How to String Christmas Lights on Your Christmas Tree

Christmas tree lights brighten up holiday celebrations and bring a twinkle to the eyes of both the young and the old. A Christmas tree without lights is like a candle without a flame, decorative but lacking warmth and luster. If you’re looking to start your holiday decorating early this season, now is the best time to learn how to string lights on your Christmas tree. Tree Classics gives you this easy to follow guide to stringing Christmas lights. It aims to make the whole process as simple and worry-free as possible for the busy homeowner.

Things to Consider

Before stringing your Christmas lights, you need to consider the height and width of your tree because this will be the basis for the number of lights you will need. Depending on how the lights are connected to each other, you can choose from two types: stacked lights and end-to-end lights.

  • Stacked lights

    This type of lighting allows for additional strings to be connected on both ends of the plug, letting you connect more light strands as needed.

  • End-to-end lights
    End-to-end lights

    This type only allows a single connection at one end of the plug, making it an ideal choice for smaller Christmas trees.

Stringing the Lights

What You Will Need:

    • New string of lights
    • Artificial Christmas tree
    • Step ladder
    • Electrical outlet

Step-by-step guide:

      1. Lay out the light strings on a flat surface. Plug them in to make sure all the bulbs are working and replace any that don’t. Restringing the tree with the strings plugged in is recommended so you’ll know exactly where the lights go on the tree. Don’t forget to put on your insulated gloves as a safety precaution against electric shock.
      2. As you set up the light strands, you can also start fluffing the branches of the tree. This is to ensure that cord is not too stretched out once you finished arranging the foliage of your Christmas tree later on.
      3. Begin setting up the Christmas light strands from the top of the tree then work your way to the bottom. You can use a step ladder to reach the top of taller trees. From the center pole, weave the lights through the branches until you get to the outermost tips, then weave them back again toward the trunk. Repeat this process for all the other branches.
      4. To keep the electrical load for the cord in a safe range, remember to only connect up to 300 lights end to end. After the first 300, plug in the next set of lights to a second outlet.
      5. Check the lighting for your Christmas tree by dimming any overhead lights in the room or by turning them off completely. This will allow you to look for bare spots or busted bulbs. Adjust the lights as you see fit.

Safety Precautions

      • Never plug more than two extension cords together. This is to make sure that the cord can handle the electrical load and avoid any short circuits. Also, double check if the cord can handle the wattage of the bulbs.Make sure that lights have the same wattage to prevent power surges.
      • Make sure that lights have the same wattage to prevent power surges.
      • Plug each light strand before hanging them on your tree to see if they are working. This will allow you to detect problems at the onset.
      • Remember to remove all tags from the lights.
      • Using a power strip is recommended because, aside from making it easier to switch your lights on and off, it provides an additional built-in circuit breaker.

The beauty of a Christmas tree depends largely on how you maintain it each year. Taking the time to string lights on it and decorate it with your family will ensure that you have a magnificent tree for many seasons to come.

Photo by State Farm via Flickr. CC BY 2.0

How to Transition Your Home Décor from Autumn to Christmas

Transitioning your home décor from season to season is not as difficult as it may seem. Most practical homeowners will tell you that the key to a smooth and convenient change of décor lies in how crafty you were able to choose your centerpieces and accents. Just like in switching from autumn to holiday décor, you can match the atmosphere of each season by using items in similar shades. Décor pieces, such as red, orange, and yellow leaves, feature colors that are associated with fall and Christmas ornaments. These items showcase both the heartwarming appeal of autumn and the festive ambiance of the Yuletide season.

In this edition of the Tree Classics blog, we present four helpful tips on how you can combine elements of autumn and Christmas in your home décor. By adorning your traditional Christmas decorations with the vibrant colors of autumn, you can easily prepare your home for the festivities of the holidays.

Wheat Christmas Wreaths

Since autumn represents abundance and growth, consider decorative elements that will give the look and feel of the country. You can opt to use natural wheat stalks as accents, or combine them with green stalks for a little contrast. Assemble your wheat on a circular wire base, which is ideally 24 inches in diameter, before inserting some pine cones and dried or plastic fruits into it. Attach a red ribbon or any accessory of your choice to the wheat décor then hang it above the fireplace or on your front door. You can also include pine cones and artichokes in your creation as shown in this photo.

