Unlit vs Pre-lit Artificial Christmas Trees: A Comparison

When deciding what kind of artificial Christmas tree you should get for the holidays, it’s important to consider whether to get an unlit or pre-lit one. We’ve jotted down a list of differences between unlit and pre-lit Christmas trees, which could bring you a step closer to getting your ideal artificial Christmas tree.


An unlit Christmas tree caters to those who prefer a more natural look and who want to have total control over their tree lights. While some would simply decorate and leave the tree as is, others with a knack for decorating would prefer to choose the number, color, and light type that go on the tree. Stringing lights on your own, however, would require more time and effort, and runs the risk of tangled wires and broken bulbs.

A pre-lit artificial Christmas tree is almost completely ready to go from the moment it comes out of the box. All you need to do is plug it in and fluff it in place. Get some helpful tips on fluffing an artificial Christmas tree here. You can already preview how the tree looks when it’s lit up, saving you the trouble of re-doing everything when the lights don’t turn out the way you expect them.



Tree Classics' Fraser Fir Tree in Unlit, Clear, and Multicolor
Tree Classics’ Fraser Fir Tree in Unlit, Clear, and Multicolor

Pre-lit Christmas trees are available with several configurations and combinations. Light type includes incandescent and LED bulbs. There are also multiple color options: from the most common clear white lights, to the more festive multicolor kind, and even a combination of both in one tree.

The natural simplicity of unlit Christmas trees, on the other hand, makes them easier to decorate. Putting a distinct mark on an unlit tree is like painting on a blank canvas: you, the artist, have carte blanche on creating a masterpiece.

Cost Efficiency

If you are unfamiliar with light counts, types, and length, buying Christmas lights separately may be more expensive than purchasing a pre-lit tree. Multiple light strands plugged in at the same time also consumes more electricity compared to a single plug of a pre-lit artificial Christmas tree. Some pre-lit trees are also equipped with technology that allows the rest of the bulbs to stay lit even if one burns out. In case of defective or broken lights, pre-lit trees come with warranties that cover repairs or replacements when needed.

Whether you like simple and natural or love creative and adventurous decorating, knowing the pros and cons of each tree type plays a big part in helping you choose that perfect Christmas tree. Head on over to Tree Classics and find the best deals on our selection of pre-lit and unlit Christmas trees.

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