Santa’s Helpers: Tree Classics Helps You Decorate

3 Decorating Tips to Make Your Holiday Even Brighter

You have shopping to do, cookies to bake and a house to clean. So when it comes to decorating for the holidays, you can use all the help you can get. Instead of spending time trying to come up with Christmas decorating ideas, use these helpful pointers from the expert elves at Tree Classics to achieve the home decor you’ve been dreaming of.These project ideas might be just the thing to get your Christmas creativity flowing. Add your own personal touch for a unique look that you can call your own.

1. Pine-Filled Christmas Tree Ornaments

Deck the Halls with These Helpful Tips Kiddie crafts are a great way to bring the childhood spirit of Christmas into your home decor, while bringing the whole family together for a fun and interactive experience. Pine-filled Christmas tree ornaments is one craft idea that’s easy to make, adorable and aromatic– perfect for creating an evergreen scent in your home with an artificial Christmas tree. Simply lay two pieces of green fabric on top of one another and cut into the shape of a Christmas tree. Sew the bottom half of the fabric together and leave the top half open to fill with pine needles. Sew the top back up, secure with a red ribbon and hang on your tree for a natural smell and an adorable look.

2. Classic Red and Green Theme

Red and green can be difficult to pull off at times because you run the risk of either looking too uninspired or tacky. Our chic artificial Christmas wreaths and garlands offer a sophisticated combination of natural red berries and green pine needles to give your home a classic red and green Christmas theme that is sure to match your current decor. Balance out these natural colors with brown pinecones and gold ribbons for a touch of elegance that stands out without showing off.

3. Give Your Decor a Message

Deck the Halls with These Helpful Tips Our decorative blocks feature simple yet inspiring messages that can add to the festive mood in your home. Even a simple three-block piece spelling out “joy” can brighten up the room. Wooden signs and banners are also unique ways to spread a specific Christmas message and better communicate your intentions for the room’s theme.

If you aren’t one of those DIY home super-decorators, Tree Classics is here to bring you all of the decor you need to give your home a comforting, festive look. We’ll supply the materials and you can supply the creativity to mix, match and customize your decorations each and every year.