Classic, Wintry or Rustic: Choosing Your Ideal Christmas Tree

As we get closer to December, your holiday decorating plans inevitably start taking shape. You find yourself thinking about that vintage set of multicolored bubble lights you picked up. Or maybe you’ll be breaking out all the homemade decorations and ornaments your family has crafted over the years.

Whatever the plan, everyone has decorating traditions they look forward to that signal the beginning of the season. At the center of your home’s holiday decor is your Christmas tree, and whether your family is all about the standards or prefers something unconventional, Tree Classics offers a variety of different choices that will match your holiday spirit.

A Style to Suit Your Celebration

Even though a Christmas tree is a holiday standard, that doesn’t mean it has to have a standard look with a singular kind of style. Whether you prefer the woodsy style you grew up with or something more modern, finding the ideal artificial Christmas tree for you and your family is a cinch. The styles below will give you a cross-section of what we offer:

A classic Christmas showcase from Tree Classics

  • The classic look: For many, Christmas is based around the traditional visuals, such as a tree showcasing a red, green and gold color scheme. Our Classic Fraser Fir and Majestic Blue Spruce exemplify this classic style, with lifelike Real Feel™ needles that won’t dry out and collect on your floor. For those whose living room is tight on space, we also have the slender Kennedy Fir and the Oregonian Slim.A rustic Christmas display from Tree Classics.
  • Rustic and outdoorsy: If you want a tree that looks as if it’s just arrived from the snowy woods, we have choices perfect for a country-themed Christmas. These include the Snow-Kissed Pine, the Snowy Aspen Spruce, the Clifton Pine, and the Alpine Estates Flocked Fir. One of these trees will allow you to enjoy the beauty of winter inside your home alongside some wreathes and pine cones.A wonderfully wintry display from Tree Classics.
  • Wintry trees: For those who prefer something distinct and unconventional, a white or silver tree will definitely stand out and create a wintry look. A Flocked White Fir Deluxe, the Arctic White Pine or the Silver Bells Silver Tree will ensure you have a White Christmas, regardless of the temperature outside. You can also choose a tree with eye-catching multi-colored lights or ones that change colors.

  Perfect Tree, Just a Click Away

No matter the style you’re looking for, our artificial trees will provide the perfect look without adding more tasks to your holiday to-do list. With an artificial tree, you won’t have to worry about daily watering or preventing your pets from trying to climb it. Our trees are easy to set up and to store away when the season is over. Whether you’re making the switch to an artificial tree for the first time, or you’re already familiar, Tree Classics will deliver the style and beauty you’re looking for, with a Christmas tree you’ll be able to use for years to come.

How to Turn Random Objects into Instant Christmas Ornaments

The holiday season is the perfect reason to brighten up your abode with greenery and a variety of decorations. With the Christmas tree as its centerpiece, your home is a place of warmth and radiance. But contrary to what others think, you don’t really need to break the bank to complete an ornament collection for your tree. With a little bit of imagination and creativity, you can transform ordinary objects into timeless ornaments that can add a charming touch to your home. So bring out your trinkets and treasures and get inspiration from these ideas by Tree Classics:


Your children’s old toys from the storage room may contain some real treasures for the holidays. A great way to draw attention, toys adds whimsy to your Christmas tree when combined well, making the centerpiece an incredible sight for your little visitors.

Lego Snowflake Ornament
Snowflake Ornament Made from Lego Pieces

Legos. Legos are versatile decorating pieces. By forming shapes and combining colors, you can create accents that appeal not only to children, but also to adults. When hosting a party, why not set up a Lego corner in which guests can create their own ornaments to hang on the tree! By allowing them to participate in decorating, you can make the party more fun and unforgettable.

Puzzle Christmas Wreath
Miniature Puzzle Christmas Wreath

Puzzles. Puzzle pieces make colorful additions to your tree. But even if they only come in a single color, they can still add interest with their quirky shapes. Try taping some puzzle pieces together to form snowflakes or wreaths and let them dangle from the tree.

Trinkets and keychains

Bird Keychain Ornaments
Plush Bird Keychain Ornaments

The more random and colorful your trinkets are, the better the effect on your Christmas tree. These pieces may range from the sophisticated gold toned ones to the most adorable miniature plushies. Throw in some of the keychain souvenirs you bought (or someone bought for you) from past trips. Not only do they add character to your tree, but they also make great conversation starters for your guests.

