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Sweet Pies Everyone will Enjoy

When it comes to pastries, pies are arguably one of the most versatile dessert and snack options available. Depending on the type of stuffing used, pies can be a delectable treat or a filling meal on its own. One thing is for sure though; each bite of this scrumptious grub is sure to satisfy your tummy with a burst flavor. Here are four of Tree Classics favorite sweet pie recipes.

Healthy Breakfast Pizza

Start your day right with a slice of this healthy and delicious breakfast pizza. Featuring a flavorful mix of fruit and berry toppings, one generous serving of this pie is enough to charge you with different vitamins and minerals to last you the whole day. A nice alternative to the usual breakfast cereal, this recipe is also available with a gluten-free version.

S’mores Pie

Enjoy more s’mores with your snacks with this awesome recipe for chocolate pie. A rich thick layer of melted marshmallow and two kinds of chocolate crown this special pie, giving you a mouthwatering treat to cap off your meals.

No-Bake Nutella Cheesecake

Give your favorite pie a new and delightful twist with this easy to prepare cheesecake recipe. A chocoholic’s dream dessert, this recipe combines the satisfying taste of cream cheese with Nutella‘s world-famous nutty and chocolatey goodness. And since there’s no baking needed, you can even let your kids in on the fun in preparing this sweet treat.

Mojito Pie

For a delectable dessert that packs a punch, this mojito pie might just be the treat you’re looking for.  Inspired by the famous alcoholic drink, this pie lets you enjoy the sweet and tangy taste of lime and mint with a little dash of rum. The result is a cool and exciting flavor that is sure to liven up your spirits.

Satiate your craving for a sweet delight today with these four luscious pie recipes from Tree Classics.

Wonderful Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes for Your Home

Thanksgiving is just around the bend, and what better way to show your appreciation for family and friends than by treating them to an awesome turkey feast. With so many delicious recipes to choose from, it’s no wonder why this famous fowl continues to be the main entrée for countless Thanksgiving dinners.

In this edition of Tree Classics Favorite Recipes, we present five different ways to prepare your Thanksgiving turkey. With these easy to prepare recipes, you can enjoy this palatable poultry season after season.

Maple Roast Turkey

For a sweet and savory delight, try out this roast turkey covered in thick maple syrup and butter rub. An all-time New England favorite, this roast recipe features a stuffing made of sausages, apples, and cranberries. Dip your maple roast turkey in its special gravy to enjoy a burst of flavor.

BBQ Turkey

Satisfy your craving for a tangy turkey meal with this easy to prepare barbecue recipe. The secret to this delectable treat is filling the turkey with dry white wine. After putting in all the stuffing, pour 750 milliliters worth of white wine into the opening until the bottle is empty. This allows the meat inside to cook evenly while roasting the turkey.


Enjoy the succulent flavors of three meats in one with this turducken recipe. A hat trick when it comes to turkey roast, this recipe lets you combine turkey, duck, and chicken meat into a single dish. After seasoning each meat for the roast, you then stuff the duck with the chicken, then stuff the turkey with the duck.

Citrus Turkey Brine

Here’s a sure-fire recipe for people who prefer their roast moister. Marinate your turkey overnight in brine with lemon and orange wedges. This allows the meat to absorb the citrus favor, giving you a juicier and tastier roast turkey.

Mayonnaise Turkey 

If you’re looking for a new spin to the classic roast turkey, then this recipe is for you. Aside from making the stuffing taste creamier and tangier, you also get to enjoy the health benefits of mayonnaise with your turkey feast. This includes Omega-3 acid for a healthier heart and Vitamin E for better looking skin.

This Thanksgiving, celebrate your family and friends with a hearty and satisfying turkey dinner. What are your favorite turkey recipes? Share your thoughts with us by commenting below.

