5 Simple and Easy Spring Centerpieces

Spring brings back the warmth and colors we missed during the cold holiday months. What better way to welcome sunshine and nature than with a burst of creativity! Start infusing your home with the season’s sights and scents with these simple centerpieces for your table.

Bright Blossoms

bright blossoms centerpiece
Photo from The Sweetest Occasion

A white bowl, trusty masking tape, and freshly picked flowers are essential to create this bright and lovely arrangement from The Sweetest Occasion. Blooms of varying colors and sizes can be used with floral wire and bamboo skewers for support. Floral foam is another practical alternative to hold your flowers in place.

Solely Succulents

solely succulents centerpiece
Photo from Meatloaf and Melodrama

For this arrangement, Dee of Meatloaf and Melodrama decided to use succulents in place of flowers. These plants are easy to work with, require minimum care, and can be transplanted later on. Set in an old wooden planter box and complemented by moss and pinecones for added texture, this rustic centerpiece lends an inviting touch of green to your dining table.

Fresh Flowers and Fruits

fresh flowers and fruit centerpiece
Photo from Yellow Bliss Road

Bring spring indoors with some fresh elements and a pop of vivid color. Kristin of the Yellow Bliss Road loves brightly colored flowers, and used white and yellow tulips for her table. Mason jars wrapped with paper doilies and twine served as vases for these matching bouquets. She also added a glass jar filled with handpicked lemons from her backyard for a warm and homey feel.

Classic Candles

classic candles centerpiece
Photo from Lemonade Makin Mama

Simple, quick, and easy is the way to go with this piece by Sasha of Lemonade Makin’ Mama. Filling a wooden tray with bright green moss and arranging white candles only takes a few minutes. This also makes a versatile centerpiece since it can be customized for special occasions, like adding painted eggs as accents for Easter.

Faux Florals

faux florals centerpiece
Photo from The DIY Mommy

If you can’t wait for real flowers to bloom, you can still create charming décor with beautiful faux florals. Christina of The DIY Mommy arranged soft teal fabric hydrangeas in blue mason jars, which she then set in a rustic barn wood planter box. Birch candles provided extra texture to complete the cozy look for her dining room.

Celebrate the arrival of spring with simple, yet elegant centerpieces. May they be flowers, greenery, or candles, they are sure to fill your home with the warmth and vibrant colors of the season. Do you have other decorating ideas? We’d love to hear about them!

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