Christmas Decorating Tips: Pet-Proofing your Tree

Decorating for the holidays is a fun and worthwhile activity that all members of the family – our pets included – look forward to each year. Our pets, too, get excited by bright and festive seasonal decor. Sometimes, however, we tend to pick holiday decorations that aren’t really safe for our furry friends. This could lead to various accidents involving your pets, such as ingesting Christmas ornaments and getting shocked by electrical wires, brought about by their curiosity and playfulness.

Christmas Dogs

Celebrate the holidays safely with your furry friends.

Make your Christmas display safe for your pets by following these simple decorating tips from Tree Classics. Learn to avoid house accidents by choosing the best Christmas decorations that are not only beautiful but pet-friendly as well.

Keep Your Christmas Ornaments Away from Your Pet’s Reach

Similar to how adults keep dangerous objects away from children’s reach, the same goes for your pets. Certain Christmas ornaments, such as Christmas balls and tinsel, are made from hazardous materials that could cause intestinal blockages if ingested by pets. Shards from broken Christmas ornaments could also injure your pet’s paws, mouths, or any part of their body.

Avoid Using Edible Christmas Ornaments

While edible Christmas ornaments make adorable decorations, these can cause a serious problem for your pets. These are too enticing for your pets and they might start snagging them off of your Christmas tree, causing it topple over. There is also the chance that your pets might mistake non-edible ornaments for edible ones and ingest them. These include holly, mistletoe, and poinsettia plants that have been proven to be poisonous to animals.

Spray Pet-repellent Scents and Flavors

Christmas trees make a very fascinating plaything for pets, especially for cats. There’s something about the artificial tree that cats just can’t help but climb up the branches and try to reach the top. Often you’d be left with a toppled Christmas tree and a big mess to clean, not to mention an injured pet to care for.

Keep this from happening by making your Christmas tree less attractive to your pets. Before your place your decorations, spray your tree with a scent or flavor that is repellent to pets. Some examples you can try are clove oil, citrus oil, bitter apple, or even a mild hint of vinegar. Try out different scents and see what works best for your pet.

Place Paw Repellents and Climb Blockers

Using paw repellents and climb blockers are another great way to keep your pets from ruining your Christmas tree. Cats hate walking on anything that makes a lot of noise. Placing a layer of aluminum foil or any material that crackles below the tree base can give your feline friend just enough annoyance to keep her away from your Christmas tree.

Discourage your pet from climbing into the branches by covering your tree with a dark mesh or plant netting. This will make it harder for their paws to get a good grip on your Christmas tree. You can also use these climb blockers on the Christmas presents to keep them from getting damaged.

Secure Light Strands and Power Cords

For owners who have puppies or kittens that are still teething or chewing, make sure to keep them away from Christmas lights and other electrical connections. They might mistake them for chew toys and start gnawing at the cords. Always remember to tape any expose indoor and outdoor wires to the wall or the sides of your house. Avoid placing Christmas lights on the lower branches of your Christmas tree so that your pets cannot reach them.

Keep your pets safe and secure this season by following our o pet-friendly Christmas decorating guide. With these practical tips, you can help make your holiday celebration fun and enjoyable for everyone in the family.

Photo by Carmen Rodriguez via Flickr. CC BY 2.0

Ask Santa: Father Christmas Answers Questions from His Fans

Everybody knows Santa as the jolly old man in a bright red suit. This holiday season, however, Tree Classics is giving everyone a chance to get to know the man behind the beard.

As Mr. and Mrs. Claus, together with their reindeer and Little Helpers, get set to deliver presents on Christmas Day, Father Christmas takes a break from his busy schedule to answer some of your most interesting and tongue-in-cheek questions to bring in a little cheer! Watch Santa share a few wise words and a couple of jokes here and there in our Tree Classics Ask Santa campaign. Here’s a sneak peek:

To watch more Ask Santa clips, visit Tree Classics’ Ask Santa Page.

Sweet Pies Everyone will Enjoy

When it comes to pastries, pies are arguably one of the most versatile dessert and snack options available. Depending on the type of stuffing used, pies can be a delectable treat or a filling meal on its own. One thing is for sure though; each bite of this scrumptious grub is sure to satisfy your tummy with a burst flavor. Here are four of Tree Classics favorite sweet pie recipes.

