Mom Talk Mondays: Teaching your Kids Christmas Values

Christmas values

Kids love the holiday season – who wouldn’t with all the merriment and excitement? Sometimes, though, the real essence of Christmas is drowned out by all the glamor. With treats and gifts having become trademarks of the season, these images easily become the symbols of Christmas for children. Instill the timeless values of Christmas in your kids this season with these ideas:

Spreading Joy by Giving

The core of Christmas is selflessness and giving. Teach your kids to make the season a truly joyous one by making other people happy. Spend a weekend with your kids cleaning out each other’s closets. Set aside clothes, shoes, and toys that are still in good condition and go to the nearest Salvation Army station to donate these. Better yet, tie ribbons around the toys and clothes, search for a shelter near your home, and personally give these simple gifts to them.
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