Featured Tree Classics Product: Arctic White Pine Tree

The Arctic White Pine Tree

arcticwhitepineChristmas isn’t Christmas until you have the perfect tree. From the top to the bottom branch, your holiday tree should be as magical as you imagined.

The Arctic White Pine Tree from Tree Classics manifests the holiday postcard in your head into a beautiful centerpiece for your home. Christmas perfection – realized.

Because it’s white, you get the full snowy forest effect. Added bonus: the faux snow hue adds even more luster to your Christmas tree lights.

In addition to being postcard pretty, the tree is sturdy enough to showcase your favorite ornaments. And you can put them front and center, thanks to the PVC needle tips and spacing that helps keep the décor in place.So in short, yes. Yes, you can completely bring that Christmas postcard to life. Whether you choose a pre-lit Christmas tree or an unlit version, the arctic white pine manifests pure holiday magic. Even better is the fact that it’s completely easy to set up. No weird tools or novel-sized instructions. Hinged branches make it easy to shape and set up your tree. You’ll find that the perfect Christmas is pretty easy to achieve.

If your last Christmas was a little less than perfect, you can look forward to Tree Classics’ two-year light and foliage warranty. Now you can rest easy that your Christmas tree will last for several seasons. This tree is built to last, but it’s also built for safety–you can count on the the flame-proof material to keep you and your family safe.

All of our trees comes with a sturdy metal stand and needles at the bottom for a natural, down-swept look. The features speak for themselves but you’ll be able to see it when you set Tree Classics Arctic White Pine up in your living room. This beautiful white tree offers the perfect centerpiece for post-card level Christmas magic.