How to Get the Traditional Christmas Look

Get Your Festive On with These 4 Holiday Decorating Tips

There are always new trends emerging when it comes to decorating your home for Christmas, but sometimes you just can’t beat the classics. Digging into your storage closet for your holiday decorating antiques could reveal unexpected treasures. The key is knowing how to use them. Classic Christmas decor can give your home the same look and feel you remember from childhood, capturing the magic of the holiday season. For some fun and fashionable ways to decorate your home for the holidays, take a look at these approaches to enhancing your decor the old-fashioned way.Green and Red

How to Get the Traditional Christmas LookMost modern trends stray from the classic green and red color combos in favor of newer and more modern patterns and schemes like silvers, blues and damask prints. Ironically, this fact has made red and green decor much less common during the holidays, so a retreat to this classic look would make your color scheme stand out even more.

If you’re looking for a more natural theme, decorate your home with real or artificial holly plants, mistletoe and poinsettias for a festive, sophisticated Christmas look. You can incorporate red and green with artificial garlands around stairwell arm rails, above the fireplace and on other structural areas of the home for a touch of eye-catching color.


Achieve Classic Holiday Style This SeasonThe holiday season is also associated with winter and, in most parts of the country, fresh blankets of white snow. This weather pattern is Mother Nature’s way of decorating the world, which we can all take a few tips from. Fake snow is a popular decorative item for giving your home the same magical air as winter’s first snowfall. One of the best ways to pay homage to the season is with a festive snow globe. You can replace and rearrange snow globes on virtually any flat surface for an affordable and easy accent to the scene.

Christmas Figures

Nativity sets, angel figurines, nutcrackers, Santa Claus dolls and other figures associated with Christmas are the perfect choice for conveying classic holiday charm. These timeless figures remind everyone of the heartwarming stories behind Christmas, which makes it that much more meaningful and inspirational no matter how old you are. These stories are what bring Christmas to life by reminding us of our very first holiday experiences. Having these figures in the home gives your decor a more personal feeling that appeals universally to those who celebrate this holiday.

Kid-Friendly Classics

How to Get the Traditional Christmas LookPart of what makes Christmas such a magical holiday is our childhood experiences. Memories of sitting on Santa’s lap, building snowmen in the front yard, decorating the Christmas tree and waking up Christmas morning to tons of presents under the tree. Although Christmas is still a special holiday as we get older, the connection this holiday has with childhood is one that can never be severed.

Kid-friendly decorations are a great way to capture the spirit of Christmas and bring the whole family together with fun arts and crafts projects. For example, you and the kids can make a paper chain from red and green construction paper to count down the days until Christmas, or make popsicle stick reindeer ornaments for an adorable addition to the family tree.

Christmas is all about uncovering traditions from childhood as well as the history of the holiday itself. Reviving these classic traditions reminds us what the holiday is all about and allows us to focus on family togetherness. Although this holiday may come with a lot of stress when it comes to shopping for the right gifts and preparing for holiday parties, you can bring the true spirit of Christmas into your home with these four classic decorating traditions.