Healthy Breakfast Pizza

Start your day right with a slice of this healthy and delicious breakfast pizza. Featuring a flavorful mix of fruit and berry toppings, one generous serving of this pie is enough to charge you with different vitamins and minerals to last you the whole day. A nice alternative to the usual breakfast cereal, this recipe is also available with a gluten-free version.

S’mores Pie

Enjoy more s’mores with your snacks with this awesome recipe for chocolate pie. A rich thick layer of melted marshmallow and two kinds of chocolate crown this special pie, giving you a mouthwatering treat to cap off your meals.

No-Bake Nutella Cheesecake

Give your favorite pie a new and delightful twist with this easy to prepare cheesecake recipe. A chocoholic’s dream dessert, this recipe combines the satisfying taste of cream cheese with Nutella‘s world-famous nutty and chocolatey goodness. And since there’s no baking needed, you can even let your kids in on the fun in preparing this sweet treat.

Mojito Pie

For a delectable dessert that packs a punch, this mojito pie might just be the treat you’re looking for.  Inspired by the famous alcoholic drink, this pie lets you enjoy the sweet and tangy taste of lime and mint with a little dash of rum. The result is a cool and exciting flavor that is sure to liven up your spirits.

Satiate your craving for a sweet delight today with these four luscious pie recipes from Tree Classics.

Wonderful Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes for Your Home

Thanksgiving is just around the bend, and what better way to show your appreciation for family and friends than by treating them to an awesome turkey feast. With so many delicious recipes to choose from, it’s no wonder why this famous fowl continues to be the main entrée for countless Thanksgiving dinners.

In this edition of Tree Classics Favorite Recipes, we present five different ways to prepare your Thanksgiving turkey. With these easy to prepare recipes, you can enjoy this palatable poultry season after season.

Maple Roast Turkey

For a sweet and savory delight, try out this roast turkey covered in thick maple syrup and butter rub. An all-time New England favorite, this roast recipe features a stuffing made of sausages, apples, and cranberries. Dip your maple roast turkey in its special gravy to enjoy a burst of flavor.

BBQ Turkey

Satisfy your craving for a tangy turkey meal with this easy to prepare barbecue recipe. The secret to this delectable treat is filling the turkey with dry white wine. After putting in all the stuffing, pour 750 milliliters worth of white wine into the opening until the bottle is empty. This allows the meat inside to cook evenly while roasting the turkey.


Enjoy the succulent flavors of three meats in one with this turducken recipe. A hat trick when it comes to turkey roast, this recipe lets you combine turkey, duck, and chicken meat into a single dish. After seasoning each meat for the roast, you then stuff the duck with the chicken, then stuff the turkey with the duck.

Citrus Turkey Brine

Here’s a sure-fire recipe for people who prefer their roast moister. Marinate your turkey overnight in brine with lemon and orange wedges. This allows the meat to absorb the citrus favor, giving you a juicier and tastier roast turkey.

Mayonnaise Turkey 

If you’re looking for a new spin to the classic roast turkey, then this recipe is for you. Aside from making the stuffing taste creamier and tangier, you also get to enjoy the health benefits of mayonnaise with your turkey feast. This includes Omega-3 acid for a healthier heart and Vitamin E for better looking skin.

This Thanksgiving, celebrate your family and friends with a hearty and satisfying turkey dinner. What are your favorite turkey recipes? Share your thoughts with us by commenting below.

Christmas Decorating for the Procrastinator

Decorating for the holidays is not as complicated as it may seem. Contrary to popular belief, Christmas decorating is more about the practicality of your theme than achieving that perfect holiday look. With a stylish theme, careful planning, and a collection of your favorite Christmas decorations, you can quickly turn your home into a charming Christmas paradise. The following Christmas decorating tips are designed to make this task a breeze.

Porches and Entryways

Start your holiday decorating this season by sprucing up your porch and entryways. Since these are practically the first places people get to see when they enter your home, a nice and heartwarming welcome is sure to get them in a joyful mood.

Create a lovely greeting for your guests by placing a Christmas wreath and garland on your doorway. Staples when it comes to holiday decorating, artificial wreaths and garlands can instantly liven up spaces courtesy of their lifelike evergreen foliage.

While some Christmas wreaths and garlands already come with classic embellishments, you can still go for an undecorated pair if you want to feature your own decorating style. Adding a few red ribbons and Christmas ornaments can easily make your display more festive and adorable.

