A Step-by-Step Guide for Flocking Your Christmas Tree

“Flocking” is a relatively new technique that gives your Christmas tree that sparkling winter wonderland glow. As a general term, to flock means to apply a downy, raised texture to something. However, when applying the term to Christmas trees, it means to apply a certain compound designed specifically to resemble snow. The result is a more natural look that gives your home an extra artistic edge. If you have a fake xmas tree, flocking can be a great activity for creating the most realistic Christmas tree look. To add this gorgeous touch, simply apply the following steps.

Snowy Aspen Spruce

Mix Together Ingredients

To create the light, airy look of snow, you can mix together starch and snowflakes for a bright white, frosty accent that really captures the essence of a fresh winter snowfall. You’ll need to combine 2/3 cup of starch with two cups of soap flakes and mix them together in a medium-sized bowl. This will add the perfect balance of soft, powdery texture with delicate flakes. Mix in 2-4 tablespoons of water one tablespoon at a time. Stop when the mixture begins to develop a thick, stiff consistency. Stir in a drop of blue food coloring at a time until the mixture features a glistening hue of light blue with the white.

Prepare the Tree

Use a tree stand to get the tree secure and prepare it for flocking. Be sure to move it outside and set it on a flat, level surface. This will ensure an even application of your flocking, while also preventing surrounding areas of your home from being damaged due to unintended application. Make sure to wear safety glasses or goggles and a face mask to stay safe during the flocking process.

Flock Your Heart Out

You can either spray or brush the flocking gently across and down the outer tops of the tree’s branches. Start from the top of the tree and spray downward, since this makes it easier to apply the right amount in case any spills to a lower branch during application. With that in mind, start off light and apply a second coat if necessary. Remember: it’s always better to have too little instead of too much to make sure you capture that natural look.

Add the Finishing Touches

Once you get the basics down, make sure to lightly apply flocking on any missed spots around and down the tree. Make sure to only flock the top sides of the boughs, since this is where flakes would naturally cling after a snowfall. For an extra glistening touch, sprinkle a light coat of glitter before the flocking dries to solidify a magical image. Let the flocking dry outside for at least three hours before bringing it back inside.

Whether you live in the sunny south or the snowy north, flocking your Christmas tree can allow you to enjoy the beauty of a recent snowfall on an evergreen in the cozy comfort of your home. If you’re bored with your old Christmas decor, this can be a great way to mix it up during the holidays for a more unique look. With such an easy application, you can even recruit the whole family for a fun experience that will build holiday memories to last a lifetime.

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