Bracelets, pendants and earrings

Bracelet Tree Ornaments
Stylish Bracelets as Christmas Tree Ornaments

Bracelets come in a variety of designs ranging from the most loud and colorful to the most subdued and luminescent. They are a fantastic choice for Christmas ornaments because they don’t need a string to be hanged on the tree. If you have a collection of bracelets, select the pieces that will stand out against the color of the Christmas tree. Black or dark green trees are a great backdrop for metallic and light-colored jewels, while white trees look stunning with luminous or pastel-colored bracelets.

Earring Ornaments
Adorable Earring Ornaments

The stunning quality and intricate craftsmanship that make up pendants and earrings make them beautiful adornments for the holidays. Lend your favorite accessories for the Christmas season to enrich the charisma of your tree.

Wine Cork Holiday Ornaments
Wine Corks as Versatile Holiday Ornaments

Wine corks can be turned into a lot of nifty things. They make excellent raw materials for unique and remarkable ornaments, which you can add to your Christmas display. Just string some beads onto a small piece of wire and tack it into the cork, or simply tape the wine corks together to form a snowflake. You can also make angel ornaments out of corks with ribbons, laces and cords.

Pearl necklaces

Necklace Tree Ornaments
Necklaces as Fashionable Christmas Tree Décor

Pearl necklaces lend a fashionable touch to your tree when used as a garland or an ornament. You can either drape each of the necklaces throughout the tree, or wrap them around it after linking them all together. You will never go wrong with adding a touch of elegance with pearls because of the radiant quality and timeless appeal they bring to your greenery.

Button pins

Button pins are colorful accents, and can be easily added or pinned to your Christmas tree’s tips and branches. Some pins and badges come with unique statements that you can use to add personality to your tree. Some are made with colorful printed fabrics, while some display interesting icons or symbols. Different types of button pins can add color, texture and character to your holiday display this Yuletide season.

These are just some of the objects you can find at home every day and turn into Christmas ornaments. Let these ideas inspire you to be resourceful in order to decorate your Christmas tree economically and creatively.

Photo by Peter Johnston via Flickr. CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Photo by alliecat1881 via Flickr. CC BY-NC 2.0

Photo by Audrey B. via Flickr. CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Photo by Lea Kähkönen via Flickr. CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Photo by Madzik via Flickr. CC BY 2.0

Photo by Mike Graham via Flickr. CC BY-NC 2.0

Photo by McBeth via Flickr. CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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How to Decorate Your Christmas Tree with Beautiful
Wreaths and Garlands

Christmas tree decorating is a fun and worthwhile activity that families look forward to every year. In this time-honored holiday tradition, members of the family help each other in taking out their Christmas tree from storage and adorning it with classic and personalized Christmas ornaments, such as baubles, icicles, and tinsels. These colorful accents are then complemented using a holiday wreath and garland to bring out the full majestic appeal of the Christmas display.

In this edition of the Tree Classics blog, we present five helpful tips on how to decorate your Christmas tree using garlands and wreaths. By pairing your tree with other holiday accents, you can create a more festive and memorable Yuletide display that your family and friends will surely love.

Come Up with a Theme for Your Christmas Tree

Tree Classics' Alpine White Christmas Tree

The foliage of a white Christmas tree makes for an excellent canvas to highlight colorful holiday ornaments.

Decorating your Christmas tree with wreaths and garlands is easy especially if you have a specific theme in mind. For instance, you can go for a wintry décor with your immaculate, white Christmas tree. You can also come up with bright colors that you can play with to highlight the white foliage of the tree. Christmas ornaments in pink, blue, gold, and silver colors are just some accents you can consider.

Once you have established a clear picture of the tree that you want, gather the necessary ornaments and start decorating your tree. You can then add a wreath and garland to tie up the different elements you used on your tree.

Match the Size of Your Garland with Your Christmas Tree

Garlands are meant to enhance the lush beauty of your Christmas tree. However, if you choose the wrong size, you garland might take away the attention from your tree. To make sure that the focus is kept on your tree, see to it that the length of your garland matches its height. The standard nine-foot-long garland, for example, will go well with a 3-foot Christmas tree but will look awkward on a 6-foot tree. To know exactly how much garland should be draped on your tree, multiply your tree’s height with the standard length of commercial garlands.

