How to Fluff Your Artificial Christmas Tree

How to Fluff Your Tree

The holidays are fast approaching and before you know it, you may already have a lot on your plate. Get a head start on your Christmas preparations by taking your tree out and giving it a good amount of fluffing with these 3 easy steps:

1. Prepare the Space for Your Tree

Find clean and even floor space for your tree, making sure that the tree stand is stable when you set it down.

If you have a pre-lit tree, plug in the cord to light it up. This will allow you to do a cursory check for any broken bulbs as you shape the tree, and give you a better idea of how it will look once the tree is fully assembled.

The needles can be a bit bristly and we recommend wearing gloves when fluffing the tree to protect your hands from getting irritated. This also allows your hands to glide easily over the branches and tips when you start shaping. Continue reading “How to Fluff Your Artificial Christmas Tree”

Tree Classics’ Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign: Day 3


It’s Day 3 of our week-long campaign for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. If you’d like to read about our previous 10 bloggers, you may view the posts for Day 1 and for Day 2 here.

Read more about our next 5, and what Breast Cancer Awareness Month means to them.

Susan of Beautiful Touches


Susan Fenich is one of the 3 bloggers behind Beautiful Touches. Hailing from the South, she writes about DIY projects, fashion & beauty, movies, recipes, and travel.

She believes that Breast Cancer Awareness Month “…means hope for a cure.” A simple yet powerful answer, Susan speaks from her personal experience about losing her friend Lori to the disease. “I had a very dear friend named Lori, who lost her life to breast cancer. She was the mother of two young children and was one of the most beautiful and courageous people I’ve ever known. Lori died in her thirties, but she had lived life to its fullest. My biggest regret is to think that her children may never know just what an incredible mother they had.” Continue reading “Tree Classics’ Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign: Day 3”

Tree Classics’ Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign: Day 2


As we wrap up our campaign highlighting Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we take a closer look at the second round-up of our blogger partners who shared their time and insights with us. Let’s get to know these talented women who showcased their decorating skills, and are helping increase awareness about the disease.

Dalia of Inspirations by D


DIY and lifestyle blog Inspirations by D is the brainchild of Dalia Torres, a mom and wife who enjoys living life in a way that makes it a blessing for others. Dalia has been blogging for more than 6 years, having started the blog as a means to keep in touch with loved ones. Today, Inspirations by D is home to numerous tutorials, her favorite recipes, crafting projects, and more.

Dalia tells us, “Breast Cancer Awareness Month to me is a reminder of hope to many that are affected by the disease; it is a time to take steps to detect the cancer in its early stages.” Continue reading “Tree Classics’ Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign: Day 2”

Tree Classics’ Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign: Day 1


Over 2 million women in the United States have been diagnosed with breast cancer, and in support of the country’s efforts to spread awareness about this disease, Tree Classics partnered up with 25 bloggers who each received a tree, wreath, or garland that they decorated in honor of this campaign.

Our bloggers also answered the question: “Can you tell us in a sentence what Breast Cancer Awareness Month is to you?

Here is a round-up of our first 5 bloggers who shared their thoughts and experiences with the illness that affects 1 in 8 women.

Continue reading “Tree Classics’ Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign: Day 1”

How to Make a Christmas Tree Skirt

A tree skirt is great for hiding an unsightly tree stand, but more importantly, it serves as a lovely background for beautifully wrapped Christmas presents and acts as additional decor that complements the tree’s ornaments. Give your tree a gorgeous personal touch with these 5 DIY Christmas tree skirts.

1. No-Sew Burlap Tree Skirt


Accented with simple white ribbon, this ruffled, no-sew burlap Christmas tree skirt is a perfect backdrop for colorful gifts underneath the tree. You can re-create this skirt by following Alison’s step-by-step guide as featured on the Journal Sentinel’s lifestyle section, Fresh. Continue reading “How to Make a Christmas Tree Skirt”