Tree Classics’ Favorite Spring Holidays!

Celebrate Spring Holidays with these Festive Ideas

Tree Classics obviously loves Christmas! But we’re not holiday snobs. We appreciate celebration in any form.

When the snow melts and Santa puts his sleigh up for the season, we enjoy the traditions and festivities associated with our favorite spring holidays.

So put away those red and green decorations, and pack your artificial Christmas tree into the storage. It’s time to celebrate the coming of spring!


The Jewish holiday of Passover celebrates the Jewish emancipation from Egyptian slavery. One great way to celebrate Passover is by indulging in the delicious desserts that the holiday offers. Invite a group of friends over to sample these traditional Passover treats.

  • The Feast of Unleavened Bread is a Passover marker, which stretches from the 15th through the 22nd of the Hebrew month of Nissan. Do your own version of yeast-free baking with this flourless chocolate torte recipe.
  • Unleavened bread is typically referred to as Matzo in the Jewish Passover tradition. This version of the Passover staple features sea salt and chocolate.

Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo, a commemoration of Mexico’s 1863 victory over France in the Franco-Mexican War, has become a favorite holiday in the U.S. A great day to celebrate Mexican food and traditions, Cinco de Mayo is the perfect occasion to throw a party. Put together a fabulously fun Mexican fiesta with these essentials. Then, invite your friends and let the festivities begin!


A must for an official Mexican party, a piñata is just as fun for adults as it for the kids. It’s also a great centerpiece for a pre-party party. Put together a party-planning crew and have a piñata-making session. With a balloon, craft supplies and (of course) candy, you can create this crowd-pleasing favorite. Click here link for piñata-making specifics.


Add some classic Mexican treats to your fiesta plans with Cinco de Mayo favorites. One of which is horchata – a favorite Mexican rice drink that’s infused with vanilla and cinnamon – the ultimate creamy Spring treat. Add a giant pitcher of margaritas and some guacamole and chips to the table and you’ve got an officially yummy spread.

Mother’s Day

Celebrate that first special lady in your life with a Mother’s Day brunch! You can celebrate one on one or invite a group of friends. Create a themed brunch and build your treats and activities around that theme. One idea for mother-kid fun is a movie-themed brunch. Ask guests to come in their favorite jammies, set up a brunch table with delectable movie noshes and then show your favorite “mothers are awesome” movies for the next few hours. Here’s a list of matriarchal cinematic suggestions.

For the brunch table, serve up a few of these treats:

  • Scones. Here’s a great recipe for currant scones, but you can make it original with your favorite mix-ins like blueberries or chocolate chips.
  • Quiche. You can’t go wrong with this brunch classic.
  • Crepes. Chocolate and banana delectables? Yes, please.