Dining Room

Another excellent spot to showcase your holiday decorating style is the dining room. You can make your Christmas dinner more fun and enjoyable by adorning this space with timeless holiday décor.

Transform your dinner table into a vision of Yuletide elegance by crowning it with this beautiful Christmas centerpiece. With its lush foliage and luscious berry accents, this centerpiece infuses your holiday tablescape with the classic charm of nature for a bountiful Christmas feast. You can also pair it with a Christmas garland table runner to complement your nature-inspired Christmas dinner table.

The dining room is also a great place to set up your Christmas tree. With various shapes and colors to choose from, you can turn your tree into a charming backdrop for your Christmas dinner table or the main attraction of the entire room. Make sure to plan your decorating theme wisely so you can maximize the appeal of your holiday accents.

Living Room

To wrap up our holiday decorating tips, let’s now focus on brightening up your living room. With most families choosing to end their Christmas evening in the living room for the annual exchanging of gifts, it is only fitting to make this room as warm and cozy as possible.

For your holiday mantel, hang a nice pre-lit wreath and garland combination and a few votive candles to enhance the warm and inviting brilliance of your fireplace.

For your Christmas tree centerpiece, choose a classic evergreen to complement your rustic holiday theme or go with pristine white foliage so you can showcase your colorful ornaments. Flocked Christmas trees are also a popular choice for this coming Yuletide season because of their cool wintry appeal.

Christmas decorating is not as intimidating as many people might think. With these simple and easy to follow holiday decorating tips, you can easily make your dream Christmas home a reality even with short amount of time.

Christmas Tree Trends to Look Out for in 2014

Artificial Christmas trees offer homeowners a chance to decorate their homes with evergreens without any hassles. Compared to live Christmas trees, artificial trees retain their nature-inspired beauty no matter how many times you use them. They are also available in various shapes and colors, allowing you to create a different look for your display year after year.

To help you choose the next look for your Christmas tree this season, Tree Classics presents three of the most popular Christmas tree trends for 2014. Make your display stand out by choosing the best Christmas tree decorating style to match your tastes.

The Versatility of Black and White Christmas Trees

White Christmas trees are an excellent choice in creating a whimsical holiday display. The pristine white foliage acts like a blank canvas, highlighting your vibrant Christmas ornaments. This Christmas tree is adorned with pink and blue Christmas balls and stuffed animals that match the overall theme of the room.

On the other hand, black Christmas trees match well with metallic accents. Holiday decorations, such as gold and silver Christmas balls, instantly stand out from the dark foliage. Black Christmas trees also look more dramatic, especially when paired with LED lights. The warm ambiance from the LEDs creates an image of bright stars in a dark winter sky.

The Timeless Look of Gold Christmas Trees

Aside from red and green, gold is another classic color typically associated with Christmas. This metallic color exudes the timeless elegance of the holidays. As an accent, gold can easily make any decoration shine, but as a centerpiece, it can become a breathtaking Christmas display.

The Wintry Charm of Flocked Christmas Trees 

Turn your home into a wintry wonderland by choosing a flocked Christmas tree for your display. Whether you choose a classic evergreen or an immaculate white tree, a flocked Christmas tree can bring an enchanting atmosphere to any room courtesy of simulated snow on the foliage. The frosted tips also complement the warm brilliance of LED lights on Christmas trees.

This Christmas, create the perfect Yuletide display for your home by choosing your favorite Christmas tree design. With these decorating ideas, you can easily bring new life to your family tree season after season.

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How to Turn Random Objects into Instant Christmas Ornaments

The holiday season is the perfect reason to brighten up your abode with greenery and a variety of decorations. With the Christmas tree as its centerpiece, your home is a place of warmth and radiance. But contrary to what others think, you don’t really need to break the bank to complete an ornament collection for your tree. With a little bit of imagination and creativity, you can transform ordinary objects into timeless ornaments that can add a charming touch to your home. So bring out your trinkets and treasures and get inspiration from these ideas by Tree Classics:


Your children’s old toys from the storage room may contain some real treasures for the holidays. A great way to draw attention, toys adds whimsy to your Christmas tree when combined well, making the centerpiece an incredible sight for your little visitors.

Lego Snowflake Ornament
Snowflake Ornament Made from Lego Pieces

Legos. Legos are versatile decorating pieces. By forming shapes and combining colors, you can create accents that appeal not only to children, but also to adults. When hosting a party, why not set up a Lego corner in which guests can create their own ornaments to hang on the tree! By allowing them to participate in decorating, you can make the party more fun and unforgettable.

