It’s Warming Up! Time to Clear Out the Shed

Time to Clean the Shed! Use these Tips to Make it Easy

ID-1006801Spring is here! The warmer temperatures have you dreaming of walks in the park and gardening. Before you start running through a field of flowers, remember that task that you put on the back burner until the sun came out: cleaning the shed.

The cold weather has kept you from tackling the clutter in your garage or shed, but now – alas – you have no excuse. These quick tips for organizing your shed or garage will get you back into the spring sunshine in no time!


Install shelves in the shed or garage for a simple organizing solution. Build the shelves larger to small, with the larger ones on the bottom and small ones on the top to store less frequently used stuff. Larger shelves can house things like artificial Christmas trees, while mid-sized shelves are perfect for winter clothes boxes or other square-shaped items. Staggering the size of the shelves gives you a host of organization options.

Wall Hooks

Utility hooks offer an easy way to organize large yard tools like rakes or shovels. Simply hang them on the hooks to prevent a pile of tipped tools.

Board Racks

Tools like shears and saws should definitely not be left lying around the shed. Maintain a safe shed or garage environment by storing these tools on a board rack. Board racks keep tools separate to prevent scratching as well as helping to eliminate hazards.


If the door to your shed or garage is elevated, install a ramp to make pushing in wheelbarrows or lawnmowers a little less awkward.

Hanging Basket

Hang a basket on the wall to hold wire, garden gloves or other small tools.


Keep your toolbox in top form by putting a charcoal briquette in it. Sounds weird, but the charcoal actually helps prevent rust from forming on your tools. Make sure you stick the coal in a bag first to keep black dust from getting on your tools.

See, organizing your outdoor tools is easier than you thought. Now clap the dust off your hands, rub off the elbow grease and enjoy that sunshine!