What are the Colors of Christmas?


Christmas has rich traditions that vary among cultures and families, and one of the most unanimous Christmas staples are the Christmas colors. Every year, we faithfully festoon our homes with evergreens and colorful decorations. Christmas colors are as entrenched in our celebrations as Christmas carols and nativity plays. They hark back to the Middle Ages—a time full of ancient rituals and rich symbolisms.

What are the colors of Christmas and how did they come to represent one of Christianity’s most important yearly celebrations? Keep reading to find out more.

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How to Fluff Your Artificial Christmas Wreaths and Garlands

Whether garnished with embellishments or simple and undecorated, artificial wreaths and garlands are beautiful to look at when they are shaped to their perfect form. Fluffing this foliage is fairly easy, but there are proven methods to make it look truly spectacular. Here are some of Tree Classics’ tips on how to fluff your artificial Christmas wreaths and garlands.

Tree Classic's Kennedy Fir Harvest Wreath fluffed to stunning effect.
Tree Classic’s Kennedy Fir Harvest Wreath fluffed to stunning effect.

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Use Christmas Lights All Year Round

Holiday lights bring warmth and liveliness to any home, and with a little bit of creative re-purposing, you can use your bulbs and LEDs year-round to beautiful effect. Here are some interesting ways to decorate with Christmas lights even after the holidays.

Luminous Archway


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Christmas: A History

Decorating the tree, singing carols and exchanging gifts—these are some of the things that make Christmas the most anticipated holiday of the year. Many happy traditions revolve around the Yuletide season, but have you ever wondered when we started celebrating Christmas and how it came about? In this post, we’ll take a closer look at the origin of this beloved holiday.

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Thank You to Our Independence Day Featured Bloggers

In celebration of Independence Day, Tree Classics partnered with 10 bloggers who each decorated a white Tree Classics tree in a 4th of July theme. From military spouses to stay-at-home moms, everyone came up with wonderful ways to use patriotic ornaments such as American flags, stars, and ribbons in the classic red, blue, and white hues.

What made these features extra special are the warm family stories that inspired their decorations. In a short Q&A, the bloggers shared their most favorite 4th of July memories, decorating tips, and a sneak peek of what we can expect from them during the holidays. Continue reading “Thank You to Our Independence Day Featured Bloggers”