How to Set Up A Snap Tree™

Christmas is an occasion best spent enjoying the company of one another and living out the spirit of the holiday. Spend more time with loved ones and less time decorating this season with Snap Tree™.

Tree Classics’ exclusive Snap Tree technology allows you to assemble your tree as quickly as possible and store it away without having to disassemble it completely. Read on to learn how it works, and find out how you can win your very own!


Roll into Place

Snap Trees™ feature premium wheels.
Snap Trees™ feature premium wheels.

Our Snap Trees feature premium wheels under their tree stands that allow you to glide your tree into position with ease.

Once in place, stand behind the pivoting feet at the base of the stand and pull the top of the assembly towards you. Thoughtfully designed pivoting feet allow you to gently lower your tree to the floor.

Sets Up in a Snap

Lights automatically connect to base and power source.
Lights automatically connect to base and power source.

Once the tree is laying on the ground, remove the entire base from its position at the end of the trunk and attach it onto the opposite end of the same trunk. Ensure that you twist and lock the base for a proper fit.

After the base is properly secured, lift the tree up over the stand again, using the pivoting feet help you set the tree right-side up. Then snap the upper section of the tree into place over the entire assembly.

The tree is pre-lit so you need only connect one plug to a wall socket in order to illuminate the tree.


Store on its Stand

Designed to store on its base for easy storage and setup for seasons to come.
Designed to store on its base for easy storage and setup for seasons to come.

When storing the tree, simply reverse the steps.

Ensure that the lights are unplugged and remove the top section of the tree. Lie the tree down with help from the pivoting feet and transfer the tree to the other side of the trunk. Stand the tree up on its opposite end and place the two parts in their respective bags. Wheel the lower portion off for storage on its stand while you carry the top portion with a convenient sling.

Watch this video to see the tree in action!


Snap Trees save you from a long, arduous setup involving dozens of parts.

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