Fruity Garland

Spruce up your staircase banister or archway with garlands embellished with colorful fruits. All you have to do is fasten clusters of assorted plastic fruits to your Christmas garland before attaching it to the banister. Most garlands are nine feet in length, but you can opt for a longer or shorter one depending on your decorating preference. Just be sure that the length of your garland matches the length of your banister because it has to be completely covered. You also have the option to insert pine cones and string your garland with Christmas lights.

DIY Table Runner

If you consider the dining room the most important part of the house during the holidays, as most people do, perhaps it’s time to get creative with the decorative pieces you intend to put in this area. Consider incorporating the shades of fall and Christmas in a table runner, such as this chevron bean table runner. It may seem too intricate, but it only requires a craft paper and assorted colors of beans. If you’re not a big fan of beans, you can opt for flowers, leaves, twigs, and dried fruits. Make sure that you compress all the elements of your design together to leave no sign of the craft paper.

Autumn White Christmas Tree

Another great way to decorate for Christmas using fall décor is by using a white Christmas tree instead of the traditional green. This allows your tree ornaments in earth tones such as twigs and pine cones to stand out even more. You can also add warmth to the white foliage by adorning it with colorful berries and other similar fruit décor. Finish up your wintry display by placing an adorable gold narrow garland over your white Christmas tree. Your holiday centerpiece should serve as an indicator that autumn is gradually paving the way for winter, so keep the trimmings to a minimum.

With these Christmas decorating tips from Tree Classics, preparing your home for the upcoming holidays will not only be easier but a lot of fun too!

Tree Classics Product Feature: Venetian Elegance Wreath and Garland

As far as holiday decorating goes, artificial wreaths and garlands provide an excellent way to enhance the timeless appeal of Christmas displays. Whether used as accents or as centerpieces on their own, these decorative pieces easily infuse space with the warm and festive atmosphere that the Yuletide season is known for. And since they are a lot smaller compared to Christmas trees, wreaths and garlands also make versatile decorating options that allow you to highlight different corners of your home.

To help you choose the best holiday accents for your home, we take a look at Tree Classics’ Venetian Elegance Wreath and Garland. Featuring a gorgeous combination of evergreen foliage and classic Christmas trimmings, this holiday showpiece brings the magnificence of the season to your display.

Quality Evergreen Foliage 

Venetian Elegance Wreath and Garland

Inspired by the rustic beauty of live evergreen trees, the Venetian Elegance Wreath and Garland features lush dark green needles made of a mixture of high quality pine and PVC tips. The rich foliage of this wreath and garland lets you add the elegance of nature to your Christmas display. Place the Venetian Elegance on your entryway to turn it into a heartwarming welcome for guests, or hang it above your holiday mantel to create a charming centerpiece that your family and friends will surely love.

Classic Holiday Adornments

Pine cones, red flowers and bronze ornaments

The beautiful foliage of the Venetian Elegance already makes it a breathtaking fixture on any room, but with its lavish adornments of holiday trimmings, our Christmas wreath and garland combination simply transforms spaces into a vision of Yuletide elegance. Decorated with pine cones, bronze ornaments, gold streaks, and red flowers, the Venetian Elegance infuses homes with the timelessness of classic Christmas décor.

High Performance Christmas Lights

The Venetian Elegance wreath and garland also features UL-approved bright clear lights to let you decorate both indoor and outdoor spaces. Professionally strung to hide the light strands, these high-quality Christmas lights allow our wreath and garland to sparkle with a warm and inviting brilliance seen even in dark winter evenings.

This season, usher in the holidays with a magnificent Christmas display with Tree Classics’ charming Venetian Elegance Wreath and Garland. For more information on our Christmas products, stay tuned to the Tree Classics blog.

Decorating Tips: How to Create a DIY Gallery Wall

Whether you’ve just moved in to a new home or simply trying to add flare to an uninspired room, a do-it-yourself gallery wall is one of the best ways to bring prominence and personality to any room, wall, or hallway. Not only does it add a charming and festive highlight to spaces, but it also offers homeowners a more fun way to feature memorable items from the past, such as family photographs and souvenirs from holiday vacations.

In this edition of the Tree Classics blog, we present to you four quick and easy tips on how you can create your own DIY gallery wall. You can draw inspiration on how it should look by using items you would normally think are reserved for the Christmas season.

