Preparing Your Home for Summer

Prepare Your Home for Summer with these Organizing Tips

housesIf your home isn’t ready for those summer sun rays, don’t fret. These easy organization and cleaning tips will make you want to let the sun shine in. Go room by room and space by space to make each area of your home summer-ready.


Take a pile of large trash bags with you and take a long, hard look at the contents of your closet. From hall closets to bedroom closets to kitchen pantries, chances are there are items hiding out that you don’t use. For each closet, create two piles – throw away and donate. Then, start tossing clothes, pantry items etc. into the appropriate piles. Bag up the items, clap the dust off your hands and move on to the next summer-readying task.

If you find items in your closet that are getting crunched –like an artificial Christmas tree or family heirlooms – protect your belongings with space-saving storage essentials. A Christmas tree storage bag works well for tucking away this holiday centerpiece and preserving it for next year. For family heirlooms or other delicate decorations, add storage bins or shelves to your closet to get organized. Bathrooms Take a two-step approach with bathrooms: scrub and toss.

  • Scrub the baseboards and corners under the sinks and toilets.
  • Toss unused or expired toiletry items like old makeup, shampoo and razors.

Kitchen With as much cleanup that occurs regularly in your kitchen, there are two areas that are often overlooked: the refrigerator grill and the inside of the freezer.

  • Use a vacuum with a brush attachment to remove dust and grime from the refrigerator grill and coil. You might need a buddy to help you move the refrigerator out to get all of the dust.
  • Use a soapy, warm cloth to wipe out your freezer. While you’re at it, get rid of any expired or unwanted items that may be lurking in the cold.


  • If your blankets or quilts are dry-clean only, take them to your favorite cleaner to refresh them for warmer weather. If they’re too heavy to use in the summer, store them in a bin labeled “winter bedding.”
  • Replace flannel sheets with cotton sheets to prepare for higher temps.

Living Room Your winter décor may tend toward “heavy” and “dark.” Lighten up by rotating out the heavy stuff for lightweight throw, rugs and curtains in soft summer hues.