Christmas Decorating for the Procrastinator

Decorating for the holidays is not as complicated as it may seem. Contrary to popular belief, Christmas decorating is more about the practicality of your theme than achieving that perfect holiday look. With a stylish theme, careful planning, and a collection of your favorite Christmas decorations, you can quickly turn your home into a charming Christmas paradise. The following Christmas decorating tips are designed to make this task a breeze.

Porches and Entryways

Start your holiday decorating this season by sprucing up your porch and entryways. Since these are practically the first places people get to see when they enter your home, a nice and heartwarming welcome is sure to get them in a joyful mood.

Create a lovely greeting for your guests by placing a Christmas wreath and garland on your doorway. Staples when it comes to holiday decorating, artificial wreaths and garlands can instantly liven up spaces courtesy of their lifelike evergreen foliage.

While some Christmas wreaths and garlands already come with classic embellishments, you can still go for an undecorated pair if you want to feature your own decorating style. Adding a few red ribbons and Christmas ornaments can easily make your display more festive and adorable.

Dining Room

Another excellent spot to showcase your holiday decorating style is the dining room. You can make your Christmas dinner more fun and enjoyable by adorning this space with timeless holiday décor.

Transform your dinner table into a vision of Yuletide elegance by crowning it with this beautiful Christmas centerpiece. With its lush foliage and luscious berry accents, this centerpiece infuses your holiday tablescape with the classic charm of nature for a bountiful Christmas feast. You can also pair it with a Christmas garland table runner to complement your nature-inspired Christmas dinner table.

The dining room is also a great place to set up your Christmas tree. With various shapes and colors to choose from, you can turn your tree into a charming backdrop for your Christmas dinner table or the main attraction of the entire room. Make sure to plan your decorating theme wisely so you can maximize the appeal of your holiday accents.

Living Room

To wrap up our holiday decorating tips, let’s now focus on brightening up your living room. With most families choosing to end their Christmas evening in the living room for the annual exchanging of gifts, it is only fitting to make this room as warm and cozy as possible.

For your holiday mantel, hang a nice pre-lit wreath and garland combination and a few votive candles to enhance the warm and inviting brilliance of your fireplace.

For your Christmas tree centerpiece, choose a classic evergreen to complement your rustic holiday theme or go with pristine white foliage so you can showcase your colorful ornaments. Flocked Christmas trees are also a popular choice for this coming Yuletide season because of their cool wintry appeal.

Christmas decorating is not as intimidating as many people might think. With these simple and easy to follow holiday decorating tips, you can easily make your dream Christmas home a reality even with short amount of time.

Christmas Tree Trends to Look Out for in 2014

Artificial Christmas trees offer homeowners a chance to decorate their homes with evergreens without any hassles. Compared to live Christmas trees, artificial trees retain their nature-inspired beauty no matter how many times you use them. They are also available in various shapes and colors, allowing you to create a different look for your display year after year.

To help you choose the next look for your Christmas tree this season, Tree Classics presents three of the most popular Christmas tree trends for 2014. Make your display stand out by choosing the best Christmas tree decorating style to match your tastes.

The Versatility of Black and White Christmas Trees

White Christmas trees are an excellent choice in creating a whimsical holiday display. The pristine white foliage acts like a blank canvas, highlighting your vibrant Christmas ornaments. This Christmas tree is adorned with pink and blue Christmas balls and stuffed animals that match the overall theme of the room.

On the other hand, black Christmas trees match well with metallic accents. Holiday decorations, such as gold and silver Christmas balls, instantly stand out from the dark foliage. Black Christmas trees also look more dramatic, especially when paired with LED lights. The warm ambiance from the LEDs creates an image of bright stars in a dark winter sky.

The Timeless Look of Gold Christmas Trees

Aside from red and green, gold is another classic color typically associated with Christmas. This metallic color exudes the timeless elegance of the holidays. As an accent, gold can easily make any decoration shine, but as a centerpiece, it can become a breathtaking Christmas display.

