LED Christmas Trees vs. Fiber Optic Christmas Trees

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Lighting is one of the most important elements when it comes to tree decor. Whether you choose Christmas tree lights that mimic the warm glow of candlelight or ones that twinkle in multicolor, your tree lights can set the tone for the entire room. Developments in lighting technology have provided more options to play choose from, but this also requires you to put more thought into finding the right Christmas tree lights for you.

In this post, Tree Classics presents the pros and cons of two trendy pre-lit tree Christmas tree lighting options: LED trees and fiber optic trees.

LED Trees

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LED lights have risen in popularity due to their power-efficiency and longevity. Because they don’t have filaments like the ones in incandescent bulbs, they virtually never burn out. If you’re considering LED trees for the holiday season, take a look at the pros and cons below.

Pro: Energy-efficient

LED Christmas lights use up less electricity, which could help you save on your home utility costs during the holidays.

Con: Requires more work

Unless you’re buying a pre-lit tree, LED lights may require a bit of doing to ensure that they light your tree evenly. They also come at a slightly higher cost. The extra effort and money, however, also come with the advantage of more decorating versatility since you can choose from a variety of LED lighting options.

Pro: Durable and storage-friendly

LED lights are especially durable. The bulbs are virtually unbreakable and naturally resistant to abuse and moisture, making them easy to wrap and stow away after the holidays are over.

Fiber Optic Trees

If you want to forgo traditional string lights, a fiber optic Christmas tree is a unique and appealing option. Once, it was a go-to alternative for those who didn’t have the time to decorate or light their Christmas tree. The rise in popularity of pre-lit trees, however, has leveled the playing field on that front. Take a look at the pros and cons of fiber optic trees below.

Pro: Looks stylish

Because fiber optic trees have lights built into the tree’s branches, they give off an even glow. Compared to artificial trees with string lights, fiber optic trees possess a unique look because they glow from within.

Con: Limits decorating options

Although some models come with color-changing switches, fiber optic generally trees have slightly fewer lighting options than LED lights since they come built into the tree’s branches. When using fiber optic trees, the light color will also determine the color palette or décor motif.

Pro: Safe for pets

Most string lights are advanced enough that they are unlikely to cause a fire, but Christmas trees can still pose a minor threat for accidental fires. Synthetic fiber optic trees are designed so that they don’t catch fire easily and are completely safe for pets and young children.

Con: Difficult to replace

Fiber optic lights are difficult to replace because they are built into the tree. If the lights are damaged, the entire branch or the entire tree may need to be replaced, depending on the after-sales service of the seller.

Whatever Christmas tree lighting option you choose, what’s important is that you choose the one that fits your lifestyle and decorating style. With the multitude of pre-lit trees and lights available today, you will never be short on lighting and decorating options. All you need to do is find the one that suits your decorating preferences and lifestyle so you can add a personal touch to your holiday centerpiece.