Outdoor Organizing 101

Follow These Tips to Keep Your Backyard Organized and Fabulous

outdoororganizingSpring is here, and it’s almost time to get the lawn and garden furniture out for warm weather!

This article features tips for organizing a stylish backyard and storage tips for keeping items in the shed for when you need them throughout summer!

It won’t be long before your yard will be the backdrop for fun and friends. Try these tips to beautify your backyard space and organize essentials.

Decorating Your Yard

Consider the climate. Do your research and decide what kinds of plants will grow best in your region. Then, choose plants that will complement your outdoor design. If it’s your first effort at landscaping, pick something low maintenance to keep your inner gardener from getting stressed and demotivated.

There are three essentials for the best backyardscapes: seating, colors and lighting.

  • Seating – Consider how many people you usually have for outdoor gatherings and then plan your seating accordingly.
  • Colors – From flowers to other yard décor, color is critical. Use fun splashes of color to bring out your design.
  • Lighting – Use LED lights to backlight plants and other landscaping. White Christmas tree lights work well for this purpose. Check a post-season Christmas tree clearance  to stock up on lights.

Storing Your Yard Décor

Now that you have your decorating scheme plotted out, it’s time to think about organization. Organizing your backyard will ensure that the space stays clean and uncluttered, making the beauty of your design stand out even more.

Games. Keep backyard games like cornhole or water games tidy by storing them after each use. Carve out a special space for these items in an outdoor storage shed. Or reserve a back wall in the garage for outdoor game storage. Add shelves to make it easy to organize.

Chairs. Stackable chairs are easy to maintain and keep the yard uncluttered. They also make it easy to tailor the space for the number of people you’re entertaining. For more guests, more chairs can be unstacked and vice versa.