Step 1: Gathering Your Materials

A DIY gallery wall is extremely personal, so the materials you would want to use should focus on what is important to you. Using photos of your family from Christmas holidays and other celebrations can make your gallery wall instantly homey. Placing letter cutouts as monograms, on the other hand, can give your DIY gallery wall a more unique touch. You can also use a round Christmas wreath as a contrast to square shaped picture frames. There are dozens of way to incorporate your treasured Christmas decorations in your gallery.

For the tools, you will need a hammer, some nails, a pair of scissors, a pencil, a level, a tape measure, and some newspaper. You can also use a few splashes of paint if you want to add burst of color to your gallery wall. Once you’ve got your materials down, it’s time to set it up.

Step 2: Planning the Look

One of the most important steps in creating a DIY gallery wall is planning. Dealing with different shapes, sizes, and colors can be difficult without the proper planning. Knowing what goes where is crucial to making a balanced DIY gallery wall. You can easily do this by cutting out silhouettes of your design materials using a pair of scissors and some old newspapers. Remember to punch holes in the newspaper using a pencil.

If you’re using a Christmas wreath or decorative plates for your wall, the holes will help you correctly frame them. Using tape and newspaper cut-outs to try out different combinations can save you time and unnecessary holes in the walls. Once you’ve decided on where everything will be and the newspaper cut-outs are taped in place, you can now introduce more permanent materials.

Step 3: Hammering Your Points

After choosing which items you’re going to place on the gallery wall, you can now use the holes we punched earlier as a guide to where you’ll place your nails. Use a level to make sure that everything is balanced on the horizontal. This is crucial because you would not want your design materials leaning over to one side. Carefully, use the hammer to put your nails in place. Once every nail is set, you can now start finishing up your wall.

Step 4: Adding Your Wall Décor

Finally, you’re ready to start placing your design materials on your wall. Remove the newspaper cut-out just before hanging the décor  it represents. This will help you avoid any undue confusion while placing the items on your DIY gallery wall.

Sometimes, a brilliant idea comes up when you’re halfway done, but don’t fret. For instance, you may want to place a sconce to add lighting for special occasions, or add a garland as a border to enclose your gallery.  Planning helps minimize work, so don’t be afraid to make last minute adjustments to make your gallery wall as personal as you want it to be.

A DIY gallery wall is a rewarding way to personalize your home, and using holiday decors such as a holiday wreath or a Christmas portrait makes it fun and cost-effective. For more stylish and convenient tips on home decorating especially for the holidays, stay tuned to the Tree Classics blog. We’d also love to hear about your own decorating ideas for DIY gallery walls on our official Facebook page!

How to Brighten Up Your Holiday Display with Tree Classics

Christmas is a season of lights, colors and sounds. Now that the holidays are just around the corner, households are turning to holiday displays to create a brilliant atmosphere that will inspire the season’s festivities. In this post, Tree Classics features some ideas for brightening up your home and welcoming the Yuletide spirit with the gentle luminescence of Christmas lights.

Christmas light strings

Christmas lights are indispensable especially in months leading to Christmas and New Year. They create an energizing ambiance that rouses cheer and excitement in everyone. Because of the popularity of these lights, homeowners have come up with a lot of ideas to put them up uniquely.

Christmas lights are commonly seen as a complement to other holiday decorations. But more than an ornament, these lights can actually turn into a light fixture!

This homemade chandelier is a brilliant way to combine a holiday decorating purpose with the everyday function of a light fixture. To create this wonderful showpiece, wrap your Tree Classics’ Christmas lights all over a metal chandelier frame. Hang your new Christmas lights chandelier and enjoy its radiance as it lends your home a unique touch and a festive glow.

Pre-lit wreaths

Christmas wreaths are most commonly seen on the front door, and over the fireplace mantle. Because most of them come pre-lit, they are often placed to give rooms a lovely and inviting glow.

Pre-lit artificial Christmas wreath

If you want to display a wreath in a space that’s away from an electrical outlet, a battery-operated wreath makes an excellent choice. The Grand Fir Christmas Wreath from Tree Classics not only boasts of lush and layered foliage, it also gives off a heartwarming radiance with its battery-powered LED lights. Its timer feature makes it easy for you to hang it anywhere you want and have it turned off automatically at a certain time.

Grand Fir Christmas Wreath

To enhance the glow of your pre-lit artificial wreath, try hanging it over a mirror or any other glossy surface that can reflect your wreath’s luminosity.

