LED versus Fiber Optic Christmas Tree Lights

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Far removed from the dangers of lighting real candles or getting tangled in miles of light strings, today’s technology offers better options when it comes to lighting your Christmas trees. Two of the most popular choices for Christmas tree lights are LEDs and fiber optics.

More than illuminating your décor, your tree lights also set the mood of the entire room. To help you make a decision on which lighting option would fit you best, we listed down the things you need to know about LED light and fiber optic trees.

A general look at LED versus fiber optic Christmas tree lights

Light-emitting diodes or LEDs are popular for longevity and efficiency. LED lights do not have the filaments found in incandescent bulbs, so they rarely burn out. Fiber optic lights come from a singular source that is then transmitted and emitted through numerous small fibers. Pre-lit artificial Christmas trees have LED lights hand-strung to the branches while fiber optic lights are built directly into the tree.

Cost and energy-efficiency

LED Christmas lights use up less electricity, which could help you save on your home utility costs during the holidays. They produce brighter illumination by distributing light to a broader range with a small amount of energy. Fiber optics, on the other hand, are more focused toward a certain direction, therefore requiring more control and energy.

Maintenance and safety

LED lights are especially durable. The bulbs are virtually unbreakable and naturally resistant to abuse and moisture, making them easy to wrap and stow away after the holidays are over. Because they require less energy, LED lights can last a very long time, and can even have an extended lamp life when controlled or dimmed. Most artificial Christmas trees come with replacement bulbs for convenience, in case of damage or breakage.

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While most string lights are advanced enough that they are unlikely to cause a fire, Christmas trees can still pose a minor threat for accidents. Synthetic fiber optic trees are designed so that they don’t catch fire easily and are completely safe for pets and young children. However, in case of defective lights, fiber optic lights are difficult to replace because they are built into the tree. You may need to replace the entire branch or tree if the lights are damaged.

Variety and versatility

LED lights have a variety of lighting options and allow more decorating versatility. Pre-lit LED trees can come in clear, multicolor, or color-changing, giving you more freedom in creating and complementing themes for your Christmas tree. Although some fiber optic trees feature color-changing switches, they generally have slightly fewer lighting options. When using fiber optic trees, the light color will also determine the color palette or décor motif.

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Whether you choose Christmas trees with colorful LED lights or fiber optic trees, make sure to consider these important points before making the decision. With the multitude of pre-lit trees and lights available today, you will never be short on lighting and decorating options. Find the one that suits your decorating preferences and lifestyle and add a personal touch to your holiday centerpiece.