The Wintry Charm of Flocked Christmas Trees 

Turn your home into a wintry wonderland by choosing a flocked Christmas tree for your display. Whether you choose a classic evergreen or an immaculate white tree, a flocked Christmas tree can bring an enchanting atmosphere to any room courtesy of simulated snow on the foliage. The frosted tips also complement the warm brilliance of LED lights on Christmas trees.

This Christmas, create the perfect Yuletide display for your home by choosing your favorite Christmas tree design. With these decorating ideas, you can easily bring new life to your family tree season after season.

Give with Tree Classics

Celebrate the season of giving by taking part in our Give with Tree Classics charity campaign. Help make this Christmas more memorable for those in need by donating to one of our seven partner charities that embody the essence of love and care for others. These organizations are the Easter Seals Capper Foundation, Every Orphan’s Hope, TryMunity, the DC Central Kitchen, the Johnson County Child Advocacy Center, the Dream Factory Inc., and the North Texas Food Bank.

There are two ways you can help raise fund for these charities:

1. For every order placed before Christmas, Tree Classics will donate $1 to your chosen partner charity. Place an order today and benefit these charities.

2. You can also help out by joining our special Tree Classics Christmas giveaway. Make a personal donation to your chosen charity by clicking the “Donate” links below. For every $5 contribution, you can win this adorable Pair of Snowmen Figurines from Tree Classics. And for every $25 donation, you get a chance to bring home this beautiful Tree Classics 6’ St. Charles Spruce Christmas tree with color changing lights. Make sure to place your donations before December 25th so you can qualify for our holiday giveaway.

Easter Seals Capper Foundation

Easter Seals Capper Foundation









First established during the 1920s by the benevolent Sen. Arthur Capper of Kansas, the Easter Seals Capper Foundation continues to provide brilliant individualized services to make sure that people with disabilities and their loved ones have a chance to live, learn, work and play in their communities. The foundation believes that each person should be valued and given equal opportunities to reach their fullest potential.

Donate >

Every Orphan’s Hope







The people behind Every Orphan’s Hope are committed to their goal of easing the overwhelming impact of HIV/AIDS on the lives of orphans in Zambia. Each summer, they visit the country to conduct their Camp Hope in communities devastated by the epidemic. They build homes and provide orphan care to these children who have basically lost everything.

Donate >







TryMunity is a charity committed to increasing awareness about traumatic brain injury (TBI) and providing support to individuals and families suffering from this injury. By establishing an online social community, they have given people an avenue where they can share stories, ideas, suggestions, and words of encouragement to survivors and supporters.


DC Central Kitchen







With over 25 years of service, DC Central Kitchen continues to share warm and nourishing food to the poor and homeless residents of the Washington D.C. area. The organization leads the nation in reducing hunger with recycled food and serving healthy meals in schools around the city. They also provide culinary training to unemployed adults and rebuild urban food systems through social enterprise.

Donate >

Johnson County Child Advocacy Center









The Children’s Advocacy Center of Johnson County works closely with different law enforcement agencies in order to keep children safe and sound around their communities. Their primary goal is to establish a “child-friendly” environment where the youth can grow and play without any fears. The organization also provides care and support to victims of child abuse through crisis intervention, individual and group counseling, play therapy, court school, court accompaniment among other things.

Donate >

Dream Factory Inc.











For years, the Dream Factory has been making dreams come true for critically and chronically ill children from the ages of three through eighteen. With over 25,000 dreams granted since its inception, the group continues to give happiness to these young souls by raising funds in different communities. Members of the Dream Factory believe that by providing children’s dreams, they can help improve their health and extend the life of a critically ill child.

North Texas Food Bank









The North Texas Food Bank (NTFB) is one of the leading non-profit relief organizations, and the largest charity in North Texas. Each day, they provide 170,000 meals to hungry children, seniors and families around communities in the state.

Donate >

This season, share the spirit of the holidays with the less fortunate and help put a smile on their faces. Join our Give with Tree Classics charity campaign today.