Try Combining Two Primary Colors for Your Theme

Tree Classics' Golden Treasures Wreath

Make holiday evergreens more vibrant by adding gold and silver embellishment.

Colors add texture to your tree and make it look natural, so you may want to consider a two-toned garland and wreath for your display. A subtle green shade, for instance, is a perfect match to light gold. Just don’t use too much color combinations, or your décor could end up suffering extremes of light and dark tones.

When Decorating Your Tree, Always Start from the Top

Keep your garland safely in place by attaching one end on the topmost branch of your Christmas tree. Continue wrapping the tree with your garland until you reach the bottom. Make sure that the garland is not wrapped too tightly to avoid damaging the foliage of the tree. Keep in mind that the branches should be able to hang down freely as your garland to maintain a free and airy look to your Christmas tree.

Make Sure to Fuse All Elements Together

Aside from their colors, the design and materials of your Christmas tree, garland, and wreath should also blend in harmony.

Imagine a house with a beautiful, white tree adorned with clear, crystal ornaments and a pink tulle garland. As you glance at the fireplace, you see an elaborate, dark fuchsia, velvet wreath hanging above the fireplace. Wouldn’t you find the wreath inappropriate in a roomful of ornaments exuding tranquility? A snow-inspired wreath would have worked better in this arrangement.

You know that you’ve successfully merged the design elements of your tree, garland, and wreath once you see all three as a single holiday decor; when one cannot exist without the other.

By using a little creativity with the right elements for your holiday décor, you can create a Yuletide display worthy of remembrance. For any ideas or suggestions on how to decorate a Christmas tree, feel free to write in the box below.

4 Perfect Spots for Your Flatback Christmas Tree

Christmas trees allow you to add the beauty and sophistication of nature to your home. The fuller and more robust the foliage, the more magnificent it would look in any room. However, in order to fit a traditional Christmas tree, it would take up a larger space in your home. This makes it an impractical choice for homes with limited space, such as apartments and condominiums. This is where a flatback Christmas tree comes in handy.

Tree Classics’ Murphy’s Flatback Christmas Tree features a unique design perfect for small spaces. Our Christmas tree combines the classic appeal of lush evergreen foliage with a convenient flat back so you can set it against a wall. This allows you to save more space in your home compared to other regular Christmas trees.

In this edition of the Tree Classics blog, we will help you choose the best place in your home where you can place your Murphy’s Flatback Christmas tree. Find out how you can decorate your home for the holidays without taking up too much space in your home.


The foyer is one of the most logical spots for a flatback Christmas tree. Since this is the first place most people get to see upon entering your home, placing your holiday display here would help create an enchanting entryway that would leave your guests in awe. The bright clear or multi-colored lights of the Murphy’s Flatback also make a warm welcome to your home for family and friends.

Beneath Your Staircase

Arguably one of the most underutilized places in homes, the space beneath your staircase is yet another excellent location for your flatback Christmas tree. Instead of leaving it bare and dull, place your Christmas display here to make this part of your home more fascinating. You can also add an elegant Christmas garland to the banisters to help draw attention towards your Murphy’s Flatback display.

Dining Room

Make Christmas dinner a lot more bountiful by placing your Yuletide display in the dining room. The space-saving design of the Murphy’s Flatback lets you add a charming highlight to your dining room that most regular Christmas trees cannot do.

Living Room

Make the most out of the festive charm of your Murphy’s Flatback by setting it near the windows of your living room. Aside from adding a heartwarming highlight to your space, this also lets your neighbors catch a glimpse of the wonderful Yuletide display you have at home.

The stylish design of the Murphy’s Flatback Christmas tree displays an excellent combination of form and practical function not found in any other holiday tree. Our Christmas tree offers homeowners a versatile Yuletide accent to complement your sophisticated decorating style.

5 Delicious Halloween Treats with a Twist

With Halloween just a few days away, it’s time to whip up another batch of treats for the neighbourhood ghouls and goblins. But instead of giving them a ghastly load of sweets, add a twist to the usual goodies by making them healthier and more nutritious. Tree Classics presents five quick and easy Halloween treats your kids will love. With these nourishing recipes, you can be sure they get to enjoy more of the treat than the trick.