Puzzle Christmas Wreath
Miniature Puzzle Christmas Wreath

Puzzles. Puzzle pieces make colorful additions to your tree. But even if they only come in a single color, they can still add interest with their quirky shapes. Try taping some puzzle pieces together to form snowflakes or wreaths and let them dangle from the tree.

Trinkets and keychains

Bird Keychain Ornaments
Plush Bird Keychain Ornaments

The more random and colorful your trinkets are, the better the effect on your Christmas tree. These pieces may range from the sophisticated gold toned ones to the most adorable miniature plushies. Throw in some of the keychain souvenirs you bought (or someone bought for you) from past trips. Not only do they add character to your tree, but they also make great conversation starters for your guests.

Bracelets, pendants and earrings

Bracelet Tree Ornaments
Stylish Bracelets as Christmas Tree Ornaments

Bracelets come in a variety of designs ranging from the most loud and colorful to the most subdued and luminescent. They are a fantastic choice for Christmas ornaments because they don’t need a string to be hanged on the tree. If you have a collection of bracelets, select the pieces that will stand out against the color of the Christmas tree. Black or dark green trees are a great backdrop for metallic and light-colored jewels, while white trees look stunning with luminous or pastel-colored bracelets.

Earring Ornaments
Adorable Earring Ornaments

The stunning quality and intricate craftsmanship that make up pendants and earrings make them beautiful adornments for the holidays. Lend your favorite accessories for the Christmas season to enrich the charisma of your tree.

Wine Cork Holiday Ornaments
Wine Corks as Versatile Holiday Ornaments

Wine corks can be turned into a lot of nifty things. They make excellent raw materials for unique and remarkable ornaments, which you can add to your Christmas display. Just string some beads onto a small piece of wire and tack it into the cork, or simply tape the wine corks together to form a snowflake. You can also make angel ornaments out of corks with ribbons, laces and cords.

Pearl necklaces

Necklace Tree Ornaments
Necklaces as Fashionable Christmas Tree Décor

Pearl necklaces lend a fashionable touch to your tree when used as a garland or an ornament. You can either drape each of the necklaces throughout the tree, or wrap them around it after linking them all together. You will never go wrong with adding a touch of elegance with pearls because of the radiant quality and timeless appeal they bring to your greenery.

Button pins

Button pins are colorful accents, and can be easily added or pinned to your Christmas tree’s tips and branches. Some pins and badges come with unique statements that you can use to add personality to your tree. Some are made with colorful printed fabrics, while some display interesting icons or symbols. Different types of button pins can add color, texture and character to your holiday display this Yuletide season.

These are just some of the objects you can find at home every day and turn into Christmas ornaments. Let these ideas inspire you to be resourceful in order to decorate your Christmas tree economically and creatively.

Photo by Peter Johnston via Flickr. CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Photo by alliecat1881 via Flickr. CC BY-NC 2.0

Photo by Audrey B. via Flickr. CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Photo by Lea Kähkönen via Flickr. CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Photo by Madzik via Flickr. CC BY 2.0

Photo by Mike Graham via Flickr. CC BY-NC 2.0

Photo by McBeth via Flickr. CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

How to Decorate Your Christmas Tree with Beautiful
Wreaths and Garlands

Christmas tree decorating is a fun and worthwhile activity that families look forward to every year. In this time-honored holiday tradition, members of the family help each other in taking out their Christmas tree from storage and adorning it with classic and personalized Christmas ornaments, such as baubles, icicles, and tinsels. These colorful accents are then complemented using a holiday wreath and garland to bring out the full majestic appeal of the Christmas display.

In this edition of the Tree Classics blog, we present five helpful tips on how to decorate your Christmas tree using garlands and wreaths. By pairing your tree with other holiday accents, you can create a more festive and memorable Yuletide display that your family and friends will surely love.

Come Up with a Theme for Your Christmas Tree

Tree Classics' Alpine White Christmas Tree

The foliage of a white Christmas tree makes for an excellent canvas to highlight colorful holiday ornaments.

Decorating your Christmas tree with wreaths and garlands is easy especially if you have a specific theme in mind. For instance, you can go for a wintry décor with your immaculate, white Christmas tree. You can also come up with bright colors that you can play with to highlight the white foliage of the tree. Christmas ornaments in pink, blue, gold, and silver colors are just some accents you can consider.