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Tree Classics Grand Fir Christmas Tree First for Women Giveaway

Fulfill your dream of a festive Tree Classics holiday season.

Create a Pinterest board titled “A Festive Christmas with Tree Classics” and repin your favorite holiday items from Tree Classics. Include the hash tag #TreeClassicsChristmas in your board and pins. Tell us how Tree Classics can make your dream of a festive holiday season come true and get a chance to win one (1) of three (3) $100 gift cards!


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Holiday Home Decorations with Tinsels

To have a sparkly Christmas home, it’s time to play up your shiny and colorful tinsels. Although these classic ornaments are more associated with tree decorating, as they never fail to enhance the beauty of a Christmas tree, tinsels can blend with practically all kinds of holiday decorations. This post will show you how to snip, hang, pin, and fix your tinsel in a certain way to make it stand out in your home.

Let Your Tinsels Drape on Stairs 

Aside from being a staple Christmas tree decoration, tinsels can be used as fine garlands, too. Create your own festive garland by twisting brightly colored tinsels together. Embellish your DIY garland with berries, baubles, or any ornaments of your choice then frame it around your main door. If your garland is too long, you can cut the excess or let it drape just like on this banister.

Create a Charming Welcome using Tinsels 

When it comes to pairing decorations together, always remember that wreaths are your garland’s best friend. If you’re going for a tinsel holiday garland on your door, you can spruce it up more by adding a tinsel wreath as well. Try embellishing your wreath with glittered bells, pine cones, and ribbons to make it look festive and unique. This eye-catching pair is sure to marvel your holiday guests.

Turn Your Tinsels into Bottled Tufts 

For another delightful tinsel display, fill three clear jars with tufts of colored tinsels. Throw in some baubles to recreate the look of tuft in a bottle then put you jars on corner or center table. You also have the option to arrange your tinsel pom-poms on a tray with some pine cones, berries, and a decorative candle.

Hang Your Tinsels for a Sparkling Highlight

Long strips of shiny, colorful tinsels in the archway will surely delight your family and guests. To achieve this curtain-inspired décor, pin one end of each tinsel strip on the arch that separates two rooms, usually the living and dining rooms. Whether you let the tinsel strands hang loose or make swags under the arch, this will surely create a festive ambiance.

Tinsels, though seemingly trivial, are an important aspect of holiday decorating. Their shiny texture can animate even the simplest home décor, which is why a Christmas home doesn’t seem like one without it. You can write your thoughts on tinsel decorating in the box below.

How to Pick an Outdoor Christmas Tree

Family reunions, delicious home-cooked dinner, children with their presents, and a beautiful Christmas tree all describe a perfect holiday. The last is, in fact, already a telling sign of heartwarming celebrations in the offing. That explains why having the perfect tree is more important than any expensive Christmas décor. However, picking the right tree for your home entails a great deal of planning, especially if you’re visualizing an outdoor Christmas tree. The following steps will guide you in your search for the ideal outdoor holiday tree.

Plan the location of your tree

Holiday decorated front porch

Make a festive and welcoming entryway for your home by Adding an outdoor Christmas tree to your front porch.

Before you can actually buy an outdoor Christmas tree, you have to know first where to put it. You may want to consider the porch where everybody can see its cheerful, illuminating branches, or highlight its beauty in the patio where it can be a favorite table topic during outdoor family dinners. To make this step really easy, try identifying a single area outside your house where you love to spend long hours with people that matter to you.

Measure the space intended for the tree


Measure the area for your outdoor display so you can purchase the ideal size of Christmas tree.

If you’re placing your Christmas tree in a roofed porch, measure the distance between the floor and ceiling to have an idea of how tall the tree should be. You also need to get the square footage of the exact area intended for the tree. By doing so, finding a tree that is neither too small nor too big shall come effortlessly.

