep junk mail from piling up with a mail station at the entrance of your home.


One easy way to keep couch clutter down is to eliminate pillow excess. Fewer pillows mean fewer places for clutter to hide.


This is an easy area to organize. If you don’t use something in bed, it doesn’t belong in the nightstand.


Keep your kids’ toy area organized with a large mesh bag or other container that can be the designated toy bin.

Cooking Station

Keep clutter down in the kitchen with a rotating circular shelf.

The Fridge

Organize condiments in the door, salad stuff in clear containers and leftovers in a designated area.


Organize your closets, from Christmas decorations to crafting supplies, with clear bins. These will make your Christmas tree storage bag easy to find and motivate your inner craft goddess.


A quick way to clean up your spices is to add labels. Make sure you always put the containers back with the labels out so they’re easy to find.

Pots and Pans

An avalanche of pots and pans is not what you need in your life. Keep those cooking tools from crashing by nesting them: biggest on the bottom, smallest on top.


Add more space to your culinary domain by hanging “special occasion” plates or servicing dishes on the wall.

Kitchen Table

Fill a circular centerpiece to house tabletop staples like salt and pepper shakers, condiments and napkins.

Shower Stuff

Keep your shampoo, soap and razors on a shelf in the shower.

The Laundry Room

Place three baskets or hampers in your laundry space to sort brights, darks and whites on the spot.

Folding Space

Next to the dryer or close by, keep a cabinet for folding clothes. This will save you time and space.

Ironing Board

Mount your ironing board on the wall to save space.

The Car

From toting kids to transporting pets to your work commute, you spend a lot of time in the car. The result can be messy. Organize your auto space with totes, containers for coins and a toolbox.

Cooking Supplies

Keep cooking supplies organized by use. For example, put dry ingredients together so they’re easier to find when it’s time to bake.


Keep boots and other shoes from piling up in the foyer by keeping shelves in the entryway of your home.


Free up some of your closet space with wire coat hangers close to your door or a freestanding coat rack in the foyer.