How to Keep Your Christmas Tree Looking New

Keeping your tree looking like new, year after year, is easy when you know the basics of Christmas tree care. From cleaning your tree to choosing where to set it up to providing proper storage, these simple Christmas tree tips will help preserve the beautiful look and condition of your Christmas tree. Continue reading

How to Make Spring Cleaning Fun

Tips abound online on how to make spring cleaning quick and easy, but how can you make it fun? Surprisingly, it is not that hard. Get the whole family in on the activity and make this seasonal chore more enjoyable with these spring cleaning tips and tricks from Tree Classics. Continue reading

7 Mother’s Day Dream Getaways

Great experiences create wonderful memories, and those are some of the best Mother’s Day gifts you can give. This year, consider traveling to places that you and your mom both love or have always dreamed of visiting. With these amazing vacation destinations and dream getaway ideas, you can stop thinking and start packing. Continue reading

10 Unforgettable Gifts for Mom

If finding the best gifts for mom for Mother’s Day proves challenging, look back and think about the things that make her happy. Often, an affectionate hug or a loving peck on the cheek is enough to make her heart flutter, but these thoughtful gift ideas for mom will make her special day a lot more memorable. Continue reading

5 Reasons to Display Wooden Décor in the Spring

Although spring is commonly associated with bright colors and themes, adding in a few wooden items helps balance out the look of your home decor. Whether as a focal point or as an accent, wooden décor can make living spaces as cozy as a rustic countryside retreat. This post shows you why using wood is one of the best spring decorating ideas you can try. Continue reading

The 5 Essentials of a Rustic-themed Home


Rustic home décor brings to mind visions of a quiet log cabin glowing with a rich palette of earthy browns, burnt yellows, and orange hues. Bring this picturesque look and feel to your own home by learning about the elements that make up a rustic theme.

In this post, Tree Classics presents rustic home décor ideas that you can easily apply in your favorite rooms. Continue reading

Easy Slow Cooker Recipes

With the outdoors now bathed in the sun’s warmth, it’s the perfect time for family picnics and al fresco lunches. This spring, bring out the slow cooker and create some healthy and delicious meals that will make family meals more memorable.

This post from Tree Classics features a few easy slow cooker recipes you can add to your spring menu. Continue reading

How to Throw an Exciting Easter Egg Hunt Party

Bring out the chocolate eggs, ornaments, and snacks because the time has come for another Easter egg hunt. Easter is a fun and exciting time for the whole family, and there’s no better way to celebrate it than with an all-out party. In this post, we will show you a few ideas that will help make this year’s Easter party one of the most memorable.

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Tree Classics’ Favorite Recipes: Flavors from the Emerald Isle

Apart from breathtaking landscapes and charming villages, Ireland also offers a unique gastronomic experience. A small island with big culinary ambitions, the Emerald Isle features bold flavor and some of the best raw ingredients this side of the globe. With its rising brood of artisan chefs who continue to up the ante in the world of Irish cuisine, Ireland is definitely an island to reckon with when it comes to innovative culinary art.

In this post, we salute the old and welcome the new as we present some of Ireland’s favorite dishes and how you can make them part of your home menu. Continue reading

10 Simple Ways to Feng Shui Your Home


Founded on the main principle of living in harmony with your environment, Feng Shui enhances your home’s overall look and improves the way you live. It aims not only to make your home pleasing to the eyes but to all the senses. Before you think about an indoor or outdoor home décor theme, start with a time-tested design principle that can help improve your home’s look.

In this post, we present a few easy-to-follow Feng Shui guidelines that show big changes are not always necessary to make a positive impact on your family’s lifestyle.

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