Spring’s Over, but Don’t Forget to Organize Your Winter Mess

Try These Winter Organizing Tips to Make Spring Cleaning Less Daunting

spring_cleaning2A big part of spring cleaning is putting away your winter “mess.” So, why not make your future a little brighter by starting to organize your winter mess now. Prepare for warm-weather clean up with these winter organization tips.

Christmas Decorations

One of winter’s biggest pile-ups inside your home is probably your Christmas décor. You can still enjoy the festive decorations that you love without getting so messy.

One great way to organize your holiday stuff – and preserve it for years to come – is to invest in a Christmas tree storage bag for your artificial tree. These space savers offer a great way for you to tuck away the tree once December ends.

Storage bins are another great option for storing and organizing Christmas decorations. Great for putting away ornaments, lights and garlands, bins should be labeled by decoration and then stored in a spot that’s easy to get to year after year. Bins that fit under the bed are great for space-saving storage.

Clean the Cobwebs

Dust and grime in those hard-to-reach spots is typically a focal point for Spring cleaning. Stay on top of the dust when you’re stuck inside during the cold months, and Spring cleaning will be much more manageable.

For dust that’s high up, attach a damp cloth to the end of a broom or mop. Use it to reach ceilings and room corners to gently wipe away cobwebs and dust bunnies. Make a plan to wipe down the baseboards of one room at a time during each winter month. This is another great way to stay on top of the grime.

Shine Up Lighting

Lights often get overlooked in the winter months. Then, when warm weather approaches and then sun illuminates hour house, you notice that your lighting fixtures have been neglected. Spring cleaning frenzy can ensue.

Stay on top of this oft overlooked area by periodically dusting your lights and light fixtures. A duster or vacuum with a brush attachments easily removes dust from lampshades.

By adding these small tasks into your winter cleaning and organization routine, you’ll find that Spring Cleaning is a lot less daunting.