Another unique way to display your pre-lit wreaths is to turn them into a hanging Christmas tree. First, stack the wreaths according to their sizes, with the small wreaths placed on top of the big ones. Next, tie the wreaths together using a ribbon, leaving a space between each one to allow the ribbon to be seen. Finally, display your unique Christmas tree by hanging it from a ceiling hook, or secure it to a sturdy chandelier or pendant light fixture. You can also use a single wreath for this project, as long as it is dazzling and exceptional on its own.

Pre-lit garlands

Christmas garlands make stunning decorations on any space, and when pre-strung with Christmas lights, they become even more enchanting as holiday accents.

Garlands are a must-have for homes with staircases. They highlight the beautiful angles and lines that add interest and draw attention your home’s design. Whether you stretch them along the handrails, or let them drape, pre-lit garlands are a gorgeous accent for your interiors.

Show your guests the way to your home by highlighting doorways with pre-lit Christmas garlands. Not only do they illuminate the entryway, they also serve as a preview to the ornament ensemble you have put up throughout your home. Tree Classics’ Venetian Elegance Christmas Wreath offers a timeless and luxurious accent for your entryways courtesy of its pine cone and bronze ornaments, gold streaks and red flower embellishments.

Venetian Elegance Christmas Wreath

No cupboards and countertops will ever be overlooked when brightened up with pre-lit garlands. By making your kitchen look as festive as the living room, you will get more inspired to prepare your best dishes for the holidays.

Your creativity is best unleashed for this season of merriment. Have a brighter home with the brilliance of Christmas lights and pre-lit foliage products.

Where and How to Hang your Christmas Garland

A garland is a classic holiday decoration that can be hung almost anywhere and in any way you want. Whether or not it’s embellished with lights or ornaments, the foliage creates a festive atmosphere as it brings a touch of nature into your home. In this post, Tree Classics features some of the spaces where you can display the all-around foliage for a lovely holiday ambience.

Doorways and arches

The entryway is a great place to hang a garland. Often paired with a wreath, a garland bordering the front door receives your guests with cheer and warmth. Flank the door frame with this foliage piece with the help of a set of screw-eyes installed around the frame. The heavier the garland, the more screws you will need. Thread pieces of wire through each screw-eye, and then use these wires to secure the garland.

Garlands are also perfect for highlighting interior arches. Hang a garland here the same way you would on a doorframe. If you don’t want to drill holes on the walls, use command hooks. These hooks can stick to almost any surface and can be removed neatly.


Garlands can cheer up a plain staircase. If you want to draw your guests’ eyes upwards, tie it along the handrail on a straight line using yarn or wire. If you want it to serve as an accent for your foyer, create a pattern by making it go in and out of the balusters, or let it drape by tying different segments of the garland to the handrail. For a touch of fun, use ribbons that match your decorating motif.

Fireplace Mantle

Mantle swags are not the only foliage that can go with the fireplace. If you want to cover the entire mantle, use a long garland that you can drape toward the floor. Stick some command hooks on the mantle to keep the garland in its place. For added color or sparkle, clip some ornaments on the garland’s needle tips.


The columns in the front porch are a good canvas for these verdant decorative pieces. Screw a hook to the ceiling near the pillar, and then attach one end of the garland to the hook with thread or wire. Wrap the garland around the column until it reaches the bottom, letting some areas of the pillar show through. Secure the other end of the garland to the floor with a tack nail. If you want to cover the column entirely, you will need to extend the garland’s length by attaching another piece to the end of the first one. Top off the decorated column with a huge red ribbon for a bright accent.


When bordered with garlands, the porch ceiling is a charming sight, especially when lit with clear or multicolor lights. Screw eye bolts to the ceiling and hang the garlands from them with yarn or wire. Stretch out the foliage to form a straight line, or let it hang loose with some parts draping from the ceiling.

With creativity and imagination, you can discover some more places, and ways to hang these timeless Christmas decorations. Adorn your home with garlands to inspire a festive ambience for the holidays.

How to Decorate with Tree Classics’ Holiday Ornaments

Holiday ornaments are essentials to any Christmas decorating themes. By adding a few colorful decorations to your Tree Classics’ artificial Christmas tree, you can easily bring another dimension of wonder and cheer to your spaces. This makes your holiday celebrations extra special for the entire family. Here are several marvelous adornments you can hang on your Christmas tree this season courtesy of Tree Classics.

