How to Fluff your Artificial Christmas Tree

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Among the most anticipated holiday traditions with the family is buying a Christmas tree, and unboxing it for the very first time. Whether you purchased an unlit or a pre-lit LED Christmas tree, a full or slim one, keep in mind that it usually comes compressed for shipping and would require a good amount of fluffing once you take them out of the box. Fluffing the tree will give it a fuller shape and a more natural look. Watch our Brand Spokesperson, Jennifer Lutz, as she shows us how to fluff a Christmas tree in this instructional video and read on for more ways to properly shape your tree.

Find the Floor for Fluffing

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Before you get into the spirit of shaping, make sure that you have enough floor space for the tree. Prepare a clean and even floor space to fluff your tree. If you have a pre-lit tree, plug in the lights to check if there are any broken bulbs and to get a glimpse of how the tree and lighting will look when completely assembled.

Go for Gloves

The needles can get a tad prickly, so wearing a pair of gardening gloves when fluffing the tree will help protect your hands from getting scratched or irritated. Gloves also allow your hands to glide easily over the branches and tips when you start shaping.

Set It Up and Start Shaping

Fluffing Your Christmas Tree

Starting from the center, move outwards to shape your Christmas tree and focus on one section at a time to achieve a fuller look. This also makes sure you’re not missing sections, and to avoid any gaps within the tree. You’d want to begin with the bottom section, since this is usually the largest and will require a lot more fluffing. Make sure that each branch is in its proper place. Begin fanning out the tips from the innermost branches and away from the trunk. Carefully point the outer tips in different directions to achieve good volume. Fluff each branch layer, then continue upwards. When you’re satisfied with the volume, put the next section in place and continue fluffing until the entire tree is done.

A Picture-Perfect Perspective

Referring to pictures of the tree you purchased gives you a clearer idea of how it should look like—whether the branches should be upswept or downswept. Tweak the ends of each branch as needed to get that designer effect and style.

Step Back and Scan Every Side

TC Classic-Noble-Fir-Unlit

When you’re finished and think you have achieved the volume you wanted, take a step back and try looking at your tree from all angles. Fluff the branches a little more to fill any gaps in. You’d also want to check if the lights are evenly dispersed. Ensure that the tree can easily also accommodate your decorations, such as ornaments and ribbons, on its branches. Pat yourself on the back and admire your masterpiece!

Fluff with Family and Friends

Also remember that fluffing your Christmas tree takes time, depending on the size of your tree as well. It can take one to two hours to achieve its best look, but you don’t have to do it alone. Invite family and friends to join you and make it a party! Spend some fun time together while preparing for the holidays.

Knowing how to fluff a Christmas tree is key to giving it a fuller shape and achieving a much more natural look. Head on over to Tree Classics for more styling and decorating tips for your holiday home!

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