3 Heartwarming Ways to Celebrate Fathers’ Day

Tree Classics: Celebrate Fathers' Day

Remember when your dad first took you out to the lake to fish? When he took you to your very first ball game? Or when he taught you how to ride your bike without training wheels? These were the good old days when it didn’t matter if you didn’t catch a fish, your team lost, or you fell from your bike more times than you could count. Spending time with your dad was all that mattered.

This year, it’s your turn to let Dad know how much he means to you. Tree Classics looks back at timeless father-and-child activities that you can still enjoy as you celebrate Fathers’ Day.

Father and Child
Image by Michelle Meiklejohn / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


As a kid, your dad must have woken you up on a weekend morning and taken you to the lake as the first light of day was peering. Then you spent the rest of the day sitting by the pier or on a boat, talking, waiting to get the bite that never came. After everything, your dad just smiled at you and said you’ll be back another day. Years later, you begin to understand what he meant.

Believe it or not, fishing is more about the fisher than it is about the activity. Many of those who take up angling as a hobby enjoy it more for the relaxation it brings than the actual prospect of catching a fish. This becomes more and more valuable as you grow older and become busier with work.

Fishing allows you to spend time with your loved ones since it can be an activity for the whole family. There is nothing like catching up with each other while catching some fish.

Tree Classics recommends: This Fathers’ Day, take your dad on a nice fishing trip. It’s always good to step out of the office and get some fresh air every now and then. You can take a boat down the great Colorado River or the serene Lake Placid where some of the best trout in the country can be found. Reminisce on the old days as you cast your lines again and wait for that bite. Bring your kids along to continue this time-honored tradition as you strengthen your bond with one another.

Father Son Fishing
Photo from Atom Ess via flickr. CC BY 2.0


Building a Model Rocket

Building a model rocket is never easy. You’ve tried working on one, but every time you came close to finishing it, the pieces only fell apart. And just when you were about to give up, your dad came along and offered his help. After that everything suddenly made sense.

Every parent wants to see their kids succeed. That is why your dad is always there to lend you a hand when you need it. Even if it’s as complicated as putting a model rocket together and making it launch, it becomes simple because you have someone who goes through it with you. Never mind how many launches failed. What matters is that you never gave up until you got one to fly.

Tree Classics recommends: In honor of the first model rocket you and your dad successfully built, treat your dad to one of many amazing model rockets available in stores such as estesrockets.com and apogeerockets.com. Celebrate the happy memories of those failed and successful launches together.


Break out the tents as you take Dad camping again and show him how much your skills have improved. Camping in the great outdoors brings out the best in us because we learn to sharpen our life skills. It could be the challenge of putting up a tent, gathering firewood, or starting a bonfire. All of these are but a simple reminder of how to be resourceful and self-reliant.

To see your dad take on those tasks single-handedly when you were a kid made you look up to him. Fathers love it when their children consider them their hero.

Tree Classics recommends: Let your dad know how much you appreciate his guidance all these years by taking up the trail and breaking out the tents once more. Some of the places you can set up camp in are Yellowstone River, Montana, Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area, Utah, and Cape Lookout National Seashore, North Carolina where you can enjoy the stunning views as well.

Photo from kevindooley via flickr. CC BY 2.0

There are some things in life that even time cannot change. If you no longer get to be with your dad as much as you did before, it’s never too late to give him a call or drop by once in a while. Reconnect and show him how much you appreciate his lessons throughout the years.