Timeless Colors of Christmas Past

Tree Classics’ Christmas Delight Ornament Kit.

Tree Classics’ Christmas Delight Ornament Kit features the classic colors we typically associate with the holiday season: red, green and white. At the same time, it also features some variations on the hues, creating a medley that’s both cheerful and captivating. Perfect for both green and white trees, these ornaments will add a fancy touch to trees and an attractive appeal that’ll both be appreciated by the oldest members of the family and the newest ones. Pair these with bright clear lights for a stunning and unforgettable display.

Winter Elegance

Tree Classics’ Champagne Christmas Ornaments.

If you want something a little more regal, choose Tree Classics’ Champagne Christmas Ornaments. These adornments feature three sparkling colors: gold, silver and bronze. Ideal for bright and warm clear lights, these pieces add an amazing sophistication that brings a classy dimension to your family dinners or to your small get-togethers with friends and colleagues. If you want to maximize completely the stylish grace of these pieces, make sure to put a couple with your garlands or inside a ceramic bowl in the middle of your coffee table.

A Serene and Lovely Appeal

Tree Classics’ Snowberry Ornament Kit.

Tree Classics’ Snowberry Ornaments combines the attractive qualities of winter with the soulful colors of Christmas. Our set comes with deep red, silver and white, each designed with a pattern that calls to mind the beautiful sights of the winter outdoors. Majestic and stylish, these adornments are perfect for any themes. Create a magnificent showcase by pairing it with our tree skirts and our holiday wreaths!

Make sure your holiday themes are complete and extra special this season with Tree Classics’ ornaments. Tune in to our blog for more decorating ideas and helpful tips for the coming yuletide season.

Choosing the Right Christmas Tree for Your Home

If you’re in the market for a new Christmas tree this year, choosing the right one may come as a challenge. There are a number of factors to consider when looking for an ideal tree for your home, such as the size of the tree, the color of its foliage, and even the overall realism of its needles. These qualities can sometimes make or break your chances for creating the perfect holiday display for the season. To help you find the best holiday tree for your home, let Tree Classics guide you through the ins and outs of Christmas tree shopping. With our simple and easy to follow tips, you’ll have a better chance of landing that dream Yuletide highlight you and your family have always deserved.

Sizing Up the Situation

Using a Tape Meter

Before going out tree-shopping, the first thing you should do is measure the space in which you intend to set up the tree. After you have decided on a location, you should measure the distance between your home’s floor and ceiling. Your Christmas tree should be at least six inches lower than the ceiling to allow space for a tree topper. Trees that are 7 ½ feet in height are common because many homes have ceilings that are 8-9 feet high.

With today’s artificial Christmas trees, you will never run short on options when it comes to shape. Whether you’re looking for a slim or full-profiled tree, you’re sure to find one that will suit your home and your taste. What’s more important is finding one that will fit its intended space. Aside from tree height, always consider its diameter because this will show you how much floor space the tree will take up. Christmas trees are cone-shaped so this can, at times, be overlooked. Remember to measure the tree at the bottom or its widest point when determining its diameter.

Choosing a Color

Tree Classics' Arctic White Pine

Traditional Christmas trees are green because they mimic real evergreen trees; however, artificial trees have opened up a world of possibilities by offering a variety of colors and styles that match different holiday décor themes. In fact, a closer look at traditional green trees reveal a variety of green hues, with some using a combination of them. If variety is what you’re after this Christmas, a golden tinsel tree, such as the Platinum and Gold Christmas Tree, works as a symbol of the holiday season’s abundant blessings. You can also pick a white Christmas tree like the Arctic White Pine Christmas Tree as a tribute to the pristine white snow of winter.

Choosing the Look and Feel

Tree Classics' Classic Fraser Fir

The look and feel of an artificial Christmas tree is largely dependent on its type of foliage. Most trees use PVC needles because this allows for needles of different thicknesses. Layered together, they give trees a rounded, lush appearance.

For a more lifelike appearance, many choose pine needle or PE needle foliage for their tree. Pine needles are also made from PVC, but they are extruded to mimic the size and texture of real pine tree needles. PE needles, on the other hand, make use Polyethylene (PE) technology to create the most realistic artificial evergreens. Here at Tree Classics, our experts gather actual branch cuttings to use as models in creating our highly realistic Real Feel™ foliage products, such as our Classic Fraser Fir, Majestic Blue Spruce, and Kennedy Fir Narrow Christmas trees.

