Rhoda’s Top Tips for Christmas Tree and Ornament Storage

Taking down the Christmas decorations is not nearly as much fun as putting them up, but it’s a task that we are all faced with after enjoying the glimmer and glitz of the magical Holiday season.  I opt to put my tree up early, so I can enjoy it at least a month and then by the time New Years rolls around, it’s time to get back to normal and take it all down.  The chore can be made a little easier with planning and organization and I try to do both of those every year.

christmas decor004

My beautiful Tree Classics White Alpine tree was a joy this year and it totally makes my living room glow with the white lights.

christmas storage001

But, all good things must come to an end, so out with the bins and boxes to store it all away again.  I use plastic containers to store my Christmas décor and label each bin with the room or area that it goes with.  It helps to keep things organized and then the next year, you can pull out each bin as needed.

christmas storage002I stored the Tree Classics glass ornaments back in their original box, since it has dividers and packing to keep them safe.  I’ll just seal up the box and store it with the rest of my Christmas decorations in my storage closet.  Luckily, I have a storage closet with metal shelves that hold all my Christmas bins out of the way.

christmas storage003I also store smaller Christmas ornaments in tiny plastic containers to keep them safe and sound, all inside the larger plastic bins.

christmas storage004

These smaller plastic bins keep things very safe and stable and I haven’t had any mishaps even without wrapping them individually.

christmas storage005The smaller bins are packed inside the larger ones and stored away until next year, when I start the process all over again.

christmas storage006The White Alpine Christmas tree comes in three parts, so I opted to leave them plugged in and used the original box it came in to store it away.

christmas storage007

I did manage to wedge all three pieces of the tree back into the box and got it taped up with packing tape.  It will be stored in my garage and should be just fine down there.  It’s a bit difficult to get a tree back into the box after it’s been fluffed, but not impossible.  It won’t fit the same way, but carefully pressing it down in the box is fine and should not hurt the lights.

christmas storage008

For my Tree Classics garland, I was able to store all four of these in one big plastic bin, which will also be stored in my garage. This one is extra large and all the garlands fit back in here just perfectly.

christmas storage009

In my storage closet off my laundry room, all my Christmas décor is stored.  It’s nice to have a big wall that I can add nails for storing wreaths.  This is an easy way to store a wreath up and out of the way.  Both of my wreaths are stored this way.

tree classics snap tree002At my sister’s house, I helped her take down her Snap Tree from Tree Classics and this 9′ tree folds up nicely on the stand and stores in its own bag.  First, we took the top off the tree.

tree classics snap tree003Next, tilting the tree over, we pulled out the main tree from the base, flipping it over and inserting back on the base, which allows the branches to then fall down instead of up.

tree classics snap tree004Like this!  The green storage bag then fits over the top of the tree (there’s a hole to go over the pole) and the bag is zipped up for storage, neat and tidy.

tree classics snap tree005

The top of the tree has its own storage bag with a handle, so you can drape it over the tree or hang it on a hook.  The tree will then be rolled to its storage closet until next year.

With some careful planning and care, it’s not so hard to pack up the Christmas décor and  carefully put it all away for next year’s decorating.  Here’s to an organized New Year! That’s what we are all craving right now.

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