Unlit vs. Pre-lit: Compare & Contrast Artificial Trees

Amid the baking of Christmas cookies, wrapping of gifts, and playing of Christmas carols lies the center of the holiday festivities—your Christmas tree. It is the focal point around which all the other holiday traditions revolve, such as opening gifts, caroling, and family photo-taking. As such, choosing the right tree for your home is a very important decision.

In recent years, the industry has added even more confusion to the mix with the option of pre-lit trees. There are both advantages and disadvantages to consider when choosing between pre-lit and unlit artificial Christmas trees. Each will appeal to different people for different reasons. If you are still undecided on which kind to purchase, the following pros and cons will help you with some important information to consider before making your final selection.

Unlit Christmas Tree Pros and Cons

Tree Classics Classic Noble Fir - Unlit
The unlit Classic Noble Fir is the ideal backdrop for your own decorating style.

Pro: Allows for More Decorating Versatility

If you have a knack for decorating, you may not want the lights on your tree to be pre-strung to a set of standards different from your own. With an unlit tree, you have full control over the number of number of lights, colors, types of bulbs, layout, and wattage (usually more important for a plug-in tree topper).

Con: Requires More Work

Although decorating the tree can be a fun creative project, it does add more work to your hectic holiday. It may seem simple to string lights on a tree, but there is always the risk of tangling wires and breaking bulbs.

Pro: Allows for Light String Length Customization

Christmas trees are so varied in shape and size that buyers have to choose from a variety of light string lengths when purchasing Christmas tree lights. Different people may have different ways of lighting their tree. An unlit tree provides the opportunity to customize lighting layouts so that your tree can be made brighter or dimmer than average, according to your needs. Experienced decorators can even create a recognizable pattern of lights.

Con: Requires More Technical Knowledge and Experience
Did you know that clear incandescent lights are actually different in color from clear LED lights? The difference is not normally perceptible to the human eye, but it usually shows up in photos, especially with mixed lighting. Missing a small detail like this (or the one about the wattage of your tree topper above) could potentially ruin your holiday photos. There are many more details that only experienced decorators remember to consider.

Pre-lit Christmas Trees Pros and Cons

Tree Classics Classic Fraser Fir - Pre-lit
The pre-lit Classic Fraser Fir makes a beautiful—and convenient—holiday centerpiece.

Pro: Ready Upon Arrival

For many, the holidays can be one of the busiest times of the year—running around from place to place preparing Christmas gifts for everyone and decorating your home for holiday parties and guests. Whether you order your artificial Christmas tree online or purchase it at a brick-and-mortar store, a pre-lit tree is ready to show off almost the moment you bring it home. Just add your favorite ornaments and a star to top it off. There is no need to fiddle with an old ball of light strings or worry about light count.

Tree Classics even offers trees with Quick Set™ technology to ensure easy tree setup. Through this unique feature, light strings are connected inside the tree’s patent-pending trunk design. Tree setup only requires you to touch one light string: the one you plug into the wall.

Con: Risk of Decor Clashing

Most pre-lit Christmas trees come with basic white lights. However, it may be difficult to find a style that specifically matches more contemporary motifs. If you have a non-traditional décor theme at home, you might find that the pre-strung lights on your tree don’t go well with it. For something more versatile, Tree Classics offers a variety of Christmas trees with Worry-Free™ UL-approved LED lights that come with both clear and multicolor lighting options but if you have a very specific design in mind, then an unlit tree is still the most versatile.

Pro: Economically Efficient

Buying color-changing Christmas lights separately costs a bit more than adding on a small fee to have them included in the tree. If you do not know what to look for in terms of length and light count, this can even result in wasted expenses and extra lights that you do not need. Having pre-strung also works best for trees with a unique shape or size.

Over the years, your preferences may change from traditional green to all white Christmas trees, and from clear LED trees to fun, multicolor ones. Make a list of pros and cons similar to this each Christmas season to ensure that you make the practical long-term choice. If you can think of points for consideration that we haven’t already covered, let us know!

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