Christmas Tree Topper Ideas

Adding a star or angel to the top of the tree has long been a tradition in Christmas decorating. These are still very popular and you can find many variations of these items when you’re collecting Christmas decorations. I have mixed it up over the years and even though I’ve had the traditional angel topper on my trees for years, I prefer to go for a more freestyle look now.

tree classics 007 Angel Tree Topper

This pretty angel from Tree Classics is a sweet addition to the top of this white Alpine tree, blending in with the elegance and adding a wonderful natural touch.

tree classics 008 Tree Topper Idea 1But, I do like making my own toppers too, using sprays of berries, feathers, greenery and golden glitzy leaf stems and fronds.

christmas027 Tree Topper Idea 2

They are casual and elegant and it’s so easy to place them on the top where you want them, cascading down and adding a freeform topper to the tree.


christmas decor004 Tree Topper Idea 3

I also added a wrap of gold metallic netting to the top, sort of like a crown.


christmas decor012 Tree Topper Idea 4

It all blends in with the golden glitz of this tree, which mostly features gold and white.  Sticking to one or two colors on your tree makes for a cohesive look. I added a bit of black to this one for a pop of accent color.

christmas decor009 Tree Topper Idea 5All lit up at night, the white Alpine tree glows and gleams in the dark. A perfect tree for my living room space, I enjoy watching the lights turn on all the time during the holiday season. If you haven’t done a freestyle topper before, gather ideas and make your own!