Tips for Shaping Your Foliage

When you are decorating for Christmas using artificial trees, garlands, and wreaths, the number one thing to think about when pulling your new foliage out of the box is shaping it and getting it show ready. Faux foliage comes in a box and will be flattened out when removed and in order to enhance the shape and style of the garland or wreath, you need to bend out the branches and limbs to make the foliage full and lush.

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How to Create a Winter Theme Using Christmas Ornaments


As colorful as the Christmas season is, winter also brings with it the pristine white of frosted fields and snow-capped pine trees for you to take inspiration from. With some creativity and resourcefulness, you can bring the magic of a winter scene into your home by using select Christmas ornaments with your décor.

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Tree Classics’ Top 5 Christmas Ideas on Pinterest

Pinterest can be a great source of fun holiday decorating inspiration—from handcrafted ornaments with which to adorn your artificial Christmas tree to tasty and festive recipes to warm you up on a cold winter night. Featured in this post are holiday crafts, ornaments made from repurposed household objects, and holiday treats that we’ve found on Pinterest to get you into the Christmas spirit.

Colorful Mini Tree Ornaments

If you have an old box of crayons at home that you don’t plan on using anymore, don’t throw them away just yet. This quick and easy Pinterest Christmas décor idea from More Naps will help you put them to good use with little effort.

First, remove the paper wrapping and break them into smaller pieces so they become more manageable. Then, place the pieces into silicone molds in the shape of Christmas trees and preheat your oven to 275°F. Bake the crayons for 10 minutes and allow them to cool completely. Afterward, remove the crayons from the mold and use them as mason jar ornaments or stocking stuffers. Continue reading “Tree Classics’ Top 5 Christmas Ideas on Pinterest”

Set Up Fall Decor for an Easy Transition to Christmas

At first glance, the rustic, earthy, and harvest-oriented themes of fall may seem a bit detached from the festive and bright colors of Christmas. The key to a smooth and practical transition from one theme to the other lies in seeing where Christmas and fall décor overlap—focus on similarities now, and capitalize on the differences later.

Tree Classics has put together a list of holiday décor pieces that can help you set up your Thanksgiving arrangement so that you’ll be halfway done with Christmas decorating before the season even begins.

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5 Ornament Wreath Ideas for the Holidays

If you have a good number of old ornaments tucked away in an old box or some recyclables lying around, or you just have some time to spare and are willing to purchase a few items, these creative ornament wreath ideas from Tree Classics will help you put a twist on your yearly holiday home decorations by creating a wreath made entirely out of ornaments.

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