Best Times to Buy an Artificial Christmas Tree

Best Times to Buy an Artificial Christmas Tree


There is no need to wait for December to choose and buy your trees for the holidays. A great advantage of using artificial Christmas trees is that they can be purchased all year round. Get the best deals and save more money when you shop during these big sale events.

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Tree Classics’ 2016 Snap Trees

Jennifer Lutz for Tree Classics' Christmas Housewalk
Jennifer Lutz’s Deluxe Noble Fir Snap Tree for Tree Classics’ Christmas Housewalk

Tradition and modern ingenuity come together with Tree Classics’ Snap Trees. Designed with your decorating needs in mind, these Christmas trees feature our innovative Snap Tree™ technology for hassle-free setup, along with lifelike foliage and convenient lighting options for a classic holiday centerpiece.

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Tips for Decorating the Christmas Tree

Each year at Christmas, we all eagerly look forward to pulling out the bins and boxes of Christmas decorations that we lovingly have collected and enjoy using with our families. Those traditions hold memories and each and every ornament that we pull out can be filled with wonderment and joy. I so enjoy decorating the tree and adding such a peaceful and beautiful addition to the living room every Christmas.

Today I’ll share a few tips for putting together and decorating the perfect tree. We all have different likes and methods for doing things, but this works for me, so hopefully you’ll get some ideas from it.

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Home for the Holidays: Janet of Shabbyfufu

Tree Classics Christmas Housewalk 2016 - Janet Coon

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How to Fluff Your Artificial Christmas Tree

How to Fluff Your Tree

The holidays are fast approaching and before you know it, you may already have a lot on your plate. No matter whether you have a thick or slim Christmas tree, get a head start on your Christmas preparations by taking your tree out and giving it a good amount of fluffing with these 3 easy steps:

1. Prepare the Space for Your Tree

Find clean and even floor space for your tree, making sure that the tree stand is stable when you set it down.

If you have a pre-lit tree, plug in the cord to light it up. This will allow you to do a cursory check for any broken bulbs as you shape the tree, and give you a better idea of how it will look once the tree is fully assembled.

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