Pumpkin-Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwiches

Let your kids enjoy a sweet and satisfying treat with these awesome pumpkin-vanilla ice cream sandwiches. Combining the nutritious benefits of eating pumpkins with the savory goodness of the classic vanilla ice cream, this easy to prepare sandwich recipe is one Halloween treat you wouldn’t mind your kids screaming for more.

Pumpkin Pie Cutout Cookies

Put an artistic spin to the usual trick or treat sweets with this pumpkin pie cookie recipe. After whipping up the pumpkin spiced dough, use leaf-shaped cutters to cut out adorable cookie forms. Add enticing details to the leaf cookies using a brush and some food coloring.

Transylvanian Truffles

Transport the kids’ imaginations to Dracula’s own home country with these delectable Transylvanian truffles. Overflowing with a nutty and chocolaty flavor, this treat also lets you relish the anti-oxidizing effects of dark chocolates.

Blackberry Jam Bar Cookies

Satisfy the kids’ sweet tooth without giving them a sugar rush with this crunchy blackberry jam bar cookies. Instead of loading the cookie bars with confectioners’ sugar, substitute it with fresh fruit or berry jams. This is a great way to fill the body with vitamins and minerals that growing kids need.

Gluten-Free Pumpkin-Ginger Cupcakes

Have your fill of scrumptious treats with these gluten-free cupcakes. Featuring a healthy recipe bursting with spicy and creamy flavors, these pumpkin-ginger cupcakes are a sure-fire hit for kids and grownups alike. Since it uses tapioca flour instead of regular wheat flour, you don’t have to worry about ingesting gluten into your body.

This year, delight the kids with more treats than tricks with these healthy and delicious Halloween recipes.


Ask Santa: Submit Your Questions to the Big Guy!

Ask Santa
Got a question for Santa?


Who is your favorite elf? Do you ever get sick of cookies? What gas mileage do you get on that sleigh of yours? Have you digitized the Naughty/Nice list?

As children we all had questions we were dying to ask Santa, and now Tree Classics is giving you the chance!

Submit your Santa question here or the Tree Classics Facebook page through November 15. Santa will answer your top questions on camera in an exclusive tell-all interview.
If Santa especially likes your question, you’ll be entered into a drawing to win a Tree Classics’ Snowmen Figurine. Look for Santa’s interview to be posted on the Tree Classics’ website before Thanksgiving!

Now that Santa is in the hot seat, what do you want to know? We’re looking forward to your questions!


Image courtesy of Vanessa Pike-Russell

8 Creative Halloween Costumes for the Family

Donning fun and creative Halloween costumes with the family is a great way to bond with them. Whether you are aiming to make heads turn, or just want to have a themed costume set that will allow you to go together, these outfits will help you come up with ideas that can make you stand out from the crowd.

Dress Up as Famous Characters

If the young ones have favorite movies, cartoons or games, use them as a starting point when coming up with a concept for this year’s Halloween costume.

Dressed up as the cast of Despicable Me, this family made sure that everybody assumed the important characters in the film – from the adorable orphan girls, Margo, Edith and Agnes, to the funny and rowdy minions. Of course, this ensemble would not be complete without the super villain Gru, and his colleague Dr. Nefario.

Wouldn’t it look fun when you see your favorite video game icons making a cameo on the streets? This Pac-Man family revived the vintage arcade game by dressing up as Pac-Man and its pellet food, aka pac-dots.

Tetris is another classic game you can use as inspiration. Not only does it create nostalgia, it is also fun to look at especially for onlookers who enjoyed the game in their day. Be sure to make the Tetris blocks fit together when you’re planning the costumes.

Come as Slice of Life Situations

Depicting the everyday happenings in our lives with Halloween costumes will spark an immediate interest in everyone who can relate.

We see hampers and washing machines regularly, but not on some adorable kids having fun keeping you impressed and entertained. This trio is a head-turner, not only because of their well-made outfits, but also because of the happiness that can be seen in their faces as they sport their laundry-themed costumes.

These beekeepers won’t be collecting honey anytime soon what with their bees out on the streets. You can even let your family dog join in on the party with his very own cute bee get-up.

Wear Your Everyday Food

A charming and delightful sight, food costumes are always relevant wherever you go.