Choosing the right Christmas tree for your home doesn’t have to be difficult. As long as you know which specific features to look for, you’re guaranteed to have an unforgettable holiday highlight each season.

Tree Classics Product Feature: Fraser Fir

When thinking about decorating themes for the upcoming holiday season, you can never go wrong with the classics. One timeless Christmas tree that’s guaranteed to invoke a cheerful and elegant atmosphere in your home is Tree Classics’ Fraser Fir.

Tree Classics' Fraser Fir Artificial Christmas Tree

The enduring and ever lovely Fraser Fir is a holiday icon. A tree that thrives in North Carolina, its beauty and stature has made the Fraser Fir the nation’s most favorite tree. Tree Classics has masterfully captured the look and majesty of this cherished holiday symbol. Our tree features lush and deep green foliage crafted using our unique Real FeelTM technology. Through this process, we have recreated the tips and needles of its inspiration, down to its shape and deep and soulful green that has captivated thousands over the years. Family members, especially children, won’t be able to tell that the tree wasn’t harvested from a thick and dense evergreen forest.

Our Fraser Fir features a lush and majestic foliage

To make matters more special, our Fraser Fir Artificial Christmas Tree also features sturdy branches and a robust form, creating the perfect backdrop for your ornaments and holiday heirlooms. It is available with clear or multicolored lights, allowing homeowners to highlight the fine characteristics of the evergreen while providing warmth to any space.

Perfect for any house and an ideal addition to any theme, the Fraser Fir is just what every family home needs. It’s designed to be the star of the season, a companion during Christmas mornings and the focal point of any celebration. Give your family a classic tree they can love for years and years by purchasing your very own Fraser Fir tree.

Autumn Table Settings for Your Dinner Party

Table Settings for a Fall Dinner Party

Autumn is here, and it’s evident through the cool breeze and the wonderful colors in the trees. For most, this season is one of the busiest in the year, what with the fall dinners to prepare and the coming holiday rush that brings with it a joyful list of chores. A fall dinner party need not be stressful, however, and these simple fall table settings will help give you get a headstart on your fall preparations.

The Farmhouse

If you’re hesitant to bid the summer farewell, keep the fall leaves at a minimum and focus on a harvest theme that comes with brighter colors reminiscent of the summer. For a centerpiece that symbolizes abundance, arrange clusters of wheat in a clear glass or silver container. To dress up the container, use a small wreath underneath it. For the individual plates, use silver napkin holders to go with the silverware. Add some pumpkin-scented votives to the centerpiece and you have an ideal table setting to help you transition from summer to autumn. If you want to add some fun to dinner, you can add a small scarecrow to the centerpiece and use plates that go with the theme, such as those with farm animals or a farmhouse design. A burlap runner also adds to the country charm, especially when combined with place mats in the shape and color of leaves.

The Woodlands

Most fall décor themes feature pumpkins in some way, and this table setting is no exception. Select pumpkins with neutral tones and use them as big, bold centerpieces; then use the smaller variety as candy bowls to add some accents. The main element of this table setting are the dried twigs and branches, which give it an earthy feel. Wrap the pumpkin centerpieces in them and use matching table linen to complete the look.

To add a modern touch to this rustic mix, place some dried twigs and branches in a clear glass vase or container and place a candle in the center. Add this to the pumpkin centerpieces for some warmth. If you decide to do away with the pumpkins, pinecones are an excellent alternative because they add to the table ambiance and work as a prelude to the holiday season.

The White Autumn

Color plays a major role in many fall décor themes, but the absence of the bright thematic colors will give your table setting an air of mystery and anticipation. For the centerpiece, use white pillar candles and small white pumpkins or gourds of varying sizes. Crystal tableware will tie up the white elements with the silverware. You can also do away with the conventional tablecloth and use several linen table runners placed crosswise on the table for an elegant but laidback look.

Give the monochromatic table setting a touch of autumn by placing a fall leaf and some dried twigs on each individual plate or tying them with white ribbon on the table napkin. Adding natural elements will elevate a simple table setting to a grand display of the season’s beauty.

Make sure that you incorporate elements of nature into your décor every season, whether as accents or as a focal point. These small touches will act as the fulcrum of any seasonal décor theme, unifying other design elements into a cohesive—and stunning—whole.

Photo by Gisela Francisco via Flickr. CC BY 2.0