Holiday Fun Facts for Kids

© Grant Cochrane / 123RF.COM

© Grant Cochrane / 123RF.COM


Do the corners of your rooms look bare without your artificial Christmas trees? Are you missing the aroma of freshly baked cookies and bayberry candles? If you miss the fun holiday spirit and just can’t wait for Christmas to roll around again, take advantage of all the fun holidays that roll around the rest of the year.

Whether you want to keep the kids entertained with timely tidbits or just brighten up your little corner in the office, these fun facts about our most popular holidays will put you in the mood to decorate and maybe even bake a batch of homemade cookies!

Valentine’s Day

Heart-shaped sugar cookies with white icing and pink sprinkles are edibles hugs—delicious!

Be careful if you eat an apple on Valentine’s Day. There’s an old myth that says if you eat an apple on Valentine’s Day, you will have as many children as the number of seeds you find inside. The average is about three, but some varieties have up to 12 seeds.

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3 Christmas Dishes You Can Repurpose for Spring

You may have packed away the artificial Christmas tree for the season, but you can still enjoy some of your favorite Christmas dishes–with a twist! Here are three traditional holiday recipes you can tweak to brighten up your spring dinner table.

1. Sugar Cookies

Photo by nuchylee via

Photo by nuchylee via

Santa’s favorite snack doesn’t have to disappear when the holidays are over! Try adding a few drops of lemon extract to your favorite sugar cookie recipe, and invest in flower-shaped cutters for a bright, spring-y touch. Royal frosting makes a fantastic glaze, and you can tint it any color of the rainbow to complement your flower shapes. This is a great project for kids, too!

2. Turkey and Gravy

Instead of the traditional turkey and gravy, try making a turkey salad for springtime. Fresh greens are more readily available this time of year. Coupling those lush greens with pieces of roasted turkey, fresh fruits and a light vinaigrette dressing will result in a special brunch or gourmet accompaniment to your regular dinner spread.

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Planning a Farewell Winter Celebration

The end of winter and the beginning of spring is always worthy of a celebration. After all, this is a period of new opportunities – a period for us to recount the blessings of the past year. So why not cap off this season by throwing a simple yet elegant dinner for your family and friends? Here are some tips for a lovely farewell winter celebration.

Photo 1 (Planning A Farewell Winter)

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Family Fun: Easy DIY Spring Décor

Ready… Set…. Spring! Gather the family and welcome the arrival of spring with these easy DIY décor

march-48404_640Winter has already started to pack its bags and make way for Spring. Flowers have started to bloom as an early announcement of the coming season. If you think it’s time for the décor to change, we are right there with you. We have listed down a few easy DIY décor ideas your whole family can enjoy making.

Wooden SPRING Sign for Dad
When it comes to creating challenging crafts that involve power tools, it’s best to let dad handle it. Give the man of the house the job of making this lovely wooden spring sign that you can display in your front porch or backyard. You can purchase a wooden board and some pre-cut wooden letters that spell out “spring”, or dad may want to show off his carpentry skills with wood and power tools by cutting out the letters from wooden boards. Liz from Hoosier Homemade posted this lovely DIY spring wooden craft along with instructions on how to make one.

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Top 5 Kid-friendly Valentine’s Treats

The day of hearts celebrates all kinds of love. It’s time to show your kids just how diverse love is.

As the month of February arrives, love songs fill the air; shops and restaurants turn their eyes on lovers and all things romantic for Valentine’s Day. But the day of hearts is not simply for lovers, but for everyone who loves. Continue reading

Four Popular Family Christmas Traditions That Make the Holiday Season Special

Lots of families celebrate Christmas in December, but what makes the holiday particularly special is the personal family traditions that give it a unique, magical quality– reviving feelings of very first Christmas experiences. Think about your own holiday family traditions from childhood. There’s a good chance you continue to carry on these traditions today. Start your season off with a little nostalgia with these popular Christmas traditions.

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Best Christmas Trip Destinations

Want to escape from it all this Christmas season? If the thought of planning holiday parties, yanking the pre lit Christmas tree out of the attic, and strategically hanging mistletoe has you more stressed than joyful this year, maybe this is the season to get away and let someone else do all the planning! Continue reading

Mom Talk Mondays: Making Bonding Time Fun

Spending time with the kids is an important goal because it does more than create close family relationships. Bonding contributes to building the character of your children and providing them with essential life values. Set aside time for talks about how to handle the ups and downs of life! Make learning fun while strengthening your ties with your kids with these ideas. Continue reading

Wednesday Wind-Down: Traditional Comfort Food

Food is a source of comfort for many of us. What better way to free your body and mind from the hustle and bustle of everyday life than by relaxing with some classic home recipes. Traditional comfort food soothes our senses because it reminds us of warm, joyous childhood memories.  Give yourself a break with these ten refreshing favorites:Photo from mhaithaca via flicker. CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Mac & Cheese

Although this dish has its origins in Italy, baked macaroni and cheese has become a classic American food since it was introduced to the country in the 18th Century. Who wouldn’t be elated by this creamy blend of pasta and cheese? Even a spoonful is enough to make you feel cozy.

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