This adorable family wows with their BLT attire. Each costume in this set was carefully thought out to clearly represent the food being referenced. Compared with the simple bread costumes of the parents, the children’s outfits are more elaborate because of the details necessary to add distinct character to the bacon, lettuce and tomato.

With only a few cardboards, art materials, and your creativity, you can turn the family into a snack. This milk and cookies costume set is so simple, yet so cleverly crafted that people can’t help but to take a second look and go hungry themselves.

Come up with Easy but Clever Costume Ideas

You do not have to spend too much on a DIY costume. If your concept is witty enough, it will shine and make an impact. This couple’s stick figure costumes are only made up of white suits, black tape, and masks drawn with a marker, but they score high on clever points.

Halloween costume possibilities abound, but the most important thing is the enjoyment your family feels while wearing them, and even when planning them with you.

Share Your Family Holiday Traditions,
Win in Tree Classics’ Christmas Sweepstakes

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Share Your Own Family Holiday Traditions in the Tree Classics’ Christmas Sweepstakes

Attending midnight mass, cooking up a storm in the kitchen with Grandma, and gathering around the Christmas tree – heartwarming holiday celebrations never grow old.

Each family has its own tale of holiday traditions to tell. Whether it involves candy canes and stockings, bountiful Christmas feasts, or chestnuts roasting on an open fire (as the old song goes): it’s Christmas at its purest and you celebrate it with your loved ones.

Allow us here at Tree Classics to spread the holiday cheer and share a couple of your heartwarming snowman stories through our Family Holiday Traditions Sweepstakes, where you could be one of five winners to receive $50 gift cards!

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Get a head start by following us on the Tree Classics Facebook page now, and spread the happy holiday bug this early by sharing your own family’s cherished Yuletide tradition! We’d love to hear about your kids making cookies for Santa or reindeer dust or your grand homecoming for this special time of the year.

3 Creative Ways to Store Holiday Decorations in Your Garage

For the busy homeowner, maintaining a well-kept and organized Christmas storage space can be quite a dilemma. Knowing how to collect holiday décor is one thing, but the real challenge is finding out where to safely keep them until the next Yuletide season. While most people use closets to store their Christmas décor, they only provide limited space and often prove too difficult to organize once the items begin to pile up. This is where the space in your garage factors in. Spacious and well-ventilated, this often forgotten part of your home can offer ample storage for all your holiday décor. Here are three creative ways on how to maximize the space in your garage.

Using Overhead Rafters to Hold Christmas Tree Storage Bags 

If you’ve already used up the entire floor space in your garage for storage, maybe it’s time to think vertically. Maximize the available head space in your garage by installing joists and rafters on your ceiling. These attachments can be used as totes to hold various sizes of plastic bins and Christmas tree storage bags in order to create additional storage space in your garage. You can also add large hooks to your ceiling or wall so you can hang your wreaths and garlands while in storage. Just make sure that the joists and rafters are properly attached to safely mount items. Ideally, each tote should only carry a total weight of around 210 lbs.

Mounting Mason Jars to Store Christmas Ornaments

For smaller, more delicate items, such as Christmas balls and tree toppers, you can use a different approach to the overhead totes. Instead of using plastic bins held up by rafters and joists, try using small mason jars to store your holiday ornaments. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Remove the lids off of the jars.
  2. Attach the lids to the bottom of a wooden cupboard using nails or screws.
  3. Carefully place your ornaments inside the mason jars.
  4. Mount the mason jars by attaching them back to their lids.

This storage idea not allows you to store items safely, but it also provides an excellent chance to showcase the beauty of your holiday ornaments even while being kept away.

Adding Multi-sectioned Cabinets for Larger Holiday Décor

Here’s a garage storage idea that sports fans will love. Transform your garage into your very own locker room by adding these amazing wooden cabinets. Available in various sizes and designs, these pre-fabricated cupboards feature different compartments to let you store all your Christmas décor safely. The key here is to get the correct measurements for the sections so you can store even larger items, such as 45-inch Christmas wreaths and upright Christmas tree storage boxes.

Finding a safe place to store your holiday items is not as hard is it may seem. Just like in using your garage for storage space, the secret to an efficient holiday organization is utilizing all available space of your home wisely. Keep a creative eye and try to think of other ingenious ways to store your cherished Christmas décor.