Tree Classics’ Elegance with Ease Campaign

We say goodbye to the old and usher in the New Year by saying thank you to our blogger partners who shared quick and easy tree decorating tips, as well as their lovely family traditions through our Elegance with Ease campaign. Here’s a look at their beautiful Christmas trees and the stories behind them:

Camille Gabel of Growing up Gabel

Camille is a busy mom and wife who taught herself to knit, cook, and craft. She started collecting Christmas ornaments from her travels, and every year their Christmas tree tells the story of their family’s adventures.

She shares, “Christmas trees don’t have to be glamorous or themed to be beautiful.” Camille loves their family memory Christmas tree and the special moments behind each ornament.

Visit Growing Up Gabel and see how Camille tells their story with her Deluxe Noble Fir Snap Tree.

Simone Hoover of Peonies and Orange Blossoms

Simone fell in love with all things French when she traveled to the city of love as a teenager. She writes about European-inspired interior design and décor, travel, fashion, and French pastries.

When setting up their tree, Simone and her husband thought about using colorful LED Christmas lights instead of their usual white lights. “You know, as I was decorating this tree, I was reminded of my grandmother’s tree. Her tree was always decorated with colored lights.” They found the perfect solution in Tree Classics’ Alaskan Spruce Snap tree with LED color changing lights.

Go over to Peonies and Orange Blossoms to see Simone’s classic vintage Christmas tree with both its white and colored lights, and our Silver and Gold ornament collection.

Jessica McFadden of A Parent in Silver Spring

A mom of three, Jessica started blogging in 2008 and has been featured in various publications such as Forbes, The Washington Post, and CNN. She loves libraries, live music, and period dramas, and is passionate about accessible fashion, affordable beauty, and home design.

Jessica and husband Chris struggled with setting up their Christmas tree every year, until they got Tree Classics’ Colorado Blue Spruce Snap Tree. “Putting up your Christmas tree should always be joyful and easy. We learned this thanks to Tree Classics and will never go back!”

See Jessica’s dream Christmas tree, also featuring our Merry and Bright ornament collection and Silver Satin & Sequin tree skirt on A Parent in Silver Spring.

Kaysi Gardner of Keeping it Simple

The youngest in a family of 9 and stay at home mom to five children, Kaysi has always wanted to stand out. She loves chocolates, sleeping, and creating easy and simple crafts that she can teach others.

“With all of the Christmas parties, concerts and then all of the other things that we have to do to get ready for the holiday, everything is little more stressful. Some years even putting up the Christmas tree can be a huge hassle and take for-e-ver!” Kaysi found setup effortless with Tree Classics’ Park City Pine Snap Tree, decorated with our Merry and Bright ornament collection, and finished with the Buttoned Up Quilted Velvet Tree Skirt.

Head on over to Keeping It Simple and see how Kaysi did her Christmas tree in a snap!

Chandra Fredrick of Oh Lovely Day

Chandra discovered her love for details and DIY projects while planning her own wedding. As a mom of three boys, she hopes to help out other mothers with some tips and tricks on home and wedding designs, as well as share advice on motherhood and marriage.

Despite being a self-confessed tree purist, Chandra admits she’s been spoiled by the convenience of artificial trees. She adds, “I don’t know what it is that I love so much about Christmas trees. I think so much of it is tied to memories—memories of decorating our tree as a kid, memories of where and when we bought an ornament in our collection, sharing stories with our kids about them.”

Visit Oh Lovely Day and see the Lake Forest Fir Snap Tree filled with her beautiful memory ornament collection.

Trish Flake of Uncommon Designs Online

Her passion for creating and entertaining fuels Trish’s creativity. Through her blog, she aims to inspire and help her audience recreate crafts, décor, and designs for their homes.

This year, she decorated her porch with the Evergreen Supreme Snap Tree, and was very happy with the outcome. “Each year, my mother-in-law always talks about how she would like a slim tree, you know the kind that isn’t too big and you can just roll it away into a closet when it isn’t Christmas. She never really talks about things that she wants and absolutely would never buy herself a new tree at this stage in her life.” She was thrilled at the chance to give her mother-in-law something she really wants.

Get tips on how to decorate your home for the holidays by heading over to Uncommon Designs.

Thank you to all our bloggers for their participation and sharing their touching holiday memories and experiences with us and their readers. They’ve shown us how to put unique, personal touches to Tree Classics’ LED Christmas trees and inspired us for the next Christmas season.

How did your holidays go? We’d love to hear from you!

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