The Stockings Were Hung With Care!

Hanging and stuffing stockings have been a Christmas tradition for many families for years and years. My family didn’t really have this tradition, but I think it is a sweet one. Hanging beautiful stockings on the fireplace gives a sense of peace and calm, and adds such a nice touch to a holiday home this time of year.

tree classics 021Whatever your style, you can find a stocking that will accent your Christmas decor and add spirit to your fireplace. These traditional green and red knitted stockings go right along with this nostalgic Santa tree. And what kid, or adult for that matter, doesn’t love digging into a stocking to find the goodies that have been stuffed inside?

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How to Create a Winter Holiday Atmosphere at Home



Winter holiday decorations alone are not enough to transform your home into a winter holiday retreat. The devil is in the details when it comes to decorating, especially when recreating the subtle accents of winter. For a truly winter-inspired theme, you have to ensure a complete sensory experience that goes beyond what you can merely see.

In this post, Tree Classics presents a few tips on enhancing a winter theme by paying more attention to how your home is lit, how it’s decorated, and how the overall wintry effect can be enriched through scents and fragrances. Continue reading “How to Create a Winter Holiday Atmosphere at Home”

How to Hang Wreaths and Garlands

Adding wreaths and garlands around the house during the Holiday season is definitely one of the prettiest things you can do to spruce up your home for this time of year. I love adding lights for a special glow to the season too, and battery-powered wreaths and garlands are an easy way to get both. It doesn’t take a lot of effort with pre-lit garlands and wreaths, and you’re ready to entertain in no time!

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How to Repurpose Old Holiday Foliage

repurposed foliage
Photo courtesy of Jennifer Prince

With Christmas just around the corner, every nook and cranny of our homes features a  wreath, garland, or tree on display. We naturally love to fill our homes with foliage decorations that remind us of the season’s festivities.

As the years go by, however, some of our beloved wreaths, garlands, and trees wear out their sheen. Other times, we decide to change our theme for the year, even though last season’s foliage may be in perfect condition.

This holiday, don’t be so quick to discard your older items. Here are a few Christmas decorating ideas that breathe new life into your old holiday foliage.

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Adding Holiday Scents to Your Home

I love the smell of Christmas! By that, I mean a real Christmas tree smell of spruce and fir and that wonderful pungent scent of real greenery. There is nothing better than walking into a room with a real live Christmas tree smell. Most of us have gravitated towards faux Christmas trees now and I’ve been using them for more than 20 years. They are so much easier and less messy than a real tree, but with that ease comes a loss of those wonderful scents of a real Christmas tree.

Tree Classics has products that add the scents of Christmas back into your holiday decorating. ScentSicles are scented ornaments that can be tucked into real greenery or hung on a tree just like an ornament.

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