St. Patrick’s Day Décor

Of all Irish traditions, the St. Patrick’s Day festival is arguably the most popular in the country. Homes and streets turn green as they are filled with four-leaf clovers and other symbols that commemorate the works of St. Patrick. If you are looking for unique and fun ways to decorate your home for the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, look into your own creativity to create personal and memorable home décor.

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New Year’s Resolution: Learn to Knit

Knitted Bib

Learn the basics of knitting with Tree Classics easy to follow guide on how to knit.

For some people, knitting is arguably one of the most worth-while activities you can do in your spare time. A lot of people get hooked (pun intended) to knitting because it’s very easy to learn and doesn’t cost much to pursue. All you need are a pair of needles, a nice ball of yarn, and your creative hands to create beautiful and useful crafts such as scarves, socks, and sweaters.

In this edition of Tree Classics’ New Year’s Resolution series, we present to you the fine art of knitting. As you welcome the beginnings of a new year, let us teach you the basics of this wonderful hobby so you can start your resolution by picking up another helpful.

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Use Christmas Lights All Year Round

Of all the Christmas decorations in your home, those strings of lights are hard to do without. In fact, now that the festivities are over, turning them off seems to be the most natural thing to do.

Holiday lights bring unexpected liveliness to a home, so switching them off would be like cutting the fun too soon. If you’re not yet ready to turn off your lights, here are some interesting ways to keep them lit in a not-so-Christmas fashion.

Create a Luminous Curtain


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DIY Christmas Thank You Cards

A thank you card is one wonderful way to show your gratitude to loved ones and friends during the holiday season. This will show how much you appreciate their gifts and their presence in your life.

Signing your name on a ready-made card would be easy. But, making your own thank you card is a lot of fun and an excellent way to strengthen your relationship with the person you’re giving the card to.

Tree Classics gets in the mood for DIY Christmas crafts and shares five easy card ideas that will get your heart’s message across loud and clear.

Rainbow Card

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Keep Your Christmas Tree Shining All Season

Christmas lights add a magnificent dimension to any Yuletide display. With bright clear lights, you can give your Christmas tree a warmer and more inviting glow, while with multi-colored bulbs, you can instantly turn it into a festive holiday highlight. This makes keeping your Christmas lights running efficiently throughout the season that much important.


Tree Classics’ Alberta Spruce Christmas Tree

In this post, Tree Classics takes you through the process of repairing and maintaining your Christmas lights. By following our step-by-step guide, you can easily handle Christmas lighting issues you might encounter during the holidays.

Why Aren’t Your Lights Working?

To find out what is causing your Christmas lights to malfunction, you need to check every string of your lights. Most of the time, the problem stems from a bad plug connection, a defective fuse in the plug, a broken, missing, or loose bulb on the light strand. By doing one of these steps, you can get your lights to function normally again.

Step 1. Pull the plug of the defective light strand out of the wall outlet and plug it back in. If the lights switch on, then you had a bad plug connection.

Step 2. Replace broken, missing, or loose bulbs on the strand, then plug it in. If the bulbs emit light, then the problem was on the bulbs.

Step 3. Plug the malfunctioning light strand into the wall outlet, and then plug a working strand of lights into its socket. If the latter fails to switch on, you need to replace the fuse in the plug of the damaged strand.

How Do You Replace Damaged Bulbs?

Regular Bulb Kit

Most stores that offer pre-lit Christmas trees also have replacement bulb kits available.

Replacing damaged bulbs can be done very quickly. Simply get the extra light bulbs that came with the package of your Christmas lights. If you don’t have any of these, make sure the ones you’re going to buy will match the brand of your lights. If they don’t match, the base of the new lights might not fit into the sockets of your light strings.

If you’re ready, here’s how you can replace defective bulbs.

Step 1. Identify the defective bulbs on your string of lights. They have dark spots that are not visible on the good bulbs.

Step 2. Hold the base of each defective bulb and pull it out of its socket.

Step 3. Center the wires underneath the base of your replacement bulb, then insert it into the socket of the string.

How Do You Replace a Broken Fuse?


Christmas lights use fuses to regulate the electrical current within the strands.

Suppose you discovered that a broken fuse is causing a string of lights to malfunction, here’s how you can to quickly replace the damaged fuse.

Step 1. Identify the strand or strands of lights with broken fuses.

Step 2. Open a tiny compartment in the plug of the malfunctioning strand.

Step 3. Replace the damaged fuse with a new one.

It’s not only in majestic pine trees and dainty ornaments that we see Christmas, but also in sparkling lights that deck every home. With this guide, you will be able to maintain your Christmas lights and keep your home beautifully aglow this season.

Photo by Pete via Flickr. CC BY 2.0