5 Practical and Productive Spring Cleaning Tips for the Family

In today’s busy and fast-paced world, spring cleaning on a Sunday morning has become challenging and meticulous. Imagine answering important emails between rounds of deep-cleaning your carpet and upholstery. However, with careful planning and involving the rest of the family, cleaning up your home for spring can be simple and stress-free. It all comes down to setting daily cleaning goals to maximize your productivity.

Spring Cleaning Tips
Photo courtesy of Love Housekeeping.

Get your home fresh and organized with this simple spring cleaning checklist:

Start Small and Declutter

Photo by the Sunny Side Up Blog
Photo courtesy of The Sunny Side Up Blog.

Before you tackle the major cleaning chores, pick something easily workable like your bedroom drawer. Start by removing all of its contents and cleaning the inside. Go through your things and sort which items you want to keep or toss. Make sure to keep things organized and separated so each item is visible.

Freshen Up Walls and Ceilings

Photo by Boland Painters
Photo courtesy of Boland Painters.

Make your walls and ceilings look like they are freshly painted. Pull furniture away from the walls and run a microfiber dust cloth or a vacuum to get rid of dust, dirt, and cobwebs. Thoroughly wipe the blades of your ceiling fan and lighting fixtures as they accumulate a lot of dust too. Go from room to room and rub out marks and scrapes with soap and water.

Wash Your Windows and Curtains

Photo by Today
Photo courtesy of Today.

One of the few house cleaning chores that can transform your living space so well is window cleaning. Sweep the dirt off around the frame and wash the glass with a sponge or strip applicator to get more light inside the room. Afterwards, dry the glass with a cloth or squeegee. To save you time and effort, load them in a laundry machine or take your draperies and curtains to a local dry cleaner.

Update Your Mattress and Linens

Photo by Fenwick
Photo courtesy of Fenwick.

You will sleep more soundly when your mattress is squeaky clean by vacuuming and spot cleaning it with upholstery cleaner. Once dry, disinfect with spray and flip it over to provide even wear. Replace your old linens and mattress covers or opt to go for brand new ones. Store away your heavy winter bedding and replace it with lighter material for spring.

Donate, Sell, and Toss

Photo by Hadley Court
Photo courtesy of Hadley Court.

If there are too many things lying around and collecting dust, you could always donate, sell, or throw some of them out. Lend a helping hand and give unused clothing to your local charity or make extra money by selling old phones and electronics. Toss old utensils, and pantry items to free up space in your kitchen.

Spring cleaning may never become effortless, but by tackling one task at a time and enlisting the help of family members, you can make it more manageable and enjoyable. Have any more ideas? Chime in the comments section below!

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