Check the base and foliage of the tree

Classic Fraser Fir

The high quality flame-proof material of Tree Classics’ Classic Fraser Fir makes it an ideal Christmas tree for your outdoors.

As you start your Christmas tree shopping, check the key features of every potential candidate in your list. An outdoor tree must have a sturdy base that will prevent it from tipping over, or being blown away by the wind.

Also take some time to meticulously check the foliage of each tree, as the best outdoor Christmas trees on the market have PVC branches. Such branches don’t break easily even if you hang big ornaments on them. In addition to having durable branches, the color and shape of the tree’s needles should blend with the plants in your surroundings. Remember, it’s going to be the central décor outside your home, so it should appear as one with nature.

Pick a tree with UL listed lights

UL-approved lights

When buying a pre-lit Christmas tree for your porch or patio, make sure that the lights are UL-approved for outdoor use.

Most trees on the market come pre-lit with lights that have been tested and certified by the Underwriters Laboratories (UL). If you’re opting for an unlit Christmas tree and stringing the lights yourself, check the UL ratings of your lighting system. Make sure that it is listed for wet locations, for your tree is subject to rain and snow. Doing so will ensure the safety of your family and home.

With this helpful guide, picking an outdoor Christmas tree that is perfect for your home should be quick and easy. If you have comments or suggestions, feel free to write them in the box below.

Classic, Wintry or Rustic: Choosing Your Ideal Christmas Tree

As we get closer to December, your holiday decorating plans inevitably start taking shape. You find yourself thinking about that vintage set of multicolored bubble lights you picked up. Or maybe you’ll be breaking out all the homemade decorations and ornaments your family has crafted over the years.

Whatever the plan, everyone has decorating traditions they look forward to that signal the beginning of the season. At the center of your home’s holiday decor is your Christmas tree, and whether your family is all about the standards or prefers something unconventional, Tree Classics offers a variety of different choices that will match your holiday spirit.

A Style to Suit Your Celebration

Even though a Christmas tree is a holiday standard, that doesn’t mean it has to have a standard look with a singular kind of style. Whether you prefer the woodsy style you grew up with or something more modern, finding the ideal artificial Christmas tree for you and your family is a cinch. The styles below will give you a cross-section of what we offer:

A classic Christmas showcase from Tree Classics

  • The classic look: For many, Christmas is based around the traditional visuals, such as a tree showcasing a red, green and gold color scheme. Our Classic Fraser Fir and Majestic Blue Spruce exemplify this classic style, with lifelike Real Feel™ needles that won’t dry out and collect on your floor. For those whose living room is tight on space, we also have the slender Kennedy Fir and the Oregonian Slim.A rustic Christmas display from Tree Classics.
  • Rustic and outdoorsy: If you want a tree that looks as if it’s just arrived from the snowy woods, we have choices perfect for a country-themed Christmas. These include the Snow-Kissed Pine, the Snowy Aspen Spruce, the Clifton Pine, and the Alpine Estates Flocked Fir. One of these trees will allow you to enjoy the beauty of winter inside your home alongside some wreathes and pine cones.A wonderfully wintry display from Tree Classics.
  • Wintry trees: For those who prefer something distinct and unconventional, a white or silver tree will definitely stand out and create a wintry look. A Flocked White Fir Deluxe, the Arctic White Pine or the Silver Bells Silver Tree will ensure you have a White Christmas, regardless of the temperature outside. You can also choose a tree with eye-catching multi-colored lights or ones that change colors.

  Perfect Tree, Just a Click Away

No matter the style you’re looking for, our artificial trees will provide the perfect look without adding more tasks to your holiday to-do list. With an artificial tree, you won’t have to worry about daily watering or preventing your pets from trying to climb it. Our trees are easy to set up and to store away when the season is over. Whether you’re making the switch to an artificial tree for the first time, or you’re already familiar, Tree Classics will deliver the style and beauty you’re looking for, with a Christmas tree you’ll be able to use for years to come.