3 Reasons to Buy Your Christmas Tree Early This Year

Tree Classics' Monticello Regency Fir

Christmas is one of the most anticipated holidays of the year. While there are several weeks to go before the busy Yuletide season is in full swing, you may benefit from buying your Christmas tree early this year. Read on to know how pre-Christmas shopping makes for a convenient, practical, and economical option.

Avoid the Christmas Rush

We all want to enjoy stress-free holidays and a key element to this is shopping early. It is so much more convenient to shop when there’s not a dozen irate last-minute shoppers lined up before you at a register. Shopping online also solves this scenario. Open at all hours, online stores provide access to more products and make placing orders just a few clicks away. Whatever shopping channel is convenient and available to you, the important thing is that you have an enjoyable experience.

Test Out Your Tree


Get your green or white Christmas tree in great shape before the busy Christmas season hits. Inspect the tree—the stand, branches, as well as bulbs and wires. Shape the branches and fan out the tips to get a nice, even profile. Hang your favorite ornaments and see how they handle the weight of the pieces. Testing your tree early ensures you of a hassle-free holiday because you can catch possible product defects and have it reported to customer service right away. Not only that, but with ample time before the holidays, you can experiment and be more creative with your Christmas decorations. Check how Tree Classics ambassador Jen Lutz tested and decorated her Flocked White Fir Deluxe Christmas tree during Christmas in July.

Benefit from Shopping Deals


You can save on shopping costs when you buy Christmas items early because there’s no surge in retail prices. Weeks before Christmas, you will be more likely to get the pick of the best Christmas tree sales and not be limited to the December offerings. Online stores also feature a wide range of discounted items and product giveaways throughout the year. With these early Christmas deals, you can manage your budget on Christmas expenses better by spreading the cost of your purchases over a few months rather than having to spend it all in a month or week.

Whatever reason for buying your Christmas tree early this year, be sure to have an organized Christmas list so you can budget better and make smarter purchases. Happy shopping, everyone!

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