Rhoda’s Top Tips for Christmas Tree and Ornament Storage

Taking down the Christmas decorations is not nearly as much fun as putting them up, but it’s a task that we are all faced with after enjoying the glimmer and glitz of the magical Holiday season.  I opt to put my tree up early, so I can enjoy it at least a month and then by the time New Years rolls around, it’s time to get back to normal and take it all down.  The chore can be made a little easier with planning and organization and I try to do both of those every year.

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Festive Christmas Tree Topper Ideas

Adding a star or an angel to the top of the tree has long been a traditional holiday decoration. These items are still very popular and you can find many variations when you’re collecting Christmas tree toppers. I have mixed it up over the years, and even though I’ve had the traditional angel topper on my trees for decor, I prefer to go for a more rustic look now.

tree classics 007 Angel Tree Topper

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How to Use Different Types of Christmas Ornaments and Trim

Featuring our Snowman and Holly Glass Ornament Set
Featuring our Snowman and Holly Glass Ornament Set

Different types of Christmas ornaments bring a specific set of opportunities to add character to your Christmas tree and foliage. Below we explain what these types of ornaments are for, and what effects they can bring to your holiday décor.

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How to Hang Wreaths and Garlands

Adding wreaths and garlands around the house during the Holiday season is definitely one of the prettiest things you can do to spruce up your home for this time of year. I love adding lights for a special glow to the season too, and battery-powered wreaths and garlands are an easy way to get both. It doesn’t take a lot of effort with pre-lit garlands and wreaths, and you’re ready to entertain in no time!

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How to Repurpose Old Holiday Foliage

repurposed foliage
Photo courtesy of Jennifer Prince

With Christmas just around the corner, every nook and cranny of our homes features a wreath, garland, or tree on display. We naturally love to fill our homes with foliage decorations that remind us of the season’s festivities.

As the years go by, however, some of our beloved wreaths, garlands, and trees wear out their sheen. Other times, we decide to change our theme for the year, even though last season’s foliage may be in perfect condition.

This holiday, don’t be so quick to discard your older items. Here are a few Christmas decorating ideas that breathe new life into your old holiday foliage.

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