10 Easy DIY Holiday Decor Projects

The holidays can be a major strain on your wallet, which only adds to the stress of an endless to-do list. Luckily, there’s a simple solution that will allow you to check more things off of your to-do list, save money, and even bring you closer together with friends and family. The following list of do-it-yourself projects provides all of this and more, so you can have a more creative Christmas this year.

Ornament Wreath

Gold and Silver Splendor Wreath

Want a shiny new wreath that lasts longer than a single season? You can complement your artificial Christmas tree with an artificial wreath or you can make your own ornament wreath for a fun and festive touch. First, collect different colors and sizes of ornaments and purchase a Styrofoam wreath. Remove all of the hangers from the ornaments and then use a hot glue gun to apply them in a style that suits you.

Recipe Book

Straight from the mind of Martha Stewart, a recipe booklet is a great gift for a loved one who has always been envious of your cooking. Include a collection of your favorite holiday recipes and some of your own personal favorites. To make this gift extra tantalizing, include a few samples to encourage your loved one to follow his or her culinary passions now.

Painted Ornaments

Want to mix up your tree decor this season, but don’t want to invest in a brand new collection of ornaments? Try painting your old ones for a new look that allows you to be as quirky and creative as you want. All you need is yarn or fiber fill stuffing, acrylic paint in your favorite colors, small paintbrushes and clear plastic or glass ornaments. You can get as creative as you want with this project, but check out this interesting blog post for some cool ideas to get you started.

Eco-Friendly Christmas Wreath

If you’re already choosing the environmentally-friendly route by choosing an artificial Christmas tree, you can further contribute to a healthier planet with an eco-friendly Christmas wreath. One cute idea from Good Housekeeping lets you use Dad’s old ties for a colorful fabric wreath. Collect about 19 ties and a 14-inch wreath from an arts and crafts store. Wrap the tie around the wreath with the pointed end facing outward and secure with pins. Then just pin on the uncut bowed tie at the end.

Gingerbread Houses

Gingerbread houses are a fun, classic holiday project that can really give your home a magical look. Although you can certainly go all out and make your own gingerbread home from scratch, most grocery stores carry kits to make this even easier. These fun decorative items can be turned into a great bonding activity for the whole family and can even double as little gifts for your loved ones.

Tea Cozies

If you’re big into knitting but are tired of making scarves, hats and other obvious items, try making fun cozies for your mugs can be a fun and easy way to make that cup of hot cocoa even better. Simply measure the circumference around one of your mugs and use old yarn to knit the perfect cozy, making sure to leave some space open for the handle. Use felt and string leftovers to make adorable features like the ones seen here.

Table Decorations

Having family over for Christmas dinner? Make your table decor stand out without breaking the bank by simply using some old red or green cloth napkins and tying two cinnamon sticks onto them with a festive bow. Add a tiny branch from your artificial Christmas tree to the mix for an extra adorable look.

Jingle Bell Centerpiece

Adding a little bit of Christmas cheer around the home is easy with a few simple centerpiece items. Purchase a bag of silver jingle bells from an arts and crafts store and use them to fill decorative bowls or deep white plates for an elegant look. Add some simple white candles into the mix and keep them lit to make your silver bells shine even more.

Personalized Mirrors

Nothing makes a girl feel more beautiful than mirrors with decorative affirmations like “fabulous” and “gorgeous.” You can collect small mirrors from virtually any retail store, print out some fun fonts to make stencils that can be cut onto contact paper. Apply some glass etching glaze to place the words on the mirror and glitz it up with cheap rhinestones and other decorative gems. This gift is great for a younger daughter, niece or another female loved one.

Music Star Ornament

Christmas music can really add to the spirit of the season, which is why a music star ornament can be a fun and easy way to keep this spirit alive in your home. Simply copy some sheet music and cut it into the shape of a star using a cardboard star cut-out. Tie a bow of cording and glue it to the center of the star and glue a looped red ribbon to the back to have your ornament ready for hanging.

It’s easy to get into the habit of spending too much during the holidays, but there are plenty of more budget-friendly alternatives that can still keep your Christmas spirit alive in your home. With these ten fun projects, you can bring the whole family together and make Christmas more personalized, so you never forget the true meaning of the holiday.

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