Tinsel Application and Safety Tips

Tinsel seems like a relatively easy Christmas decoration to apply because all you need to do is pull it out of the bag and throw it over the tree, right? Not quite. Even though you’ll probably have a lot of fun hanging the tinsel on your Christmas tree this year, there are a few important considerations that can ensure a great look and maximum safety for everyone in the home.

tinsel garland

1. Hanging Tinsel Low

It’s pretty, sparkly and lights up your tree with a magical aura that really brings your decor to life. This dramatic effect might make you just want to hang tinsel on everything in the home, but this can be dangerous when pets and young children are around.¬†Never¬†hang tinsel on the lower half of your Christmas tree, since this increases the risk of a pet or child accidentally ingesting or choking on a piece of the material. Although tinsel seems harmless, a child or pet ingesting the material could be fatal, so it’s crucial that you keep tinsel out of the reach of your four-legged friends and crawling children.

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