Spring Cleaning Checklist

Check off These Spring Cleaning Tasks to Refresh Your Home for Warmer Weather


Spring is in the air. Also in the air: a winter’s worth of dust.

Welcome the warmer weather by refreshing your house with these spring cleaning tips.

The Storage Closet

The storage closet – a catch all for the discarded and forgotten. When you organize this space, you’ll bust the dust and add life to your belongings.

One item that can easily get crunched in a storage space is your artificial Christmas tree. Keep your tree in top form and save storage space with a Christmas tree storage bag. You can also organize other Christmas or holiday décor by putting stackable, labeled bins in your storage closet.

Walls and Ceilings

Unfortunately, your storage closet isn’t the only place in your house that collects dust. You may be surprised by how much surface grime collects on your walls and ceilings. To make these areas sparkle:

  • Remove dust with a vacuum. Use a sweeper extension to reach high places.
  • Make a cleaning solution with degreaser. Soak a rag or cleaning cloth and tackle the walls and ceilings. Be sure to test a small spot on the wall first to make sure the degreaser won’t stain.

Window Screens

These often get forgotten until you look outside and realize the “dust storm” you see is actually just screen grime. Mix warm water with dishwashing soap and use a brush to scrub the screens. Then rinse.

Window Treatments

Your draperies and curtains are dust magnets. Check the labels to see if they’re machine washable. If they are, follow the cleaning instructions to freshen and brighten the fabric for renewed and refreshed window treatments.

Fire Safety

Though not a cleaning task, checking your smoke alarms should be included in your spring cleaning routine. Make it a regular part of your spring cleaning task list to keep your home safe.


Perhaps you keep the bookshelves regularly dusted, but it’s what’s behind and on top of the books that can get grimy. For spring cleaning purposes, take all the books off the shelves, dust and dust the spaces behind and under the books before returning your literary collection to its proper place.

Couch Cushions

Your family gatherings on favorite living room furnishings may leave behind unwanted crumbs and other messes. Take cushions off the couch, vacuum underneath and then vacuum the cushions before putting them back in place.

Non-wood Floors

Renew floor surfaces to their former luster with a little wax. You can get waxing supplies at most department stores.

Grout Lines

Use a small brush to apply grout sealer to the cement-based stuff between your walls, floors and countertop tiles. This will help remove stains for a “good as new” refresher.

Polish Metal Door and Cabinet Hardware

You’d be surprised at how much of a difference a little polish makes. Shine up door and cabinet hardware for renewed sparkle.

These are just a few tips for starting your spring cleaning efforts. Find more useful tips here.