How to Store Your Christmas Tree and Ornaments Properly

Photo from Jenna Shaughnessy of Wife in Progress
Photo from Jenna Shaughnessy of Wife in Progress

As the holidays come to a close, it’s time again to bid your Christmas tree and ornaments farewell—until next year, at least. Proper storage today means easier decorating and setting up next year, so you might as well do yourself a favor and start the year off on the right foot.

Tree Classics presents a few creative and practical home storage solutions and tips to help you get your Christmas decoration storage done in no time.

Storing Your Tree

Tree Classics' Deluxe Rolling Tree Storage Bag
Tree Classics’ Deluxe Rolling Tree Storage Bag
  • Clean and inspect your tree before disassembly or storage. Look for burned out light bulbs, damaged wires, or broken connectors. If your tree is not pre-lit, remove the lights before disassembling.
  • Consider investing in quality rolling tree storage bags. These bags conveniently come with wheels, making your tree more mobile and easier to store. Look for a sturdy padded bag that comes with wheels to make it easy to transport.
  • Even with the help of rolling tree storage bags, some trees can be a tad too heavy for attic or basement storage. If possible, store your tree on the same floor where it’s used so you don’t have to worry about getting it up or down a flight of stairs. Store it in a nearby closet, storage room, or garage.
  • Whether or not you opt to use a protective bag, store your tree in a cool, dry place; avoid locations where temperatures tend to rise, especially during the summer.
  • Do not stack anything on top of your Christmas tree storage bag while in storage, and ensure that the bag is placed on a flat surface to preserve the tree’s shape.

Storing Your Ornaments

Tree Classics' 48-Piece Adjustable Ornament Organizer

  • Consider using a storage container designed specifically for ornament storage because these come equipped with dividers and layers that separate and protect your ornaments. The 48-Piece Adjustable Ornament Organizer from Tree Classics features two removable trays lined with soft fabric for padding and security, and a large front pocket suitable for storing other holiday accessories.
  • Make sure the container you use has acid-free lining to prevent discoloration. For additional protection, stuff each ornament compartment with tissue paper until the ornaments fit snugly so that they don’t roll around.
  • When storing ornaments, remember to place the ones you will need first on top so you can decorate as you unpack next year, instead of having to unpack the entire bag before starting. Also remember to place heavier ornaments and accessories at the bottom to avoid damaging the lighter, more fragile ornaments.
  • Categorize your ornaments and decorations according to where you use them. For example, separate the indoor ornaments from the outdoor ones so you can decorate an area at a time, instead of having to lug around a heavy container or unpack everything at once. Remember to label each bag or container so you know which contains what.
  • Store small parts such as metal hooks in a clear plastic container with compartments or dividers so you don’t lose them during the off season.
  • Prepare extra ornament hangers, twist ties, and zip ties so you won’t be short on supplies when you need them.

Follow these simple and practical home storage solutions and you will find that proper Christmas tree and decoration storage isn’t that difficult. Knowing that your tree and ornaments will be safe and protected during the off season is a powerful motivator that will help you get started on proper storage of your holiday decorations.

Do you have any other ornament or Christmas tree storage tips to add to the list? Share them with us in the comments section below.

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