Once you have established a clear picture of the tree that you want, gather the necessary ornaments and start decorating your tree. You can then add a wreath and garland to tie up the different elements you used on your tree.

Match the Size of Your Garland with Your Christmas Tree

Garlands are meant to enhance the lush beauty of your Christmas tree. However, if you choose the wrong size, you garland might take away the attention from your tree. To make sure that the focus is kept on your tree, see to it that the length of your garland matches its height. The standard nine-foot-long garland, for example, will go well with a 3-foot Christmas tree but will look awkward on a 6-foot tree. To know exactly how much garland should be draped on your tree, multiply your tree’s height with the standard length of commercial garlands.

Try Combining Two Primary Colors for Your Theme

Tree Classics' Golden Treasures Wreath

Make holiday evergreens more vibrant by adding gold and silver embellishment.

Colors add texture to your tree and make it look natural, so you may want to consider a two-toned garland and wreath for your display. A subtle green shade, for instance, is a perfect match to light gold. Just don’t use too much color combinations, or your décor could end up suffering extremes of light and dark tones.

When Decorating Your Tree, Always Start from the Top

Keep your garland safely in place by attaching one end on the topmost branch of your Christmas tree. Continue wrapping the tree with your garland until you reach the bottom. Make sure that the garland is not wrapped too tightly to avoid damaging the foliage of the tree. Keep in mind that the branches should be able to hang down freely as your garland to maintain a free and airy look to your Christmas tree.

Make Sure to Fuse All Elements Together

Aside from their colors, the design and materials of your Christmas tree, garland, and wreath should also blend in harmony.

Imagine a house with a beautiful, white tree adorned with clear, crystal ornaments and a pink tulle garland. As you glance at the fireplace, you see an elaborate, dark fuchsia, velvet wreath hanging above the fireplace. Wouldn’t you find the wreath inappropriate in a roomful of ornaments exuding tranquility? A snow-inspired wreath would have worked better in this arrangement.

You know that you’ve successfully merged the design elements of your tree, garland, and wreath once you see all three as a single holiday decor; when one cannot exist without the other.

By using a little creativity with the right elements for your holiday décor, you can create a Yuletide display worthy of remembrance. For any ideas or suggestions on how to decorate a Christmas tree, feel free to write in the box below.

5 Delicious Halloween Treats with a Twist

With Halloween just a few days away, it’s time to whip up another batch of treats for the neighbourhood ghouls and goblins. But instead of giving them a ghastly load of sweets, add a twist to the usual goodies by making them healthier and more nutritious. Tree Classics presents five quick and easy Halloween treats your kids will love. With these nourishing recipes, you can be sure they get to enjoy more of the treat than the trick.

Pumpkin-Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwiches

Let your kids enjoy a sweet and satisfying treat with these awesome pumpkin-vanilla ice cream sandwiches. Combining the nutritious benefits of eating pumpkins with the savory goodness of the classic vanilla ice cream, this easy to prepare sandwich recipe is one Halloween treat you wouldn’t mind your kids screaming for more.

Pumpkin Pie Cutout Cookies

Put an artistic spin to the usual trick or treat sweets with this pumpkin pie cookie recipe. After whipping up the pumpkin spiced dough, use leaf-shaped cutters to cut out adorable cookie forms. Add enticing details to the leaf cookies using a brush and some food coloring.

Transylvanian Truffles

Transport the kids’ imaginations to Dracula’s own home country with these delectable Transylvanian truffles. Overflowing with a nutty and chocolaty flavor, this treat also lets you relish the anti-oxidizing effects of dark chocolates.

Blackberry Jam Bar Cookies

Satisfy the kids’ sweet tooth without giving them a sugar rush with this crunchy blackberry jam bar cookies. Instead of loading the cookie bars with confectioners’ sugar, substitute it with fresh fruit or berry jams. This is a great way to fill the body with vitamins and minerals that growing kids need.

Gluten-Free Pumpkin-Ginger Cupcakes

Have your fill of scrumptious treats with these gluten-free cupcakes. Featuring a healthy recipe bursting with spicy and creamy flavors, these pumpkin-ginger cupcakes are a sure-fire hit for kids and grownups alike. Since it uses tapioca flour instead of regular wheat flour, you don’t have to worry about ingesting gluten into your body.

This year, delight the kids with more treats than tricks with these healthy and delicious Halloween recipes.