Where and How to Hang your Christmas Garland

Christmas garland

Photo from Down to Earth Style

Just like Christmas trees, garlands are an essential part of classic holiday decorating—they bring a touch of nature into your home in both traditional and embellished forms. Christmas garlands can be hung almost anywhere and any way you want and in this post, Tree Classics features some of the best places and spaces you can display this versatile piece to add holiday warmth and charm.

Doorways and Arches

christmas garland

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A garland bordering the front door is a warm, welcoming sight for your guests. Flank the door frame with this foliage piece using screw-eyes installed around the frame. Thread wire through each screw-eye to help secure the garland. You can also use a doorway garland hanger, which adjusts to the door width and can be used for both indoor and outdoor frames. You can also pair your garland with a wreath for your front door to complete the look.

If your home has interior arches, garlands are the perfect way to highlight them. To save your walls from holes, use command hooks; they can stick to almost any surface and can be removed neatly.


stairs garlandPhoto from Southern Hospitality

Draw your guests’ eyes upward by tying a garland to the handrail using yarn or wire. You can also accentuate your foyer by weaving the garland through the balusters or letting it drape by tying different segments to the handrail. Another alternative is to attach the garland at the base of the balusters along the length of the staircase to leave the handrail free. Add ribbons that match your decorating theme for a touch of color and fun.

Fireplace Mantel

Fireplace Mantel

Holiday Mantels by Traditional Home

Mantel swags are not the only foliage that can go with the fireplace. A long, draping garland covering the entire mantel and framing the fireplace adds a cozy touch to your living room. You can use command hooks to hold the garland in place. Clipping some of your favorite ornaments on the garland’s tips will also add texture to your decoration.


columns christmas garlandPhoto from Between Naps on the Porch

The columns on the front porch are a good canvas for these verdant decorative pieces. Make them stand out by wrapping the garlands around the columns, letting some areas of the pillars show through. Adding ribbons to accentuate the foliage will complete the holiday look.

With creativity and imagination, you can discover more places and ways to hang these timeless Christmas decorations. Adorn your home with garlands to inspire a festive atmosphere for the holidays. Shop your favorite designs from the comfort of your home at Tree Classics and create a heart-warming Christmas display for the season.

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